The Importance of Researching Career Opportunities

August 31, 2015 in Miscellaneous Oneshots/Multishots, Nelly by nelly

Prompt from @thecarebear09 on twitter!

If Taeyeon had known that cops in Dubai got to drive sports cars, maybe she would have chosen a different career path. As it was though, it was probably frowned upon for her to try getting into the police academy now.

Oh well. Live and learn.

The alarm sounded, indicating the 30 seconds were up. Taeyeon huffed. “Fucking amateurs.”

Exactly 3 seconds later (fucking amateurs), her crew was running out of the back entrance, their sacks full of what had better be a score worth being late for. The doors slammed open and closed as they jumped into the backseat. “You chickenshits are lucky you’ve got me, or those 3 seconds would have cost you all your skins.”

“Yeah, yeah, Tae. Now do your job and drive.”

Taeyeon grinned and slammed on the gas. “Don’t worry. Unlike you, I’m actually good at what I do.” The car screech around a corner and just as fast was on the highway. She could hear distant sirens becoming not so distant behind her. A check in the rear view mirror showed flashing blue and red lights fast approaching. Of course the cops in Dubai would be way faster than Chicago. A car 50 times faster tended to increase the response time of even the laziest cop.

Too bad for them, Taeyeon could outmaneuver them driving a three wheeled Chevy with one hand tied behind her back. Taeyeon spun the car in a tight doughnut and, jumping the median, raced down the off ramp into a dark side street of a suburb. The screeching of tires behind her and the sudden darkness, bereft of police lights, told her that she’d already lost them (fucking amateurs). She turned off her headlights and steered them under an overpass, where they would be hidden from any helicopters coming their way.

Dubai might have the fastest police cars in the world, but it seemed that their police officers were just as slow as anywhere else.

Fucking amateurs.