The Update With Taeyeon’s New Pink Key

Tiffany was sleeping over tonight. She leaned back against the headboard, watching Tiffany get dressed for bed, smiling when Tiffany reached into her dresser and pulled out one of her old baggy t-shirts, slipping it on and pulling the collar up to breath in her scent. She lifted up the covers so Tiffany could slip underneath with her. They settled in, Taeyeon’s nose in the crook of Tiffany’s neck and Tiffany’s fingers buried in Taeyeon’s hair scratching her lightly behind the ear.

Tomorrow was their 6 month anniversary. Taeyeon couldn’t believe how fast the time had passed.

Tiffany had made her promise that she wouldn’t do anything extravagant for it. That it was her turn to do something nice for Taeyeon. She grinned against Tiffany’s skin, closing her eyes to relax into the hold. She had no idea what Tiffany had planned, but as long as it involved Tiffany, she was sure it was going to be perfect.

“Goodnight Fany.”
She felt a deep contented breath against her hair, “goodnight baby.”


She squinted against the morning light invading the room, reaching back behind her to pull Tiffany’s arm back over her body. Taeyeon frowned when her arm hit empty mattress. She rolled over, realizing that Tiffany wasn’t in bed with her. Then she heard the soft singing floating from down the hallway and smiled, pushing her fingers through her sleep mussed hair. Taeyeon stretched lazily before getting out of bed, pulling on the shirt and shorts that lay discarded at the end of the bed.

She padded barefoot down the hall, following the scent of cooking and the sound of singing towards the kitchen. Tiffany had her back to Taeyeon, head down focusing on the breakfast sizzling on the stovetop. Taeyeon leaned against the doorframe for a second, admiring the view of Tiffany in the loose t-shirt that stopped just above her thighs, revealing the light blue panties underneath. Taeyeon grinned, tiptoeing silently forward and wrapping one hand around Tiffany’s waist, the other hand going down to grab a cheek. Blue was Taeyeon’s favourite color and Tiffany knew it.

Taeyeon leaned her head over Tiffany’s shoulder, pecking Tiffany on the cheek, “good morning…what’re you making?”

Tiffany turned her head to return the peck, “good morning baby. I’m making you breakfast in bed. Which means that you-” she pointed with the spatula in her right hand, “-need to get back into bed.”

She pouted against Tiffany, both hands reaching around her waist to pull her in close, “but I wanna be out here with you.”

Tiffany giggled, “If you’re good baby, then I’ll come back and join you.”


“I have something for you.” Tiffany turned and grabbed her wallet from the nightstand. She rummaged around before finally pulling something out, hiding it in her enclosed fist as she rolled back around to face Taeyeon. She smiled sweetly at her, leaning in for a kiss. Taeyeon felt Tiffany reach over and grab her hand, opening her palm and pressing a small piece of metal into it.

Taeyeon pulled away and looked down at her palm. It was a light pink key.

“I want you to have it. You know, so you can come over any time you want.” She nuzzled her nose against Taeyeon’s, “I want you to have a drawer at my place too. You know, so you can stay over whenever you want. So some of your stuff is…some of your stuff is with me.”

Taeyeon closed her fist around the key, her other hand tugging Tiffany on top of her, “I love you.” She knew the key was a symbol. It showed how much Tiffany trusted her, wanted her to be in her life all the time. The key to her apartment, the drawer at her place. It all showed Taeyeon that Tiffany was serious about this. About her.

“I know it’s not very romantic…but-” Tiffany blushed, trying to hide her face in Taeyeon’s hair. But Taeyeon held her face with her hands so that she could stare into her eyes, “I love you, Fany.”

Tiffany smiled, leaning down to meet Taeyeon’s lips, “I love you too, Taetae. I love you.”


They ordered in dinner later that night. Sat on the ground in front of the couch and fed each other from paper containers with plastic utensils. Tiffany would follow every mouthful of food she offered Taeyeon with a peck on the lips. And when they finished, they threw the garbage into the disposal and Tiffany pulled her back to the couch so they could completely ignore the movie that was playing on the screen. There was nothing extravagant about it, but it was the most romantic dinner Taeyeon had ever had.


