The Update Where Cliches Don’t Work Twice

May 25, 2013 in Nelly, The Life & Times by nelly

This BySone version has an extra sexytimes scene that isn’t included in the SSF version. πŸ˜›

I know that in my previous update from Kiss The Shotglass I said that I’d be finishing Life&Times up first, but now I’m not so sure. So uhh…when I decide I’ll let you guys know. πŸ™‚

*completely expected disclaimer that I didn’t proofread*


When Taeyeon and Sunny got home they found Yoona sitting on the floor of their apartment, a pile of paper on one side and several origami roses on the other. She grinned wide-faced when she saw them come in. “This worked for Taengoo right? This’ll totally get Seohyun to go out on a date with me!”

Taeyeon rolled her eyes as she crossed to the sink to wash her hands, “you realize it’s not as simple as that right? You can’t just…” she crossed to the floor, plunking down beside Yoona, “do something randomly romantic and expect her to be swept off her feet.” She fingered the roses, smiling to herself. Tiffany still kept a vase of the ones Taeyeon had made in her apartment.

“Of course it will! This is super cute! It’ll definitely work!” Yoona counted up her roses, “that looks good. A dozen right? Girls love getting a dozen roses…” She nodded to herself, satisfied, bundled them up into her arms and headed back across the hall to her apartment.

Once the door was safely closed behind her, Taeyeon turned to Sunny. “I understand why you and Yuri liked betting so much now.”

“5 bucks she gets turned down?”
“10 she gets a blank stare and another salad.”


Taeyeon wiped her hands off on her jeans before pulling out her keychain. She spotted the bright pink key right away and hesitantly stuck it into the lock in front of her.

“Fany-ah? I’m…” She wanted to say home, but maybe that was too soon. “…I’m here!” She’d brought a bag of her stuff. Tooth brush, some extra clothes, a spare phone charger. Just essentials.

Tiffany greeted her at the door, a pair of loose sweats and a tight tank top on. “Hi baby. Wanna put your stuff in your drawer?” She smiled cheekily, taking the bag from Taeyeon and taking her hand as she led the way to her bedroom. Taeyeon chuckled. Like she didn’t know exactly where it was by now.

Taeyeon watched her set her bag on the ground by her bed. Let go of her hand and bent over to reach for the drawer, then pushed it shut again. Taeyeon watched the girl’s sweats slip a little farther down her hips, and that’s when she realized it.

Oh. No panties.

Tiffany turned back, “Oops,” leaning against the dresser. Taeyeon felt her body pulled toward Tiffany as if by some magnetic force. “I forgot to clean out your drawer, and now you can’t put your stuff away…” She felt Tiffany trace her lips against the shell of her ear, “but we can do that later right?”

Taeyeon nodded, hands already slipping down her back to slide under the girl’s sweatpants to squeeze her. Heard her chuckle throatily against her. Shuddered slightly when Tiffany’s tongue traced her lobe before teeth nipped at it.

“You’re not wearing any…”
Another chuckle as she allowed Taeyeon to slide the loose bottoms down her legs. Taeyeon’s lips were already following her hands down, planting kisses against her thighs as she pulled the pants down.
“It’s laundry day, baby.”
“Then everyday should be laundry day.”

She let Tiffany kick the sweats off before she licked her way back up the inside of her leg. Taeyeon smiled when she heard the feathery giggles. When she got to her destination, the giggles turned into quiet whimpers. She helped Tiffany hop up onto the dresser top. Pushed her legs apart and grinned. Tiffany’s grin matched her own. “Hungry baby?”

“Starved.” Taeyeon definitely licked her lips. Might have even drooled a little bit. It was okay though, because it all just mixed in with Tiffany when she dipped in.

She felt Tiffany’s legs wrap around her head to lock her in close. She laughed against Tiffany. Like she’d ever want to pull away from this. She half chuckled when she heard Tiffany’s head knock back against the wall when she bit down lightly. Giggled when she felt Tiffany’s flat stomach jerk under Taeyeon’s palm. She pushed down a little against Tiffany’s midriff so she couldn’t buck up so hard. It just made Tiffany groan harder. Buck harder. It made Taeyeon giggle again.

Tiffany whined, “baby stop laughing and jus-ohhhhh yessssss…” Taeyeon heard her head knock back against the wall as she finally acquiesced, pushing all the way in with her tongue. Like ice cream.

She felt her eyes darken when Tiffany’s fingers wound into her hair and pushed her down harder. Better than ice cream.

