Sometimes, The Sky – TaeNy One Shot

November 15, 2013 in One Shots, stephan by Stephan

a/n: Written on my phone while at work, on the bus, walking on the sidewalk, showering, eating, on the verge of sleeping, etc. Raw and unedited.

#np Charlie Mars – Sometimes The Sky




Taeyeon couldn’t understand why her duffel felt so heavy in her hand, especially when there’s barely anything in it, just a few clothes–the button up shirt Tiffany gave her last Christmas, a pair of pants and some other things she didn’t bother remembering.

But it was raining and probably, she thought as she took resigned steps out the front yard towards her car, that the heaviness she was feeling were from the droplets getting soaked in her coat.

She shivered when a cold breeze blew passed her naked neck, suddenly remembering the blue scarf she left hanging at the back of their bedroom door. The hairs on her arms stood up from under her sleeves when the wind seeped into the thin material of her top, chilling her straight to her hollow chest.

The gravel crunched beneath the soles of her shoes with every step that she took, but somehow she felt like she was floating, like she wasn’t there walking away from the place she had always called home, but Tiffany’s voice was still ringing in her ears, bouncing off on the walls of her brain–how loudly she yelled for her to leave, to disappear.

It was on a constant loop in her mind, how Tiffany removed the wedding ring from her finger before throwing it at her, and how she told her, with tear-streaked cheeks and reddening nose, that she regretted marrying her.

It hurt.

Tiffany’s words hurt.

They fought like normal couples do but this time it was different.

Taeyeon knew that it was indeed different, because it hurt twice as much, maybe even more than the slap that Tiffany gave her on her right cheek before she pushed her out the door. Her heart broke along with her soul when the other girl slammed the door, and she was sure then that it was the end.

The finality of it all scared her, thew her way off to the side that she didn’t even realize that she had already reached her car until the tip of her shoe hit the tire lightly, the low thud almost drowned by the sound of the raindrops hitting the pavement. She sighed as she reached for the keys in her pocket, only to stop when she felt the coldness of Tiffany’s wedding ring jumbled within the mess of keys.

And then it hit her, crashed onto her head on like a truck on full speed.

How wrong it was that she was out there beside her car, on the verge of leaving and disappearing forever.

How stupid it was for her to be on the wrong side of the door, when the only place she was supposed to be at that moment was inside her home with Tiffany, and nowhere else.

And as she weighed the ring in the middle of her open palm, she finally realized why she felt so heavy.

Because Tiffany’s ring was with her and it wasn’t supposed to be like that.

Because Tiffany was supposed to be carrying half of the weight, the weight they vowed to shoulder and carry together through everything that would come their way.

Her duffel dropped on the ground when Taeyeon turned back towards her house, and she felt her heart beat again for the first time when she saw Tiffany standing on their porch, panting and still in tears, but ready to run.


And she ran.

It hurt when their bodies collided, but Taeyeon still held onto Tiffany tight. She wrapped her arms around her wife’s waist and buried her drenched face in her hair, cried as soon as Tiffany’s familiar scent hit her nose.

She felt Tiffany clung unto her tighter while the sound of her sobs intensified, until it shook both of their connected bodies.

“I’m s-sorry,” Tiffany croaked as she cried just as hard, “I didn’t mean what I said, I-I’m sorry–I don’t want you to leave.”

Pulling back, Taeyeon held Tiffany’s face in between her shaking hands, pressed her forehead against the latter’s, letting their lips touch a bit.

“I love you,” she whispered in between her tears as she kissed Tiffany fully. “I’m sorry. I’m not leaving, I don’t want to, I’m sorry. Please don’t push me away, please. I love you.”

Hushed apologies wrapped them, drenched them more than the falling rain, and even though Taeyeon was having a hard time breathing because of her sobs, she had never felt safer than being back in Tiffany’s arms.

“I’m sorry,” she said again, directly to Tiffany’s ears when she pulled her back in her tight embrace. “We’ll talk–we’ll fix this. Okay? N-No one’s going to leave. We’ll fix this and we’ll be fine again.”

Taeyeon felt Tiffany lips press softly on her neck, felt her ragged breath fanning on her cold skin.

“Okay, Taetae. Okay.”