Ruff! Ruff! (Ginger’s story of the grass)

October 2, 2013 in Ruff! Ruff! by itsakyo


Ruff. Ruff. Hello. Whine. I’m not feeling too good. And it all started with the green, green grass.

I wasn’t feeling like my usual self. My tummy was a little uncomfortable so I decided to eat some grass. I don’t really know why, but I knew that I wanted to. The only problem was this: Mommy Daedae wasn’t going to bring me out any time soon. I knew this because she was in the nice sleeping place with Mommy Pani-ah and they were both up on the nice soft place that I like to lie on. When they are there, they won’t go out for quite a while. Whine.

Anyway, I decided look for some grass at home. There are some green, green leaves around and I spotted one that I like. Yay! I put my paws up on the side of the big white bowl thing and started chewing on the green, green leaves. After a while, I decided to pull the whole thing out so that it’s easier to chew so I opened my mouth wide and chomped down on it. I held it in my mouth and started pulling and pulling. It was hard to pull it out! I pulled and pulled and I almost rolled over when it came out suddenly. Ruff!

I could finally chew on the green, green grass happily. And I was just about to chew on the last green, green grass when I heard Mommy Daedae’s angry voice.

“Ginger!” Mommy Daedae yelled at me.


Mommy Daedae scolded me for a while before taking my grass away. Aww, I really wanted that last bit of grass. I was lying down when she came back to me. She petted my head and rubbed around my ears but I kept my head on the floor. I didn’t feel well at all. Then, I vomited. All kinds of things were burning up to my mouth and I opened it and let it all out.

“Ginger!” Mommy Daedae called my name again but this time, she wasn’t scolding me. Her voice was different.

I let it out for a while until I felt better and stopped. It was a relief to get it all out. I was beginning to feel a little bit better but Mommy Daedae sounded more and more worried. Her voice became softer and she called my name many times while she petted me everywhere. She took me into her arms and hugged me too. I liked it. And best of all, she didn’t scold me anymore.


The next day, I wasn’t feeling well either. And when I still hadn’t gotten better after yet another day, Mommy Daedae brought me out. She brought me to see the man in the long white thing. He talked to me in a soft, low voice and petted me a lot. He petted me everywhere, even in some places that I didn’t like being petted at. Growl.

When that was over, Mommy Daedae brought me home. I wasn’t in the mood to play so I went to lie down on the soft, furry place. Ruff. What a day.


So a few more days have passed and I’m still feeling a little out of sorts. I’m feeling better than yesterday though, so I’m feeling a little happier too. But something isn’t quite right with Mommy Daedae and that makes me feel down so in the end, I’m still feeling the same.

Mommy Daedae is making painful sounds and she’s going into the water place again. I lift my head from the floor and watch as Mommy Pani-ah comes in with water and some little round things in a little plastic packet. She puts her things down and sits on the nice sleeping place. When Mommy Daedae finally comes out from the water place, Mommy Pani-ah gives her a hug and pets her head like how Mommy Daedae pets mine.

She gives Mommy Daedae the water and the round things and Mommy Daedae puts the round things in her mouth and drinks the water. Then, she gets onto the nice sleeping place and I get to my feet because I want to go up there with Mommy Daedae too. Ruff ruff!

Mommy Pani-ah hears me and smiles at me. She picks me up and puts me on the nice sleeping place next to Mommy Daedae! Yay!

I know that Mommy Daedae is not feeling well. I can feel it. I want her to feel better so I give her a lick. Licks are good at making Mommy Daedae laugh. She doesn’t laugh this time but she smiles a little so I give her another lick before I settle down next to her.

Mommy Pani-ah sits down too and pets my head with her right hand and rubs Mommy Daedae’s tummy with her left hand. She says a few things and it sounds like she’s going out. Ruff! I will stay with Mommy Daedae and protect her. Mommy Pani-ah rubs lips with Mommy Daedae and pets my head before she stands up and walks out.

Ruff ruff ruff ruff! Don’t worry, I’m here with you is what I say to Mommy Daedae and I put my head next to her arm. She hugs me a little then rolls onto her back and closes her eyes. Her hand is on my back and I know she’s falling asleep because her fingers stop scratching behind my ears. That’s when I close my eyes and go to sleep too.

Ruff. I hope we’ll both feel really good tomorrow!


by itsakyo