You’re It

September 23, 2013 in lau0601, oneshots by lau0601


a/n: This was one of my first oneshots, a repost from SSF, so it’s…super cheesy. Read at your own risk. And the song was You’re It by Gabe Bondoc.


Taeyeon made sure the lead was plugged in, turned to the mike and took a deep breath.

“One, two, one two three four.”

We can build a fort out of pillows in our living room
Play tag in the kitchen like we used to do
I can hide, you seek, come find me

Taeyeon tiptoed behind Tiffany, a mischievous smile on her face. Careful to not make any sound, she crept close enough to see the cupcakes Tiffany was decorating. When Tiffany put down the icing tube, Taeyeon saw her chance and grabbed the little pink tube.

“Hey!” Tiffany turned around in surprise. “Give that back!”

Darting forward, Taeyeon squeezed a little icing onto Tiffany’s outstretched hand. “Tagged! You’re it!” Grinning, Taeyeon put the dining table between herself and Tiffany.

“Kim Taeyeon!” Tiffany couldn’t help but break out into an exasperated smile. “Give that back to me! You’re going to make a mess.” Taeyeon simply stuck out her tongue and ran out of the kitchen. “Oh, no, you don’t, Taetae!” Tiffany washed her hands quickly and gave chase.

Stopping at the open glass door that led to the garden, Tiffany put her hands on her hips. “Hmm, I wonder where Taeyeon is?” As she spoke, she edged slowly towards the old tree in the middle of the yard. Peeking behind the thick trunk, Tiffany smirked and yelled, “Boo!”

Taeyeon screamed. As Tiffany doubled over laughing, Taeyeon breathed in and out slowly, trying to calm her heart. “Omo, Fany-ah, why are you so loud? And how did you know I’d be here, anyway?”

Tiffany exhaled, still smiling. “Taetae, I’ve known you since we were kids. You only ever hide in one place; of course I’d know.” Reaching out to give Taeyeon a hug, Tiffany stopped with her hand in midair. “Aw, Taetae!”

“What?” Taeyeon looked down to see her shirt covered in pink icing. “Ah, dang it!”

“You must have squeezed the icing tube when I scared you.” Tiffany knelt down and inspected Taeyeon’s shirt. “I told you it’d be messy,” she said disapprovingly, looking up at Taeyeon, who looked apologetic.

“Sorry, Fany.”

Tiffany stood up, a smile on her face. “Don’t worry about it, Taetae. Here, give me the tube and go change. I’ll finish up the cupcakes, then we can go have a picnic.”

“Yay!” Tiffany laughed as Taeyeon did a dorky victory dance. “I love holidays!”

We can take our bikes to the park, you know, the one downtown?
And we can swing on the swings until the sun goes down
Nothing’s changed with age

Taeyeon checked to make sure their tandem was securely locked to the fence and then turned to join Tiffany, who was sitting on a bench, admiring the view around her.

Taeyeon sat down next to Tiffany and chose a cupcake from the open box between them.

“You know,” said Tiffany. Taeyeon looked at her, chewing. “I think it’s really amazing.”

Taeyeon swallowed. “What is?”

“Where we are now.” Tiffany smiled at Taeyeon. “Do you remember when we were kids?”

“We met here. I remember.” Taeyeon put down the cupcake and stood up. “You were trying to get the swing to move but you weren’t tall enough.” Behind her, Taeyeon heard Tiffany stand up as well.

“And all of a sudden I just feel someone’s hands on my butt! Not the most romantic thing ever, obviously. Who knew that you would be such a byuntae even as a child?” Tiffany grinned, taking Taeyeon’s arm.

“Hey! That’s not fair! I was trying to help you.” Taeyeon pretended to pout.

“I know, I know.” Tiffany’s eyes curved into crescents. “How about this time I’ll push you? Since you can hardly reach the floor from the swings as it is.” As Taeyeon pretended to punch Tiffany, Tiffany let go of Taeyeon’s arm and ran towards the swings, calling over her shoulder, “Don’t forget the cupcakes, Taetae!”

Shaking her head to herself, Taeyeon packed up the cupcakes and followed at a slower pace. As she neared the swings, she paused and smiled as she watched Tiffany swing gently back and forth. Taeyeon walked over and put her arms around Tiffany’s shoulders.

“Hi,” said Tiffany, holding onto Taeyeon’s hand. “Isn’t this nice?” She pointed at the golden sky in front of them.

“Hmm. But it’s not the most beautiful thing I’ve seen.” Taeyeon released Tiffany and sat on the other swing.

