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In this ten-chapter fic, each member represents a concept from a different Girls’ Generation music video—with a few creative liberties tossed in, of course.

Seohyun: The robot with a key, some bravery, and quite possibly a heart.

Yoona: An artist with the age if not the years, and the notes if not the experience.

Sooyoung: The dreamer with her head in the clouds and her feet on the ground.

Yuri: A magician who doesn’t believe in magic, but maybe that’s what makes her so perfect.

Hyoyeon: The healer who will stop at nothing to save her town, her country, the world…and herself.

Tiffany: An optimist who knows the glass is half empty; but add enough water, and it’ll become more than half full.

Sunny: The racer who, more than a need for speed, needs a reason to stop, once in a while.

Jessica: A soldier with the knowledge that not everything has a simple solution, but she’ll fight on anyway.

Introducing Taeyeon:I am happy like this because we’ll be okay.

Seohyun found herself lying on her back, the familiar sensation of grass tickling her bare skin. These blades seemed shorter, though. And sure enough, when she opened her eyes, she found herself in the middle of a well-kept field. Only a large patch of dirt several meters away interrupted the large green expanse.

And was that someone standing in the center, there?

She managed to climb to her feet. The person was standing with back towards her, but she could make out a blue letter jacket that was almost too big for the frame it wrapped around. She walked closer, watching as the person windmilled her arms around in an almost absurd fashion (it was a girl, Seohyun determined, because she could now make out the skirt under the jacket as she approached).

“Excuse me?”

The girl turned, arms stopping mid-swing. She gave Seohyun a sheepish grin as she tucked her hands into her jacket pockets. “Oh, hi.”

“Hello.” Seohyun decided to not comment on the other’s earlier actions, so she suppressed an amused smile. “Could you tell me where I am?”

“Uh.” The girl looked mildly confused. “On the baseball field? Outside of the high school?”

“Right.” Seohyun figured it wouldn’t do very much to ask which high school.

“I’m Taeyeon.” Taeyeon pulled out one hand from her pocket and held it out.

“Seohyun.” Seohyun lifted her own hand (no longer bandaged, she realized belatedly, but she hadn’t had time to observe the fact while racing around on the back of Sunny’s motorcycle or running through a war zone next to Jessica) to shake Taeyeon’s outstretched one.

“Oh, first-year?” Taeyeon noted, glancing at Seohyun’s nametag. “I guess that makes me your unnie, then.” She tilted her head. “I don’t recognize your uniform, though. You don’t go here?”

“Not really.” Seohyun smoothed her skirt gingerly, glancing at the tag pinned to Taeyeon’s shirt in an effort to change the subject. “You’re a third-year, unnie?”

“You got it,” Taeyeon confirmed. “My last year, you know, so gotta make it count, right?” She pulled her other hand from its nest in her jacket pocket, revealing a baseball. Tossing it up and down, Taeyeon asked, “Do you wanna play?”

Seohyun eyed the ball warily. “I don’t think I’ll be very good.”

“As if I am,” Taeyeon chortled. “Come on, I’ll let you bat. I’ve been practicing pitching, anyway.”

The older girl guided Seohyun to the home plate, grabbing a baseball bat leaning against the fence behind it. “Here, just hold it like this.” She gripped the bat with two hands and raised it over her shoulder. “Then swing when you wanna hit. Like this.” She finished demonstrating and handed it over.

Seohyun whipped the bat through the air a few times experimentally, earning Taeyeon’s nod of approval. Then the older girl jogged towards the pitcher’s mound near the center of the field. She held up the baseball. “Ready?”

Seohyun nodded.

Taeyeon planted one foot in front of the other, and then turned sideways. She pivoted, raised one leg up. Her arm whipped forward, launching the ball into the air.

The pitch arced gracefully, soaring above Seohyun’s head to land somewhere far off to her left. Seohyun had swung the bat, but only halfheartedly, since she knew there was no way it was actually going to hit.

