The Update With Thai Food

A/N: All the usual stuff: this is fictional, these characters are not the real people, blah blah. All mistakes are mine, blah blah. Also, you should know that there’s sexytimes in this update. Censor yourself accordingly.


It wouldn’t be totally accurate to say that Tiffany had a possessive streak. The truth was that Tiffany had one hell of a possessive streak.

As she’d gotten older, she’d gotten better at controlling it. It didn’t really bother her anymore when she saw someone else wearing an identical copy of her favourite shirt, or when someone took the seat she always sat in during her early morning history of design class. She was even okay with it, more or less, when her roommate Sooyoung borrowed her favourite books and returned them dog-eared in all the wrong places. She was pretty proud of herself for having become so mature about things like that. Her possessiveness was really under wraps now.

Except about one thing. Well, one person, in particular. Taeyeon. Who else.

Tiffany knew that she’d overreacted when she first met Yoona. She knew it as soon as she dragged Taeyeon into the bathroom and looked at her girlfriend. She knew Taeyeon had never given her any reason to doubt that she had eyes for anyone but Tiffany. But she’d be an idiot not to know that there wasn’t a line out the door of girls that wanted a piece of Taeyeon. Even if Yoona wasn’t in that line.

Because as much as she knew that she had Taeyeon wrapped around her finger, Tiffany knew that she was wrapped around Taeyeon’s finger too. Everything about Taeyeon was electric. Her words made Tiffany’s heart race, her touch made Tiffany lightheaded. Just her presence made Tiffany’s stomach fill with butterflies. Taeyeon was the girl that made murderous geese act like playful puppies. Taeyeon was the kind of girl who could charm the honey from a bear. She was almost certain that Taeyeon got her mail everyday from doves fluttering down from the sky, illuminated by halos of sunshine. Everything that Taeyeon did made her feel like the luckiest girl on earth.

Taeyeon might be more obvious about it, hand always subtly trying to slip into her back pocket or around her waist, but Tiffany was just as gone. She laughed at her own thoughts. Maybe even worse. She’d be lying if she said she didn’t have an entire section in her wardrobe unofficially dubbed ‘clothes that Taeyeon likes on me’. And she’d be lying if she said that she almost never wore the clothes that weren’t in that section nowadays. She was standing in front of her dresser mirror now, trying to decide between a fluffy pink hoodie (Taeyeon loved snuggling into it) and an equally pink, snug fitting top (the scoop neck was low enough for Taeyeon to nuzzle her face into her clavicle). She smiled to herself as she pulled the hoodie on over her head. Deep down, she knew that Taeyeon wouldn’t care if she showed up in a raggedy t-shirt and dirty cutoffs. Taeyeon always knew what to say to make her feel beautiful.

She huffed, trying in vain to contain her smile. “Yeah, girl. You’ve got it bad.”

They were sitting on Taeyeon’s couch, watching the latest episode of something or other. Her legs were laid across Taeyeon’s lap, Taeyeon’s hands absentmindedly stroking along her calves. Something funny must have happened on the TV show, because Taeyeon’s face split into an easy grin and she laughed in that carefree way that always shook her entire body and made her throw her head back. She turned towards Tiffany to see her reaction, only to find that she was watching her and not the show. Taeyeon squeezed her leg lightly. “You okay?”, the smile still on her lips.

Tiffany watched the way her head tilted just a little, in the way she did sometimes when she was trying to read her. It made Tiffany bite her lip and scoot closer to Taeyeon. She reached her hand up to slide into Taeyeon’s hair, scratching her lightly behind the ear. “Mhmmm. Totally okay.”

She watched Taeyeon’s eyes flutter closed at the soothing effect of the scratching, her head automatically leaning into Tiffany’s hand a little bit. Tiffany licked her lips. She loved the way that Taeyeon reacted to her touches, like she couldn’t help herself. She pressed a soft kiss to the corner of Taeyeon’s mouth, grinning internally when Taeyeon sighed contentedly, turning slightly so she could return a kiss directly to Tiffany’s lips. The hand in Taeyeon’s hair stopped its scratching in favour of cupping the back of her head as their kisses began to lose their innocence.

