A Thousand Little Vases: These Fissures, They Break So Quietly

July 21, 2015 in A Thousand Little Vases, moonrise31

A metaphor I once heard: When a vase shatters, it doesn’t break into a thousand little vases. In other words: Something that has been torn apart can never be returned
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When Words Aren’t Enough

December 14, 2014 in moonrise31, oneshots

(or are maybe too much.) — It was almost unsettling how everything went back to normal after the end of that September. “Normal” was relative, of course. A facade they
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Those Nights Held Dear in Our Hearts

August 5, 2014 in moonrise31, oneshots

Inspired by Sunny’s radio lament that she had to eat alone on her birthday. While the following oneshot is pure fiction, here’s hoping that the concept behind it is anything
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So Let Them Watch – MR. TAXI

June 21, 2014 in moonrise31, So Let Them Watch

In this ten-chapter fic, each member represents a concept from a different Girls’ Generation music video—with a few creative liberties tossed in, of course. Seohyun: The robot with a key,
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Jelly (A Dandyu special for Sunny!)

May 14, 2014 in One-shot!

Jelly “I don’t wanna go to the new school!” cried little Soonkyu. “Now, now, be a good girl. Your new school is a fun place. You’ll make many new friends.”
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Possession Chapter 9 – Decisions

September 17, 2013 in itchysocks, Possession

Reader Discretion: Possession will contain violence, profanity, gore, sexual themes and coarse language. Chapter 9 – Decisions A bead of sweat ran down Tiffany’s brow as she jogged towards Tom’s
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Close Your Eyes and You Shall See

August 26, 2013 in moonrise31, oneshots

She turns her head, and then lets out the breath that she’s been holding. There are soldiers approaching from behind, so she’ll probably end up getting the wind knocked out
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This is Not an Act

July 24, 2013 in Miscellaneous Oneshots/Multishots, Nelly

This is something I wrote and scheduled for automatic posting. Jsyk. — Sunny’s fingers tapped incessantly against the cold window pane as she watched the concrete jungle zoom past her.
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Kingdom of Darkness

July 8, 2013 in Leviathan Universe, Nelly

The Nowhere and Unknown collection is going to centre in a particular universe. I’m going to begin at various different places, perhaps in different times (perhaps not), and with different
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Spaces Inside

May 13, 2013 in Ajitofu, one-shots

PG-13. May make you feel uncomfortable. — When Sunny realizes what the girl across her has just said, when she understands what it means and what could happen, her instincts
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