Tiffany turned to Taeyeon, frowning. “What do you mean? Taetae, you should appreciate nature more.”

“I do,” said Taeyeon, smiling. “I think it’s pretty. But to me, only one thing is truly beautiful. And that’s Miyoungie.” Taeyeon grinned dorkily at Tiffany, who blushed a deep crimson.

“Aish, Taetae,” she said with a shy smile.

“It’s true. The first time I saw you, with your little pigtails and your oversized shirt, I thought you were the most beautiful person on earth. And I still do,” Taeyeon said, looking sincerely into Tiffany’s eyes.

You’re still as lovely as the first day
I told my mama you’d be mine one day
I’d be your everything, could not wait
I’m so happy to say I was right

Cuz you are the only for me
I’ve known for so long
And you make me feel right, child-like
I’m right where I belong – with you

“Mom! Mom!” Taeyeon ran inside the house, her eyes shining. “Guess what?”

Her mom put down the dish she was wiping and bent down to look Taeyeon in the eye. “What happened, Taengoo?”

“I met an angel!” Taeyeon spread her arms wide to emphasize her point. “The prettiest angel in the world!”

Taeyeon’s mom smiled gently and raised her eyebrows. “Really? In the park?”

Taeyeon nodded enthusiastically. “She’s going to be mine one day, mommy. Then you can see the angel too!”

Her mom sat back on her heels and laughed softly. “Alright, Taengoo. I can’t wait to meet her.”

Taeyeon fidgeted uncomfortably as she tried to scratch her back subtly. It was itching like crazy, but in front of all these people she had to at least try to act civilized. For Tiffany.

Taeyeon smiled unconsciously as she thought of the girl. She couldn’t wait any longer; where was Tiffany? Her palms were beginning to sweat. Then, something caught her eye. Taeyeon looked to the first row and saw her mother giving her a proud thumbs-up. She was reminded suddenly of that afternoon eighteen years ago, that afternoon when she had first met her angel.

As the familiar tune began to play, Taeyeon and everyone else in the room turned to look at the door. Taeyeon swallowed nervously, her heart hammering against her innards. Then Tiffany walked in, and Taeyeon forgot everything else. 

The rest of the ceremony passed by like a blur to Taeyeon – all she could do was stare at the girl in front of her. She couldn’t believe it. After this, she would belong to Taeyeon. Just like Taeyeon had said so many years ago.

Come on, ask the question now, thought Taeyeon impatiently to the man. Tiffany raised an eyebrow at her questioningly, and Taeyeon smiled quickly to reassure her. Turning back to the minister, she felt her heart lift as he finally asked her the one question whose answer she was absolutely sure about.

“Do you, Kim Taeyeon, promise to love and to cherish Tiffany Hwang Miyoung with all your heart and soul, until the end of your days?”

Taeyeon looked Tiffany in the eyes and said firmly, “I do.”

Tiffany smiled, her expression softening as the minister turned to her. “And do you, Tiffany Hwang Miyoung, promise to love and to cherish Kim Taeyeon with all your heart and soul, until the end of your days?”

Taeyeon could not hold her smile as Tiffany said confidently, “I do.”

From then on, Taeyeon was convinced that she really was living in a fairytale. 

They sat there quietly, enjoying their time together until the sky began to grow dark. Taeyeon stood up and stretched out her hand. “It’s getting late. Let’s go home.”

On the way home, Taeyeon pedaled hard, trying to get back as soon as possible. It wasn’t that late yet, but she wanted to make sure Tiffany was safe. Because she felt an immense fear just thinking about losing Tiffany, about losing the one person she had been made for.

When they finally reached home, Taeyeon put the bike back into the garage while Tiffany went inside first. After turning off the garage lights, Taeyeon walked into the house to find Tiffany sitting on the sofa with two mugs of hot chocolate on the coffee table in front of her. Sinking into the sofa next to Tiffany, Taeyeon sighed happily and leaned her head on Tiffany’s shoulder.

“Are you tired, Taetae? Do you want to take a shower first?” Tiffany asked, playing gently with Taeyeon’s hair. Taeyeon shook her head. She didn’t want to leave this perfect moment; she didn’t want to leave Tiffany, not even just for a short shower. This was the best place she had ever been in. With Tiffany, she felt safe and secure, like it was right for them to be there.

“Okay, then. Let’s sit here for a while longer.” Taeyeon smiled against Tiffany’s warm arm. This was how everything was supposed to be – she had known it since they were kids.


