Ruff! Ruff! (Ginger’s story of the moving thing)

July 1, 2013 in Ruff! Ruff! by itsakyo

Ruff! Ruff! Hi, it’s me, Ginger. And I want to tell you about the moving thing that Mommy Daedae brought home one day. She finally came back after going away for a long, long time. I don’t know why she always disappears for such a long time. Where does she go? Sometimes, she goes out only for a while. And she comes back after I’ve eaten once or twice. But sometimes, she goes out for a very long time. A very, very long time.

When she comes back after a very, very long time, I’m very, very happy to see her. Ruff! I can smell her from behind the tall brown thing and I can hear the beep beep noises that tell me that she’s opening the tall brown thing. She opens it and the first thing I do after she steps in is to run into her legs and jump on her.

She will pick me up and hug me. Then, she will rub her lips on me. Sometimes when she hugs me, I can smell Mommy Pani-ah too. My mommies must love each other very much! That’s why they have each other’s smell on them. Ruff!

Anyway, this time, Mommy Daedae came back with something new. I had never seen it before and it smelt new too. She brought it into the scary noises place and put it on the soft, white thing. Ruff! I wished that Mommy Daedae would put me on it too. Then I could take a closer look at it and smell it properly. But she didn’t put me on it. Instead, she went into the water place. Whine. I really wanted to sniff at the new thing!

I didn’t want to play with the other things. So I stayed in the scary noises place and sat on the floor. I looked up and stared at the new thing. What was in it? Finally, Mommy Daedae came out from the water place. I stood up immediately and wagged my tail. She called me in a happy voice and petted my head. Then, she picked up the new thing! Ruff!

I followed her outside. She sat on the soft, furry floor and I stood right next to her, wagging my tail excitedly. This was so new and exciting! She opened it and took something smaller out. It was smaller than me. And it was quite shiny. What was it?

I followed her as she walked further away and put the small shiny thing on the floor. I watched as she walked back to me. Why did she leave it there? Why wasn’t it moving? What was it? I wanted to go and sniff it to find out more about it but I didn’t know if I could. Could I? Should I? I licked my nose as I thought about it. Maybe I should watch it for a little longer. Ruff.

I kept my eyes on that small shiny thing. It looked like the big moving things that I’ve seen outside but it was a lot smaller than them. Was it going to move like them? Was it dangerous like them? Did I have to protect Mommy Daedae from it?

Suddenly, it lit up. Not the whole thing. Just its eyes. It looked fierce. “Ruff!” I barked at it and stayed near Mommy Daedae’s legs. Then, it moved! It made a strange noise and moved fast. I stared at it. It was moving past the tall brown things towards the end. I thought it was going to knock into the tall brown thing but it stopped and its eyes turned red. It looked scary.

Then, it moved again! It made that strange noise and came nearer and nearer to us! But it slowed down and stopped in front of us. It was very near to me and I was feeling nervous so I started to walk away from it. I looked back to check on it. It was not moving yet. But it suddenly made that strange noise again so I looked again and it moved! It was chasing after me! Yikes! I moved really quickly to get away from it and it moved past me as I turned around. Phew! It almost got me!

I watched as it moved further away and heard Mommy Daedae laughing. But I don’t know why she was laughing. That thing was scary! Whine. That thing kept moving and stopping. I was careful not to let it come to close to me after that. Whenever it chased me, I ran away as quickly as I could. Ruff!

I was still trying to figure out what it was and why it wanted to chase me when Mommy Daedae walked to it and picked it up. She put it back into where it came from and brought it into the scary noises place. I didn’t want to follow Mommy Daedae this time. I went to look for my yellow-brown thing instead. I like my yellow-brown thing the most. Ruff!


by itsakyo