“Baby…”, Tiffany said, her voice low, directly into Taeyeon’s mouth. Of course she knew the effect that term had on Taeyeon. She loved that too, the way Taeyeon’s breath hitched minutely and her eyes flickered open and darkened just the slightest bit. The way the name made Taeyeon nip and suck at Tiffany’s bottom lip before releasing it and soothing it with her tongue. She loved that she could get Taeyeon to do that. That she was the reason Taeyeon’s breath caught in her throat when Tiffany put a hand to her shoulder and pushed her back against the couch so she could climb onto her lap. It always gave her a head rush that inevitably went straight between her legs.

It made her head swim when Taeyeon’s hands automatically found their way to her ass, squeezing her in that way that had her moaning into Taeyeon’s mouth and her hands tangling deeper into Taeyeon’s hair. She knew that Taeyeon loved every bit of her, but she loved that Taeyeon had a particular thing for her ass. She loved that Taeyeon couldn’t seem to keep her hands or her eyes off of her. She felt Taeyeon’s hands slide up far enough to slip back under the waistband of her shorts and her underwear, urging Tiffany to shed the layers entirely. She pressed her forehead against Taeyeon’s as she lifted, helping Taeyeon push both down her legs and kick them off. She groaned when Taeyeon’s hands dug into her bare skin. She loved that Taeyeon couldn’t ever seem to get enough of her, just like she couldn’t get enough of Taeyeon.

She dotted kisses against Taeyeon’s face, tilting her chin up so she could reach the sensitive skin under her jaw and place an open mouthed kiss there, sucking on the skin to mark it as hers. It made Taeyeon’s grip on her ass tighten and pull her hips against her, angling her forward and up until Taeyeon was pushing and pulling her in a harsh grind against her t-shirt. Tiffany gasped and her thighs tensed, her hands pressing against Taeyeon’s shoulders at the combined sensation of the rough fabric and the flexing of Taeyeon’s abs against her. Soon Tiffany was moving with Taeyeon’s guidance, grinding her core shamelessly against Taeyeon’s flat stomach. She pushed her hair out of her face with one hand and looked down at Taeyeon, panting. Taeyeon was staring raptly where Tiffany was rubbing against her. It made Tiffany clench, that much closer. She leaned down and traced the shell of Taeyeon’s ear, enjoying the way the shudder shook from Taeyeon’s body into hers. “You like me like this, baby?”. Taeyeon answered with shaky nod and a low moan. Tiffany bit her earlobe and panted hot into Taeyeon’s ear. “Tell me.”

Taeyeon groaned and tilted her head so she could look directly into Tiffany’s eyes. The intensity of the gaze made Tiffany jolt a little against her stomach. Then Taeyeon’s mouth was on her ear whispering. “Fuck. I love you like this. Rubbing yourself against me like you can’t even stop yourself.” She felt Taeyeon’s hand let go and was about to whine when it returned in a firm slap against her. Tiffany gasped and her hips jerked in surprise. “You look so sexy right now, Tiff. I’ve barely touched you and you’re already so close.” Taeyeon’s licked a hot stripe from Tiffany’s collarbone up to the base of her ear. “You’re so wet right now. Fuck, Tiff, this entire room smells like you. I want you to come. Come for me.” Tiffany’s head was spinning from Taeyeon’s words and she had to close her eyes to keep from getting dizzy. “F-fuck, baby, yeah. All for you-“, she whimpered against Taeyeon’s hair as she rubbed herself wantonly against Taeyeon. She was so close. She felt one of Taeyeon’s hands slide around her though and down in between them to unceremoniously to rub hard, tight circles into Tiffany. All Tiffany could do was hold onto Taeyeon as she snapped, bucking uncontrollably against her. When Taeyeon finally brought her down from her high her head was still spinning and all she could hear was her heavy panting and Taeyeon’s groan of satisfaction. She followed the line of Taeyeon’s sight, looking down at the space between them.