Seohyun couldn’t resist a small pout when Taeyeon doubled over, guffawing. “Unnie.”

“Sorry, Seohyun.” Taeyeon wiped a tear from the corner of her eye. “But you know, if you hadn’t swung, you would’ve gotten a ball instead of a strike.”

“I thought you would at least be throwing it at me,” Seohyun retorted. She let the tip of the bat rest in the dirt so she could lean on it, glancing around as a thought suddenly occurred to her. “Unnie, aren’t there other people on your team?”

But already, the empty benches and outfield were answer enough.

Taeyeon straightened with a shrug, expression becoming serious. “I don’t really have a team just yet.” She sighed. “They told me to start one. It’s supposed to be my crowning achievement as a third-year, and if we do well, the school will benefit too. But I don’t know.”

Seohyun wondered briefly who “they” were, but she figured that wasn’t as important as the problem that had just revealed itself. “What do you mean, you don’t know, unnie?”

“Well,” Taeyeon started. Her face contorted as she struggled to find the words. “I would be the captain, you know. And I don’t know if I can, well. Do that.”

Seohyun nodded slowly.

“And I don’t really know a lot of people.” Taeyeon shuffled her feet uncomfortably. “Kinda lame, I know, especially since I’ve been going to school with them for three years already, but—”

Seohyun grabbed the older girl’s hand. “Let’s go.”

Taeyeon looked down. “Uh?”

The younger and flashed her best smile. “Come on!”

“Wh—where are we going?” Taeyeon demanded as Seohyun dragged her off the field and towards the school building.

“To find you a team, of course,” Seohyun replied without turning. “Come on, unnie. Faster!”

The baseball field was situated above ground level, so they had to run down a slope in order to reach the front doors of the high school. They laughed as they raced downhill, breathless, pumping their legs in an effort to keep up with gravity. But then Taeyeon’s feet got tangled with Seohyun’s (or perhaps Seohyun’s with Taeyeon’s) and they fell into the grass, rolling the rest of the way.

“Unnie,” Seohyun gasped, propping herself up with her hands after they had landed at the bottom. “Are you okay?”

Taeyeon, sprawled on her back, didn’t bother lifting more than a hand to give Seohyun a tired thumbs-up. “Sure,” she croaked, chest heaving as she attempted to regain her breath. “Lemme just…lie here. Preferably forever.”

“Are you two quite done?”

They turned their heads in the direction of the new voice. Seohyun’s eyes widened as she met a pair of indignant ones, recalling the feeling of a soldier’s helmet settling lopsided on her head and sinking down to the bridge of her nose. “Jessica-unnie?”

Jessica stared back at her from behind a pair of spectacles. “Do I know you?”

Oh. Seohyun shifted uncomfortably. Maybe not.

“Sorry to disturb you.” Taeyeon nervously chuckled, finally sitting up. “Seohyun and I’ll get going now, and you can go back to your book.”

Seohyun glanced down at the novel in Jessica’s hands. Sitting under a tree, reading peacefully in the shade–was this something that soldier Jessica would’ve done if she hadn’t been defending lives at the border?

“Taeyeon-unnie is starting a baseball team,” Seohyun blurted.

Jessica raised an eyebrow. “And this pertains to me, how?”

“It doesn’t have to.” Taeyeon coughed, smiling tentatively. “She was just wondering if you’re interested, is all. ‘Cause right now it’s just her and me, and you know, we need nine players, eventually. But you don’t have to,” she was quick to add. “Just…the opportunity is there. If you want it.”

Jessica glared at them for several tense seconds. Then, closing her eyes, she exhaled loudly through her nose. She shut her book, the pages slapping together audibly. “If you’re going to start a team for our school, you’ll need more people who actually go here.” She spared a glance at Seohyun’s uniform.

Taeyeon brightened. “You’re joining? Really?”

“If you’re going to be practicing up there and then rolling down the hill everyday, it’s not like I’m going to get any reading done, now am I,” Jessica deadpanned. But her tone didn’t seem quite as biting as before.

