The Reason Jessica was Late

May 5, 2013 in bestservedsoup, One-shots by BestServedSoup

RATED: PG13 I suppose because panties.


This was an entry for the 30-minute shot challenge on Soshified.


Jessica woke up, snuggling on her stuffed doll of a cat.  The day was early and sun beamed through the translucent curtains.

She convinced herself that she required another five minutes of rest. As she rested those five minutes soon turned into twenty. She woke up, but dozed off again and those twenty become forty and eventually…


The sound of her alarm sent Jessica rocking to her feet. At first she assumed that it was another fire drill. School always did have fire drills.

She stretched herself and yawned. Taking a moment to enjoy the sunlight, she proceeded to prepare. Taking a long hourly shower and picking out her clothing for the next half hour was a regular thing in the life of Jung Jessica.

But today another obstacle had bothered her, something she didn’t usually think about.

What panties do I wear today?

She inspected her collection of underwear and found herself quite unsure on which would suit her well. After some thought, she decided that the right underwear would one that was comfortable to walk around in, and perhaps she’d pick one that would be able to stun Taeyeon.


Stun Taeyeon? Jessica noticed that she could never quite get Taeyeon to make the move on her. Jessica was quiet and unengaged whereas Taeyeon was far too dense to talk to her most of the time. Perhaps a change of underwear would impress her. Jessica ran to her door and popped her head outside.

“Hey, Tiffany!” She called out.

“Yes Sica?”

“What kind of panties does Taeyeon like?”

“What sort of question is that? Are you trying to steal my dear Taeyeon from me?”

“N-no, I wasn’t!” Jessica scoffed. “I was just curious about your life with Taeyeon!”

“If you say so!” Tiffany replied. “ Isn’t it obvious that Taeyeon likes nothing else but hot pink!?”

Hot pink it was then. There was one problem though. A quick check through her inventory told Jessica that she did not have any hot pink underwear. This led her to pop her head from her room once more.

“Hey, Tiffany!” she called out. “Can I borrow some underwear?”

Jessica wondered, would Taeyeon finally notice if she wore hot pink panties? Should she wear a shorter skirt, or would flashing it to Taeyeon bring an even bigger impact? It didn’t matter to her what anyone else thought or how embarrassing it was. She would be the eventual victor, as long as she could see Taeyeon’s flushed face at the end of the day.

“And that’s how it went.”

“T-that’s very unrealistic,” Taeyeon muttered after hearing the story.

“I swear, it’s true!” Yoona persisted. “Why else would Sica unnie be this late today?”

“And who knows her better than I do?” Yuri added.

“That doesn’t really tell me anything.”

Taeyeon narrowed her eyes at the pair of misfits.

“Though she is later than usual.”

At this moment, Jessica just happened to walk in on the three conversing. “Hey guys, watcha doing?”

Yoona leaned in on Jessica and took the opportunity to ask. “Hey unnie, are you wearing hot pink panties today?”

Jessica’s eyes bulged. “W-what? How did you guys know? Were you peeking on me?”

“Ohhhh.” Yuri turned, and after a moment of silence, scoffed loudly.

Taeyeon’s expression began to show disdain. “I didn’t realise you swung that way, Sica.”

“N-No!” Jessica shouted. “I-I was out of underwear and I had to borrow Tiffany’s today! It’s not like I’m showy or anything for wearing pink! Jeez.”

“That’s rather perverse,” Taeyeon continued.

Jessica looked at each of the girls, her eyes confused. “W-what were you guys talking about earlier on?”

“The reason you were late,” Yuri murmured.

“Unnie’s got some explaining to doooo,” Yoona hummed.

Tears began to stream from Jessica’s eyes. “Seriously, what are you guys talking about!”