Taeyeon’s shirt was absolutely ruined. The entire front was soaked through with Tiffany’s arousal. She looked back up at Taeyeon. Her eyes were glassy and there were little crescent marks on her shoulders and against her neck where Tiffany’s nails had dug into the skin. Her hair was mussed in the back where Tiffany had been tangling her fingers into it. Taeyeon looked utterly debauched, breathing heavily, eyes focused up at Tiffany like she was the only one in the universe. She had Tiffany’s marks all over her. She smelled of Tiffany. In that moment, she was totally, completely, Tiffany’s. She looked so owned it made Tiffany feel drunk. Tiffany growled low in her throat, a noise that she couldn’t help but let out. “You look so hot, baby.” In the back of her mind, Tiffany was a little surprised how grainy her voice came out. She licked her lips. “You look so good.” Taeyeon visibly gulped. It made her look even more hers. She loved it.

Tiffany climbed shakily off of her lap and settled on her knees in front of Taeyeon. Slowly, teasingly, she pulled off Taeyeon’s shorts, noting with satisfaction the dark patch that showed clear through the crotch of Taeyeon’s shorts. She kissed back up Taeyeon’s legs, biting and licking at the tender skin and revelling in the feeling of Taeyeon’s muscles tense under her attention. Her hands lifted one of Taeyeon’s legs over her shoulder and spread the other one to give her more access to what she wanted. She licked her lips at the shining wetness she found. She couldn’t hold herself back any longer, her dark eyes meeting Taeyeon’s glassy ones as she pressed her tongue flat against Taeyeon and dragged it slowly up her entire length, grinning into her as Taeyeon’s eyes fluttered, trying to maintain eye contact. She loved watching Taeyeon’s face when she was like this. Knowing she was the reason why Taeyeon’s breath hitched and her hips rolled. Watching her tilt her head back, her mouth open, watching her eyebrows knit together as her entire world narrowed to the both of them. Feeling her hands tangle in her hair and hold her where she wanted her. Hearing the telltale rise in Taeyeon’s voice. Pressing a hand under the sticky, soaked shirt against her stomach to push her back down into the couch. Feeling the muscles under her hand tense and relax and tense and tense and tense. Seeing Taeyeon’s back arch, feeling her push into her hand, feeling her push herself against Tiffany’s mouth, hearing her breath hitch and hold for a beat before releasing into a rushed exhale of air that sounded like “Tiffanyyeesssss…”. All of it made Tiffany’s eyes roll back in her head. She kept her mouth right where it was, coaxing every last shudder and jerk out of Taeyeon’s body. She loved the feeling of owning Taeyeon’s body like this. Loved it. She didn’t let Taeyeon catch her heaving breath before one of her hands snaked up under her mouth and slipped two fingers quickly into her. Taeyeon was so wet that they slid in easily, and she started a slow, steady rhythm. Taeyeon shuddered and groaned low, trying to speed things up, but Tiffany pushed her back down into the couch with her other hand. “What do you want, baby?” She rested her head against Taeyeon’s thigh and stared up at her adoringly, hungrily. Taeyeon’s hooded eyes met hers, a piece of hair stuck to the side of her face with sweat. “Tell me what you want, baby.” Taeyeon groaned at the pet name, her hands coming down to tangle in Tiffany’s hair.

“F-faster.” Tiffany grinned and complied immediately, speeding up her fingers and pressing a loving kiss to the inside of Taeyeon’s thigh. “H-harder-f-fuck-yessss, Tiffany-“. Tiffany groaned, feeling Taeyeon squeeze around her fingers. The leg slung over Tiffany’s shoulder squeezed her closer into her. “Tiff-f-fuck. I want-“, Taeyeon licked her lips, “-I want your tongue-“, she gasped as Tiffany acquiesced, pressing her tongue against her, but groaned in frustration when she didn’t move it. Tiffany waggled her eyebrows at her, a silent tell me clearly communicated.