“Thanks.” Taeyeon grinned as she held out her hand. “I’m Taeyeon. Third-year.”

“Me too. Jessica.” Jessica glanced over at Seohyun, her gaze piercing. “As this kid somehow already knew.”

Seohyun reddened and looked away, mind racing. Luckily, Taeyeon intervened. “Okay, three down, six to go! Not bad, right?”

They walked into the school, Taeyeon and Jessica falling into a conversation about classes and college and other things that apparently only third-years could find interest in. Or maybe just students of this world, Seohyun thought absentmindedly. Since the discussion in front of her wasn’t particularly engaging, Seohyun let her attention wander to the walls of the hallway they were walking through. She found herself comparing it to Yoona’s, the only other high school she’d ever been in.

“Hey, Sica!” A head poked out of a nearby classroom.

“Sunny,” Jessica greeted cheerfully. “Still bogged down with president duties?”

Seohyun frowned a little, thinking of the presidents she had read about. President…of South Korea? Going to high school?

Taeyeon must have noticed her confusion, because the older girl leaned close and whispered, “Student council president, Lee Sunny.”

“Oh.” Seohyun brightened in understanding. “Thanks, unnie.”

“Baseball, huh?” Sunny was saying. “I didn’t think you’d have it in you, Sica.”

“I’d like to see you do better,” Jessica snorted.

“Is that a challenge?” Sunny laughed. “I might just take you up on it.” She turned to Taeyeon. “Kim Taeyeon, right? Mind if I join?”

“Uh, sure.” Taeyeon didn’t even try to wipe the dumbfounded expression off of her face. Here she had been lamenting over somehow getting a team, after all, and the members were practically offering to join. “I mean, if you don’t think you’ll be too busy.”

“I’ll manage,” Sunny waved a hand. Then she smiled at Seohyun. “Hi! And you are?”

Seohyun murmured an introduction, wondering if student council presidents ever rode motorcycles.

Suddenly, a screech filled the hallway. The girls whipped around. Taeyeon barely had time to step aside before a small boy barreled past, followed shortly after by an even younger girl.

“Since when did this become a daycare?” Jessica demanded.

“Excuse me, pardon me,” a girl panted as she jogged towards them.

“Tiffany-unnie,” Seohyun greeted before she could stop herself.

To her credit, Tiffany only gave her a warm smile in return, apparently not disturbed in the slighest that a stranger knew her name. “Hi there.” She turned to Sunny and bowed apologetically. “Sorry, my dad dropped off my siblings as soon as I got out of school and I’ve been chasing after them ever since.”

“We’ll help you,” Sunny offered. “Don’t want them to get lost or hurt, or something.”

“Thanks.” Tiffany sounded relieved. “I swear I wasn’t this hyper when I was their age. Leo! Michelle!”

The five girls headed down the hallway, following the sound of tiny footsteps. Seohyun brought up the rear, smiling to herself. Nice to know that in this world, Tiffany-unnie isn’t afraid of kids. Or maybe, she amended, she’s already learned that there’s nothing to be afraid of.

Taeyeon suddenly lunged forward as she turned the corner. When she straightened, the giggling girl toddler was safe in her arms. Taeyeon grinned. “Got you!”

“There you are, Leo! Grrr!” Tiffany was one step farther, scooping up her little brother. He laughed when Tiffany mock-scowled at him. “What’s so funny?”

“Noona’s face,” was Leo’s reply as he bopped her in the nose with a tiny fist.

“Okay,” Taeyeon announced after setting Michelle down. “So we’ve got five, plus two mascots.”

“What’s a mascot?” Michelle whispered to Tiffany.

“Any ideas where else to look?” Taeyeon continued.

A doctor clad in a pink coat crossed Seohyun’s mind, so she suggested, “the nurse’s office?”

