Ruff! Ruff! (Ginger’s scary day)

June 14, 2013 in Ruff! Ruff! by itsakyo


Annyeong! My mommies say it a lot and I think you have to say it at the start so I’ll do it too! Annyeong! Ruff!

I’m back! I’m back to tell you more about my new white chiinguu. Preence. I learnt the name already! Mommy Pani-ah says it a lot so I can remember it now. She says it so much now and she doesn’t call my name or play with me so much. She keeps on saying ‘Preence’. Preence was put up on the high place so I can’t get there on my own. But Mommy Daedae carried me once so I could see Mommy Pani-ah holding Preence’s paw.

Mommy Daedae always holds me with just one hand. I feel like I’m hanging and sometimes, I feel like I might fall, but I never do. This time, she carried me with one hand and she held that small pink thing in her other hand. She was doing what Mommy Pani-ah always does—putting that pink thing near my face—only this time, it was Preence’s face.

Mommy Pani-ah looked very happy when she held Preence’s paw. I miss her hands. I want her to carry me more. I like when she carries me. She carries me very close with two hands. One on my back, one on my butt. I like it. I feel very safe in her hands. Ruff!

“Waff!” said Preence.

“Ruff!” I reply. We said hi to each other. I wanted to play with Preence. “Ruff ruff ruff!” I said and Preence replied, “Waff waff waff!” He wanted to play too. But Mommy Daedae put me back on the floor and pushed my butt. That was a signal for me to go and play by myself. I whined but she pushed me again so I whined some more before going out to find my yellow-brown thing.

Anyway, that’s not the scary day. I want to tell you about the scary day. The day when I got stuck on a small little high white thing inside a place with this tall not-a-mommy thing that liked to sleep like me.

So, Mommy Daedae but this blue thing on me one day. It is better than the other one. This one doesn’t have the long parts so my legs get in easily. I got excited because I knew that we were going out! I like to go out a lot. There are many things to look at and even more things to smell. But this place we went to was a scary place. There were many, many, many tall mommies who were not my mommies and not-a-mommy things walking around everywhere.

Mommy Daedae didn’t stay with me. She put me on a small high white thing and went away. A few other mommies who were not my mommies came and rubbed my fur so I felt happy for a while but I wanted my mommy after that. I could see my mommy. She was sitting on the same thing I was put on and many, many mommies who were not my mommies were moving around her. They were putting things on her face and touching her hair a lot.

After a while, Mommy Daedae looked very different. But I still love my mommy. Ruff! I want my mommy! Finally, Mommy Daedae came back to me and picked me up. She held me and rubbed my fur so I was happy again. Ruff! Then, there was this thing again. This pink thing. Mommy Pani-ah was holding it and saying something to Mommy Daedae. It was too noisy so I couldn’t hear it properly. Anyway, my mommies were smiling at each other again. I always feel happy when they smile. Ruff!

Later on, I was put back on that small high white thing again. I don’t like to be on that thing. It’s too high so I dare not jump down from there and it’s too small for me to walk about. All I can do is lie down. I whine. And whine. But nobody was in the place anymore. Only that sleeping not-a-mommy thing. I don’t know why something alive doesn’t move for so long. Even if it is sleeping. Alive things should move a lot.

There was nothing to do so I lay down and put my head over so that I was comfortable. Then I closed my eyes and tried to sleep.

Where is the scary part, you ask? Right here. I was sleeping but suddenly, there was a lot of noise and many, many not-my-mommies mommies appeared. I was so scared! They moved around so fast and they were all talking so loudly. Then, I saw my mommies but they didn’t look at me. They talked to the other not-my-mommies mommies and started pulling the things on their bodies off. Then, they put on new things. What were they doing?

It was all very scary to me and it happened many times that day. So many times. i didn’t want to stay there anymore. I wanted to go home! Ruff ruff ruff! I wanted my yellow-brown thing too but it wasn’t with me. I whined. And whined. But Mommy Daedae and Mommy Pani-ah didn’t hear me. Whine.

But at last, after a long, long time, Mommy Daedae came to me. She took me down and put me back on the floor. And she gave me my yellow-brown thing! Ruff ruff ruff! I was happy again! I lay down and guarded my yellow-brown thing with my legs. My yellow-brown thing…

Mommy Daedae started rubbing my fur so I turned back to lick her hand. She always rubs me more when I lick her. Yay!

Mommy Daedae went away again after that. But this time, she didn’t go away for so long. She looked different when she came back after a while and picked me up. She put my yellow-brown thing into the thing on her shoulder and carried me with one hand. Two of my legs were hanging and swinging and sometimes I felt like I was going to fall but I did not.

We got out of the scary place and it was dark! Mommy Daedae carried me and got into the big moving thing and put me on her legs. Yay! We were going home!

And that was my scary day. Don’t you think it was scary? Ruff!


by itsakyo