She shivered when Taeyeon didn’t say anything, instead fisting her hands into her hair and started started grinding herself into Tiffany’s mouth roughly, groaning at the friction. It was enough of an answer for her. She kept her fingers going hard and fast as she wrapped her lips around Taeyeon’s bud and started sucking hard. Taeyeon’s groans turned to high pitched keening as she bucked hard against Tiffany’s face. Tiffany’s eyes rolled back as she felt Taeyeon clench around her fingers and the wetness gush into her palm. She cleaned her up, listening to Taeyeon’s drawn out, languid sighs, hands stroking comfortingly up and down her thighs. She placed a long kiss on her centre then to either of her thighs before moving back up and kissing the hickey blossoming under Taeyeon’s jaw and snuggling into her side. She melted at the way Taeyeon kissed the crown of her head sweetly before reaching down to taste herself on her tongue. She loved the way Taeyeon nudged their noses together and smiled at her in that private way Taeyeon did, like they were the only two people that existed in that moment.

Taeyeon rubbed her nose against Tiffany’s cheek, still slightly out of breath. “You gonna tell me what that was about?”
Tiffany smiled and brought her hand back up to scratch behind Taeyeon’s ear. “I just really love you is all.”
The blonde laughed a little and pressed a kiss against her cheek. It was so innocent in comparison to what had just happened, it made Tiffany’s heart swell. “I really love you too.”

They were trying out a new Thai restaurant that had opened up downtown. It was tiny, a cramped hole-in-the-wall kind of place that was stuffed between two towering office high-rises and underneath a shopping complex. They were at a table by the window, people-watching in amicable silence as they waited for their food to come.

A little girl outside was jumping in a rain puddle. Her bright yellow rubber boots splashed the water to either side of the pavement as the little girl giggled, shuffling her feet back and forth, making the water ripple and sparkle. Tiffany’s lips quirked into a smile. It seemed the little girl’s happiness was infectious. Or maybe Tiffany was just as happy as the little girl. She turned her head and leaned against the cool window pane, her eyes landing on Taeyeon’s face. Her right hand was propping her head up, still focused on the street.

“So has Yoona gotten that date yet, or are you going to owe me a wish soon?”

Taeyeon turned to her, amusement ghosting her features. She took Tiffany’s right hand in her left on the table, casually like they’d been doing it for years and like they’d be doing it for years to come. Tiffany bit her lip to hold back her silly grin at the thought. “Not yet. But you’re gonna be the one owing me. Yoona’s totally gonna get that date.” She waggled her eyebrows and threw her head back in feigned maniacal laughter. “And then you’re gonna be at my mercy.”

“I already am.” The words slipped out of Tiffany’s mouth before she even realized she’d said them. She could feel her face flushing red, and had to dig the fingers of her left hand into her palm to keep herself clapping it to her mouth in embarrassment. Shit. Taeyeon’s usually the one with the cheesy lines. She’s really starting to affect me. It made her heart thud thunderously in her chest. She liked feeling that parts of Taeyeon were becoming parts of her.

Her heart relaxed a little when she saw Taeyeon’s eyes twinkle and her cheeks tinge pink too. Her thumb stroked along the back of Tiffany’s hand. “That makes two of us.” Tiffany sighed contentedly. Taeyeon always knew the perfect thing to say.

Their food arrived and they ate, sharing dishes and stories about their days. “So,” Taeyeon said around a mouthful of coconut rice, “d’you wanna know my plan to get Yoona her date?” Tiffany listened to the plan and laughed when Taeyeon made faces and did an impression of Yoona, pretending to wrap her arms around an invisible figure, pantomiming an exaggerated kiss. Eventually they both dissolved into loud laughter, the sounds blending into the general ruckus of the bustling restaurant.

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    • Thanks! It’s actually part of an ongoing called Life&Times, if you’re interested in more.
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