Hyoyeon was, in fact, in the nurse’s office—but getting bandaged instead of doing the bandaging. Sunny seemed familiar with her, because the student council president immediately stepped forward, shaking her head even as she smiled. “Kim Hyoyeon, how’d you hurt yourself this time?”

Hyoyeon gave a nonchalant shrug. “Stair railings wouldn’t be there if they didn’t want you to slide down them.”

“Slide?” Leo perked up, but Tiffany shushed him with a pat on the head.

“If you’re so eager to get hurt, why not do it under school-excused circumstances,” Sunny commented wryly. She jerked her thumb behind her. “Taeyeon here is starting a baseball team. You in?”

“Baseball?” Hyoyeon perked up. “Sounds dangerous.”

“It is if you’re standing in Taeyeon-unnie’s way while she’s pitching,” Seohyun couldn’t resist commenting. The laughter that followed (Taeyeon’s the loudest) warmed her cheeks in the best way possible.

“So, Seohyun,” Taeyeon threw an arm around her shoulder as they exited the nurse’s office, “where to next?”

Seohyun thought about the other people she had met. “Is…there a…magic…club here? Or something?”

“Magic?” Taeyeon repeated quizzically. “What, like the card game?”

“Never mind,” Seohyun coughed. “How about…a rabbit…club?”

“Rabbits?” Taeyeon’s confusion deepened.

“Maybe you’ll need an actual athlete on your team,” Jessica pointed out before Taeyeon could inquire any further. “Let’s go down to the track. I have an idea of who we can ask.”

At the track, the closest thing to the fire Seohyun had come to associate with Yuri was the gunshot that signaled the start of each race. She flinched at the sound, but the runners took it as encouragement to start. She immediately spotted Yuri at the head of the pack, easily increasing the distance between her and the rest with every stride. Four laps later, Yuri crossed the finish line several yards ahead of the second-place runner.

“Hey, Kwon!” Jessica yelled, waving her hands. “Get over here!”

“Won’t even let me celebrate my victory?” Yuri teased as she jogged over, gulping water from a bottle she’d picked up from the bleachers. “What’s up, Sica?” She noticed the others. “Oh, and…everyone else? President?” Sunny waved.

Taeyeon took a deep breath and stepped forward. “I’m starting a baseball team for our school. Jessica said you might be interested?”

“Baseball, huh?” Yuri hesitated. “Sounds fun. But I’ve got track practice after school everyday.”

“Maybe we can practice after you’re done,” Sunny offered. “I’ve got student council duties first, anyway.” She glanced at Taeyeon.

Taeyeon started when she realized that all eyes were on her. Then she cleared her throat and nodded. “That could work.”

“Oh, sounds good then,” Yuri agreed cheerfully. “What’s your name, captain?”

Taeyeon blinked, as if not realizing right away that it was her Yuri was addressing. “Oh. I’m Taeyeon.”

Yuri grinned. “Hi, Oh I’m Taeyeon.”

Taeyeon’s ears reddened as the others chuckled, but her smile was just as wide as the rest of theirs.

Track practice was about over then, so Yuri joined them as they headed into the school building once more. Taeyeon fell back so she could walk by Seohyun. “Any other suggestions?”

Seohyun blushed. “I don’t see why you keep asking me, unnie. I’m not even a student here.”

“And yet, you seem to know all of them.” Taeyeon gestured at the group of girls walking ahead. “Even if…they don’t really know you.” She looked at Seohyun intently.

“I’ve…met people…like them…elsewhere,” Seohyun offered in explanation. Then a thought hit her, and she gladly redirected the conversation. “Maybe we should try the cafeteria.”

“Cafeteria?” Taeyeon shrugged. “Don’t think there’ll be any people there right now, but okay—why not?”

Seohyun immediately recognized Sooyoung and Yoona once she entered the room, though she was mildly surprised that they were already sitting together. Then again, as they were the only two in the cafeteria at this hour, maybe it wasn’t such a surprise. The other girls slowed, exchanging glances once Seohyun had pointed out the potential two remaining members.

