Ruff! Ruff! (Ginger’s story of the stick)

July 8, 2013 in Ruff! Ruff! by itsakyo

Ruff! Ruff! Hello! Hee hee. I’m feeling very happy lately because Mommy Daedae has been playing with me a lot! She took me back from not-a-mommy and brought me home and played me with a lot! Yay! I like not-a-mommy too. He takes care of me and plays with me too. Mommy Daedae and Mommy Pani-ah call him oppa so I call him that too. Oppa! Ruff!

Anyway, Mommy Daedae and Mommy Pani-ah kept putting things on me that day. And taking them off too. I don’t know why they kept doing that. Maybe that’s how they like to play. They do that to each other too so I think they really like to play like this. Maybe those scary noises they make mean that they’re having fun. Ruff!

But I wanted to play with something else after a while. Some of the things they put on me were quite tight too. I could feel it wrapping all around my tummy. It felt funny when I tried to walk so I stood quite still. Arr.

Mommy Pani-ah was hugging Mommy Daedae and laughing a lot. They said many things to each other that I couldn’t understand and stood up suddenly. Where were they going? I wagged my tail. Maybe we were going out!

I ran to Mommy Daedae when she opened the tall brown thing. Yay! We were going out! I looked up and saw my mommies rubbing lips again. When they rub lips it means that only one mommy is going out. And I was right! Mommy Pani-ah smiled and said baibai. Mommy Daedae said baibai back so I said it too. Baibai. Ruff ruff!

We went into the place that moved up and down and I followed Mommy Daedae out. The tight thing on me made me feel funny when I walked so I went slower. I think I was walking too slowly because Mommy Daedae picked me up and carried me after that.

She walked to this place that had a lot of fun things to smell. She always carries me when we go in there but I wish she would put me down. I want to smell so many things! I like it when Mommy Daedae brings me there because it feels cold and nice in there. Aaahh…

When we went back, Mommy Daedae took the thing off me and I could finally run around without feeling funny. Yay! Mommy Daedae took the things from that cold place into the food place. I knew that she wasn’t going to play with me for a while so I ran off to find something to play with.

Lately, my teeth have been hurting so I’ve been chewing on my chew things a lot more. Mommy Daedae brought them home one day and gave them to me. They’re fun to chew and I chew on them a lot. Yay! But right then, I wasn’t interested in them. I wanted to explore and find new things! I went around my home for a bit and sniffed here and there.

Suddenly, I saw the square thing that Mommy Daedae was playing with last night! It was just there. Lying there. And a stick was sticking out of the square thing! A STICK! I love sticks! It wasn’t very long but it was a stick. Ruff! I jumped on it and started to chew on it. Chew, chew, chew. Yay! I felt so good. Chew, chew, chew. After chewing for a long time, I felt pretty good so I stopped. I left the stick there and went off to find other things to play with.

And I was happily playing with my round green thing when I heard Mommy Daedae saying my name. I ran to her and wagged my tail. Was she going to play with me again? I wagged my tail even more when I saw the stick in her hand. Let’s play with the stick together! Ruff!

But she didn’t play with me. Instead, she bent down and petted my head. “Ginger yah…” said Mommy Daedae. And she was shaking her head. When she shakes her head I know that she wants to tell me not to do something. But I couldn’t understand. It was a stick! Sticks are meant to be chewed! Whine.

She picked up the box of sticks and put it high up. I couldn’t reach it anymore. Ruff. Then, she brought me back out and put my chew thing near me. She rubbed my fur and left me with my chew thing. I didn’t quite understand what it was about but I think Mommy Daedae was trying to tell me that I could only chew on my chew thing. Was that what she was trying to tell me?

Mommy Daedae’s stick. Maybe it was her chew thing and she didn’t want me to chew on it. I think so! I’ve seen her put it in her mouth before. That must be it! Ruff! Anyway, that’s my story of the stick. Hee hee.


by itsakyo