This Is Stupid, Come Here – SunYeon Oneshot



Taeyeon hated this.

She hated it whenever she and Sunny fought, because Sunny was her bestest friend forever—like she had realized, somewhere along the time they’ve been friends, that she couldn’t live her life without her anymore. If it wouldn’t be gross and incestuous or if she wasn’t already taken by an equally awesome girl, she would’ve proposed and married her, just so she could be sure, a hundred percent, that Sunny wouldn’t leave her.

But she hated Sunny so much right now, hated her with a burning passion. She wanted to strangle her and throw her out the window from their shared apartment, and watch her get run over by cars on the street.

Taeyeon couldn’t even remember why they were fighting anymore, how it started and how it escalated to this point, but she could remember the yelling and almost shoving, until it had come to this stupid cold war that she was sure she started.

She was prideful, she knew that, and as she dragged herself out of her room to get a glass of water, Taeyeon felt her defenses go on high alert when she saw Sunny nonchalantly lounging on the living room sofa while playing on her iPad.

And Taeyeon had to walk passed her to get to the kitchen.


Heaving a sigh, she took a step, and another and another, walking as confident as she could until she was almost at the kitchen, but a yank at her wrist pulled her back before she found herself pinned on the sofa, with Sunny’s head already resting on her shoulder.

“Let go.” Taeyeon’s voice sounded strong but she was weak inside, and she could already feel the surge of warm tears building up in her eyes. Sunny’s grip on her arm was tight but it was warm and it was melting away her stupid walls and her stupid pride and her stupid anger.

She felt her best friend lean more comfortably against her, and she finally lost it, draping her arm around the other girl’s shoulder in a silent apology.

Taeyeon hated this.

Because no matter what happened between them, Sunny would always and forever be Taeyeon’s favourite girl… but only next to Tiffany, of course.



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