“So,” Hyoyeon coughed. “Anyone know them?”

“I’ll go,” Seohyun volunteered. She walked over to the table. “Excuse me.”

Yoona looked up. “Hey! Want a chip?” She held up a bag, the plastic crinkling slightly.

“No thanks,” Seohyun smiled. She gestured behind her. “Taeyeon-unnie over there is a third-year who is trying to put together a baseball team. We’re wondering if you two would like to join?”

“Oh, sure,” Sooyoung answered immediately. “Yoona needs to keep the weight off, anyway.”

“Hey, unnie, I haven’t gained any at all since I entered high school,” Yoona protested.

“Yeah, and I really don’t see how that’s possible,” Sooyoung grumbled as she wiped her fingers on a napkin. She grinned at Seohyun. “But yeah, count us in!”

“And then there were nine,” Taeyeon mumbled, sounding awed as her new team walked down the halls on their way out of the building, their soft chatter bouncing off the walls.

Seohyun smiled and reached out to pull the older girl into a quick one-armed hug.

The sun was already low on the horizon when the nine of them made it back to the baseball field. Yuri was quickly designated as the team’s only pitcher, and Jessica and Tiffany decided they were better off as outfielders. Or maybe managers. Hyoyeon challenged Yoona to a contest of who could hit a home run first, while Sunny took over Tiffany’s babysitting job temporarily and chased Leo and Michelle around, pretending to try and catch them in her baseball glove. Sooyoung made a surprisingly good umpire, barking “safe!” and “out!” and occasionally, “someone make me a sandwich!”

Seohyun sat on the bench, rolling a bat between her palms, a content smile curving her lips.

Taeyeon plopped next to her with a satisfied exhale, slouching in her seat. “Quite the team, huh?”

“Yeah.” Seohyun turned and grinned. “You did it, unnie.”

We did it,” Taeyeon corrected. “All of us. But mostly you and me, right?” She winked. “Especially you, really.”

Seohyun shrugged. “I didn’t do that much, unnie. I knew you were going to succeed; I just pushed you along a little.”

“If that’s you pushing a little,” Taeyeon laughed, “I don’t wanna see how far I fly if you get serious.” She quieted, expression serene. “Think I can really be captain of these guys?”

“You can be captain regardless of your team,” Seohyun replied immediately. “But this team…I don’t think you’ll find a better one.”

Hyoyeon and Sooyoung had gotten into an argument, but it quickly dissolved into a war of giggles and kicking dust. Jessica squealed as a wave of dirt flew in her face. When the dust clouds settled, she tucked her glasses in her pocket with an air of quiet vengeance. Hyoyeon let out a very undignified squeak and fled for first base, her enraged victim close on her heels.

“Yeah,” Taeyeon chuckled. “These guys are really the best, I’m thinking.”

Seohyun nodded in agreement. She couldn’t have said it better herself.

“Well,” Taeyeon said as she stood, dusting off her pants. “Time to get up.”

“Alright.” Seohyun got to her feet as well. She smiled, tone teasing. “If I get Yuri-unnie to pitch for me, do you think I can actually hit the ball this time?”

Taeyeon threw her head back, laughing heartily. Then, calming down, she looked back at Seohyun, grin wide. “Time to get up.”

“Unnie?” Seohyun frowned, confused. “I’m already up.”

“Rise and shine,” Taeyeon said, holding out her fist.

“I’m…not sleeping?” Seohyun cautiously bumped fists with the older girl. As their knuckles brushed, Seohyun suddenly became aware of a very familiar white light. But this time it wasn’t coming from a particular direction–instead, it enveloped her, Taeyeon, everyone on the baseball field.

“Unnie?” She asked again, uncertain, as their surroundings faded away into the white. The shouts and yells of the others drifted into mere echoes, then vanished completely, leaving only silence behind. And then Taeyeon started to dissolve as well, her hand reaching out to ruffle Seohyun’s hair even as it disappeared.

“Time to wake up,” Taeyeon said.