“Fas-ss-yesss…Taeta-ooohhhhh…” Taeyeon loved it when Tiffany couldn’t even make words. She pushed her tongue in as far she could. Pushed her hands up slightly so they were on Tiffany’s chest. Rolled the points between her fingers. Pulled a little and felt Tiffany groan and push her body up to follow Taeyeon’s hands. But that meant Tiffany was once again bucking so violently against Taeyeon’s face that she was half afraid that she was going to fall off the dresser.

Her voice was muffled when she spoke, “If you move, then I have to stop.”

Tiffany let out a pained groan, “I can’t not move Taetae I-” Taeyeon pinched her again, felt her body shudder as she let out another moan.

“If you keep moving so much I can’t-” she emphasized her point with her tongue. Listened to Tiffany’s voice float up an octave. Heard her whine when she accidentally bucked so hard that Taeyeon’s tongue lost contact with that perfect spot. “Oh-oh-ohkay. Just-just-I’ll try. Just don’t stop.”

Taeyeon nodded. Went back to pinching and licking. Tiffany whimpered, hands retracting from Taeyeon’s hair to brace herself against the wall and the dresser. She could feel Tiffany’s entire body shaking with the effort to not buck up into her. Could feel her thighs quaking against her face as Tiffany tried not to keep pulling her in.

She found that spot again, that made Tiffany’s voice crack. And soon the only noise was the crude sound of lapping and sucking, and the almost inaudible sound of Tiffany keening under her breath.

She slipped her right hand back down to rub the seat of Tiffany’s pleasure. And then she paused. Wiggled her tongue in just a little bit more. She wanted to feel her.

And then she took her took the little button and pinched it hard between her fingernails. She had to push Tiffany down with all the might in her left hand as Tiffany’s body tried to bolt off the dresser as it tightened. She felt her eyes roll back into her head as she felt Tiffany squeeze her tongue hard.

When Tiffany finally relaxed against the dresser, legs hanging limply off the top, Taeyeon lapped up the rest of her prize. Smacked her lips when she was finished. “Definitely better than ice cream.”

Tiffany hopped down from the dresser on shaky legs, pushed Taeyeon down onto the bed and climbed on top. “What’d you say, baby?”

Taeyeon laughed, “Nothing. Just changing my mental list of favourite foods.”


“I don’t think she’s doing good,” Taeyeon watched amused as Yoona thrust the flowers into Seohyun’s face.

Sunny was too busy coating her fries in ketchup to notice, “oh I missed you, fries…”

She turned back to the scene across the restaurant. Yoona said something. She received a blank stare from Seohyun. And then a long period of Seohyun talking. Yoona said a sentence, shook the flowers a little bit and hopped up and down. Grinned happily. Seohyun smiled politely back but shook her head. Half bowed before turning away.

Taeyeon wrapped an arm around Yoona when she got back to their table, sliding in with a dejected look on her face. “What’d she say?”

Yoona huffed, stealing a fry off Sunny’s plate, “I asked her if she’d go out with me. She said she wasn’t allowed to have personal conversations during work hours!” Yoona pouted, staring down at her flowers frustratedly.

Taeyeon grinned, “She didn’t say no, Yoong! So just come back after work and ask again!”

Yoona huffed again, “And she told me she doesn’t like paper flowers. Because they’re a waste of paper. And then,” she huffed even louder, “She said I should actually eat my salads instead of giving them to my friends, otherwise I won’t get any of the health benefits.”

Taeyeon laughed, “And?”

“…so I ordered another salad.”

Taeyeon pumped her fist in the air, turning to Sunny who was rolling her eyes, “YOU OWE ME 10 BUCKS!” This was way more fun that she’d thought it would be.


Taeyeon and Yuri were hanging out on their balcony, watching the sun set. Taeyeon had just finished telling the other girl about her newly acquired house key. Yuri stared thoughtfully into the quickly darkening sky before speaking, “don’t you think you should reciprocate?”

Taeyeon turned her head, “what do you mean?”

“Well, you have a key to her place. Isn’t this the part where you give her a key to your place?”

Taeyeon blinked. It hadn’t even occurred to her. “I…should I?”

Yuri shrugged, “Yeah. I mean, Sica has a key to here too.”

Taeyeon nodded slowly, watching the clouds travel slowly across the skyline. Then she bolted up off her patio chair and pointed an accusing finger into Yuri’s face, “IS THAT WHY THE CUCUMBERS I BUY KEEP MYSTERIOUSLY ENDING UP IN THE TRASH?”

Yuri laughed, brushing away Taeyeon’s finger, “Nah that’s me. I’m not gonna let a stupid cucumber stop me from getting Jessica’s fabulous-”

Taeyeon jumped back, fingers plugging her ears and running back into the apartment, “LALALALALA I’M NOT LISTENING.”


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