“I don’t think she’s a psychic, Yoong. You staring at her like that isn’t going to make her notice you. Not in the way you want, anyway.”

Yoona was staring at the waitress Seohyun with a look of utter and complete concentration. Her eyebrows were furrowed tightly and her mouth was set in a pursed line. Like if she stared hard enough, she could somehow cause the girl to turn around and see her.

When the girl finally did turn away from the table she was serving, Yoona threw her hand up into the air and grinned big at her from across the restaurant. The waitress saw and giggled a little, bowing slightly, before turning to a different table to take their orders. Yoona slumped in her seat, crossing her arms, “this isn’t working.”

Sunny cheered a little in her seat, “does that mean we can finally go to lunch somewhere else? I’ve been eating your salads for a week straight. I think it’s starting to turn my skin a little green.”

Yoona shook her head vigorously, “no! I am not gonna give up this easy!”

Taeyeon sighed, shaking her head, “she is clearly not interested in you, Yoona. She probably doesn’t even remember your name.”

Yoona huffed before suddenly perking up, “wait! I’ve got it!”, and bolted from the diner before the rest of them could say another word.

“I wonder what she’s got in mind.”
“Knowing Yoona, she probably just remembered she wanted some KFC.”
“…Yahh! She didn’t pay for her food!”


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  1. I like how comfortable TaeNy have gotten with each other. I love the normalcy (if being all sweet,cuddly,thoughtful and hot for each other all the time, can be considered normal. Haha!)

    I like this cat and mouse situation between YoonSeo. Yoona, the gorgeous eating machine is at her wits end on how to get Seo to notice her. Poor Sunny, eating all the salad props that Yoona couldn’t bring herself to eat. She should eat all the unhealthy food and I’m sure that will get Seo’s attention at least.

  2. “scratching her lightly behind the ear.” Lol! Is she a puppy? Heck, yes I love puppy taeng. Obedient (read: whipped) and all.

    I love how sweet this is. Not fluffy sweet (at least for me), but heartfelt sweet that I feel the warmth.

    And yoong’s dorky! Lol

  3. these are what i like bout your fic, Tae-Tiff lovelife (i picture them getting more mature and steady stage^^) without forgetting about their interaction with friends. nice combo of fluff and fun

  4. love it love it love it love it.

    this story is soooooooooooo good. I can’t even explain it. It’s fluffy, soothing, warming, funny. I love the relationship between Taeyeon and Tiffany. It’s really a journey that they’re going through… can’t believe how everyting started and progressed so amazingly.

    Can’t wait to read more of this story. But please don’t stress yourself. Write whenever you feel like it. I’m sure all your fans are willing to wait for you ^^

  5. loving this chap too much. i love the every details you wrote. seriously. i wish my english is good so i can write a long comment lol. but you’re awesome. keep writing this fic please. T_T
    thanks for the update, nelly!

  6. Taeyeon and tiffany should juat mive in together.. i love how they love each other dearly.. and oh, poor yoona. Yet,very funny.. poor sunny also,been a week eating yoona’s salad. Hahahahaha. Good job nelly. Keep it up.

  7. aaaaw. I just lovingly a lot taeyeon and tiffany character from the first time fic !! Adore it. If someone give you a drawer in their house. Damn ! That was the sweetest present ever. And… Hahahhahaa, i couldn’t help reduce my laugh right now. Yoona is so funny. That narsissistic girl just got a hard task to get seo. And sunny and hyoyeon. The funniest company ever. Sunny’s comment about her skin turned green after eating salad for a week straight. HAHAHAHAA. You never lose your humor nells 🙂

  8. I love love love love love how fluffy this is. And it’s not even just taeny! Yoona was so adorable too! Reminded me of my teenage years~~ (OLD LOL)

    Anyway, lemme just say how happy I am ’cause you continued writing in this universe. I think there’s so much more that could happen to taeny and their relationship, also with their idiotically humorous friends. I enjoy reading slice of life, because personally I think it hits closer to home. It’s like, reading about the life I wished I had. LOL