Teach me how to jump rope
I can teach you how to climb,
Play ball, then you can
Help me color in the lines
Always knew we’d make a great team
I can be the cop, you’re the robber since
You stole my heart, or red rover
I can wrap you up in my arms
Or play house – in our house

Taeyeon tripped again, falling flat on her face. “Taetae!” Tiffany gasped, hurrying to pull her friend back onto her feet. “Are you okay?” 

Taeyeon nodded, sniffing. “I’m never going to get this,” she said sadly. Tiffany looked at her seriously, then took the rope from Taeyeon’s hands. 

“You can,” said Tiffany simply. “Just do it like this.” She demonstrated to Taeyeon. “Swing the rope like this, and jump!”

Taeyeon watched with wide eyes. Tiffany handed the rope back to her and smiled. “Now you try.”

Half an hour and a few more falls later, Taeyeon grinned excited as she found herself jumping rope properly for the first time in her life. “I’m doing it! I’m doing it!”

“Yay! I knew you could, Taetae!” Tiffany cheered along with her friend. 

“What are you doing?” Tiffany asked curiously, looking over Taeyeon’s shoulder.

“Coloring,” said Taeyeon briefly, concentrating on her task.

Tiffany’s face changed. “Um, why is the sky red?” She pointed at a section of the page covered in red scribbles.

Taeyeon gripped her color pencil tightly. “I can’t get the colors to stay inside their lines!” 

Tiffany grabbed her friend’s hand before her pencil tip tore through the paper. “Wait, Taetae. Just do it slowly. Here, I’ll help you.” Tiffany picked up another color pencil and colored carefully. After observing Tiffany for a while, Taeyeon tried to copy Tiffany’s actions, and in a while, the two children sat back and admired their work.

“It’s so pretty,” said Tiffany, smiling happily. “High five!”

The next morning, Taeyeon woke up, her back hurting intensely. Groaning, she realized that she had fallen asleep on the sofa. Trying to stand up, she found Tiffany stretched out across her lap, sleeping peacefully. Taeyeon smiled gently, watching Tiffany breathe in and out quietly. Suddenly, a thought struck her and an evil grin appeared on Taeyeon’s face.

Leaning down next to Tiffany’s ear, Taeyeon whispered urgently, “Bug, Tiffany! A huge bug! It’s crawling up your arm!” She trailed her fingers along Tiffany’s folded arm. “Bug!”

Taeyeon winced as Tiffany woke up screaming. “Bugbugbugbugbugbugbug!?!” Tiffany launched herself at Taeyeon, muttering frantically into Taeyeon’s shoulder. “Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, Taeyeon, get it away, get it away!”

Taeyeon laughed, hugging Tiffany tightly to her. “Hush, it’s fine, Fany-ah. I was joking.” When Tiffany calmed down enough to understand Taeyeon’s words, she slapped Taeyeon hard on the arm. “Ow! That hurt!” Taeyeon rubbed her arm with a wounded look on her face.

“You,” said Tiffany dangerously, “Sometimes I think you still have a kid’s heart.”

Taeyeon shrugged, grinning. “I wouldn’t know. You should; you tell me.”

“What do you mean?” Tiffany looked at Taeyeon in confusion.

“Well, how can I know what kind of heart I have if you stole it from me?” Taeyeon winked at Tiffany, causing the other girl to roll her eyes.

“Taetae, you are so cheesy.”

Taeyeon struck what she thought was a heroic pose. “Yep, and that’s why you married me, right?”

Tiffany raised her eyebrows.

“Wait, what?” Taeyeon looked at Tiffany with her best puppy-eyed look. “What’s that supposed to mean?”

“I love you, Taetae.” Taeyeon closed her eyes, smiling, as Tiffany kissed her gently on the forehead. “That’s what it means.”

Pigtails and hand me downs
Couldn’t disguise what you’d be
I saw you then as I see you now
Perfect, lovely, worth it to me
All I’ll ever need
Cuz you are the only for me
I’ve known for so long
And you make me feel right,
I’m where I belong
With you

Taeyeon waited for a moment, then stopped the recording. Stretching, she looked at her watch. There was still time. She quickly finished up the song, adding some extra touches to it, and burned it onto a CD. Putting the CD carefully into a pink case, Taeyeon uncapped a permanent marker and wrote on the front cover, in her best handwriting:

My beloved Fany,

Happy Anniversary! I love you!

Taetae ^^

Admiring her handiwork one last time, Taeyeon stood up, taking the CD with her. She walked into their bedroom and sat down on the bed next to Tiffany. It was still dark outside, but Taeyeon couldn’t wait any longer.

“Fany-ah, wake up. I have something for you.”