The Update Where Yoona Eats a Salad

May 5, 2013 in Nelly, The Life & Times by nelly

Hi everybody! Here’s my second ongoing; it’s going to be a continuation of my first fic First Times. 🙂 Hope you all enjoy, and thank you again for all the support!


“WHAT JUST HAPPENED?” Sunny’s eyes were so wide that Taeyeon was afraid that they’d fall out.

“Shhhh! Not so loud!” Yoona hissed back across the table at her, “She’s going to hear and think we’re crazy!”

Taeyeon chuckled, combing her fingers through her hair, “I don’t know about us, but I know you’re crazy. Didn’t you just say you broke up with that foreign exchange student because he was a vegetarian? And now one comment from a waitress you’ve never met is enough to get you to switch your treasured burger for a salad?”

Yuri piped up from beside Sunny, “yeah! What happened to your buffalo metabolism huh?”

Yoona huffed, “buffalo eat grass…besides! I’m not doing it for her! I just…I feel like a…” she took a deep breath, “I just felt like a salad.”

She muttered threats under her breath as the other three pointed and laughed at her. Out of the corner of her eye, Taeyeon saw the waitress returning to the table.

The girl put the salad down in front of Yoona, and then clasped her hands in approval. “See? This is so much better!”

Yoona nodded, eyes never leaving the girl’s face. She hadn’t even bothered to see what she’d brought her. Just as well, Taeyeon thought, Yoona probably wouldn’t eat the salad anyways.

“Oh yeah! I love salads!” She turned to glare at Yuri, who’d failed to suppress her snort.

“Oh yes, salads are much healthier than eating greasy burgers.” The waitress smiled politely, and then turned back around to check on her other tables.

“Uhm wait! You’re name’s Seohyun right? I saw it on your nametag!”
“Yes it is. Well, enjoy your meal! Please let me know if there’s anything else I can get you.” Before Yoona could open her mouth again, the girl was already at another table, filling water glasses.

Yoona pouted and crossed her arms, “she didn’t even ask my name…”

Taeyeon laughed, hooking an arm around Yoona’s neck and pulling her in, “yeah, but at least now you have this great salad! Gosh, don’t you just love salad!”

Yoona groaned, looking down at her meal, “eww this is gross! There aren’t even any chicken strips in here! Can we go to McDonald’s after this?”

Sunny laughed, pulling Yoona’s unwanted salad towards herself, “buffalo metabolism is wrong. More like velociraptor.”


They spent the rest of the afternoon helping Yoona get resituated in her apartment across the hall from them.

“I swear you’re a 12 year old boy, Yoona. We helped you clean this place up perfectly before you left. You’ve only been back a week and this place is already a mess!” Sunny huffed, shoving over a pair of Yoona’s dirty jeans before collapsing onto the couch.

Taeyeon laughed from her seat on the ground. The place really was a mess. It looked like instead of unpacking Yoona had opened up her suitcase and dumped everything onto the ground.

“Hey what’re we gonna do for dinner, guys?” Yoona piped up from the kitchen. She poked her head out through the door, a big grin on her face, to look at Sunny and Taeyeon, “let’s go back to the diner!”

Taeyeon laughed at the girl’s enthusiasm. She really had missed having Yoona here. But she shook her head before calling back, “Count me out, I’m having dinner with Tiffany tonight.”

“Ooooh,” Sunny’s head tilted, “dinner? Or dinner?” She waggled her eyebrows at Taeyeon, shrieking in mirth when Taeyeon flung one of Yoona’s discarded dirty shirts at her head.

Yuri came out from the kitchen, pulling her hair back into a messy ponytail, “I’m out too. I’ve got…” she grinned at Sunny, who was now waggling her eyebrows at her instead, “I’ve got dinner with Jessica tonight.” She laughed, grabbing her keys from the counter before heading out the door, “don’t wait up for me guys!”


She knocked on Tiffany’s door, grinning when it opened to reveal Tiffany in an apron and tied up hair. She leant up for a kiss, “hi baby,” before walking inside. Tiffany took her hand, leading her to the kitchen table where she’d set up their dinner.

It wasn’t anything special, just a couple of simple dishes. Taeyeon smiled at the sight. The normality of it all made her heart soar. That it was totally normal for Tiffany to greet her with a kiss. Totally normal for Tiffany to call her baby. Totally normal for her to make them dinner. That Tiffany didn’t feel like she had to get dressed up all the time. And that she could just show up in jeans and not have to impress her.

Tiffany giggled, cocking her head and looking at Taeyeon, “what’re you thinking about?”

Taeyeon grinned back, “You’re not wearing any makeup. And you’re not dressed up. And there’s nothing special about what we’re doing right now.”

Tiffany blushed. Taeyeon knew that she was still a little insecure about the whole Yoona confusion, so she continued quickly, “you’re mine. There’s nothing special about this, because we get to do this all the time now. I can come back tomorrow and have dinner with you. And the day after that. And the day after that. Because you’re mine.”

Tiffany bit her lip, smiling back, “and you’re mine, Taetae.”

They spent the rest of the night talking about everything and nothing. Just enjoying each other’s company. And when it got late, Taeyeon followed Tiffany into her bedroom.

It was just normal. Tiffany really was hers now. Taeyeon grinned, pulling Tiffany down on top of her. “Mine.”


The diner was more crowded than usual, so they weren’t at their usual booth at the back. Instead they were sitting at a table closer to the front. Yoona had tried to switch tables so that they’d be in Seohyun’s area, but with no luck.

“She won’t even look over here!” Yoona huffed, crossing her arms.

Yuri was busy texting on her phone, “she probably doesn’t even remember you.”

“Yaaah! How could you say that! Aren’t you supposed to encourage me?”

Yuri sighed, not looking away from her phone, “Fine. Go for it. You got this,” she pumped her fist distractedly into the air, “go Yoong!”

Yoona rolled her eyes, “I liked you better when you weren’t talking.”

Sunny laughed, “Isn’t that how we all like Yuri best?”

When Yuri didn’t respond, Taeyeon leaned to her side to see what Yuri was doing on her phone. Her eyes bugged out of her head when she saw the picture on Yuri’s phone, “OH MY GOD! Does Jessica know you have that?!?!?!”

Yuri smirked, “She sent it to me. I won a bet.”

Taeyeon blinked. She had to make sure she started making bets with Tiffany too.


Sort of short first chapter, but I wanted to at least post something today. 🙂 Love to know what you think!

Also, the next update likely won’t come until late into next week. Thanks for bearing with me. 🙂