Ruff! Ruff! (Ginger’s new friend)

June 7, 2013 in Ruff! Ruff! by itsakyo

Hi everyone! Ruff! I’m back to tell you a story about my mommies and I! Lately, Mommy Daedae has been putting many things on me. Different colours. Different sizes. Tight. Loose. Just nice. One of them is blue and it has these long parts that my legs have to go through.

I didn’t like it a lot but I don’t mind it so much now because I learnt that when Mommy Daedae puts something on me, it means that we’re going out! That day, she brought me out to this place with many mommies who are not my mommies after putting the blue thing on me. There were so many people! And it was so noisy! I was scared.

Luckily, Mommy Daedae carried me and Mommy Pani-ah was always near to me too. Yay! I love my mommies! Mommy Pani-ah kept on holding that thing near my face and calling my name. After a few calls, I looked when she called and she seemed to be very happy after that. She kept on looking and poking the thing with her fingers. She was also laughing the whole time.

Then, Mommy Daedae started rubbing her lips on me again. And Mommy Pani-ah had that thing in my face again. My mommies like to do that a lot. But it’s okay. I like it when Mommy Daedae rubs her lips on me. Ruff!

A lot of mommies who are not my mommies wanted to touch me. But I was scared. Mommy Daedae kept on saying one word to them. Shy. And they laughed a lot. In the end, Mommy Daedae put me on the floor but I didn’t dare to run around. I stayed near Mommy Daedae. She was sitting on this tall thing so I sat under it. I was safe there, behind her legs. Ruff!

Later on, we went home and Mommy Daedae started talking to me on the soft, furry floor. She said something like chiinguu and Mommy Pani-ah said the same thing too. Suddenly, my mommies became very excited and kept on smiling. They smiled and smiled and ended up rubbing lips again. My mommies really love to rub their lips together. Hee hee! I like it too! But they ended up falling onto the big soft place again so I didn’t like it so much. They make scary sounds when they are on it together.

Anyway, I didn’t know what chiinguu was but I do now. Do you want to know why? Ruff! I’ll tell you!

A few days after that, Mommy Pani-ah came home with a big thing in her hands. I was excited so I jumped around her and said, “Ruff! Ruff!” I wanted her to open the thing so that I could see what was inside.

She put it on the floor and I ran to it to smell it. Besides Mommy Pani-ah’s smell, there were many other smells that I didn’t recognize so I felt even  curiosier!  And I smelt a special smell. A smell that mommies don’t have. Ruff! Ruff! Ruff!

Then I heard a very soft waff. Waff! Waff!

I answered happily, “Ruff ruff!”

My mommies hugged and stood together. They were smiling at me. They looked very happy. But I wanted to see what was inside! “Ruff!” I said to them.

Mommy Pani-ah opened the thing and took a small white thing out. I knew what it was! It was a friend! I had many friends in my old home but now there’s one here too!

“Chiinguu,” said Mommy Daedae and she picked me up. So this is a chiinguu? She brought me near to the white chiinguu that was in Mommy Pani-ah’s hands and they held us up.

I looked at the white chiinguu curiously. I wanted to lick it. I wanted to play with it too. Ruff!

“Ginger, meet Preence Flaaffii,” said Mommy Pani-ah. “Preence Flaaffii.”

“Ruff!” I said to her. I didn’t know what she was trying to tell me.

“Preence.” Mommy Pani-ah tried again and pointed at the white chiinguu.

“Ruff!” I still didn’t know what she was saying but I wanted to play so I started to move about in Mommy Daedae’s hands and she put me on the floor again.

Then, Mommy Daedae started to take out many things. Many, many things. And Mommy Pani-ah put the white chiinguu very high up so I couldn’t see what they were doing. Ruff! My mommies were standing very close and they kept on smiling at each other. It looked like they weren’t going to play with me so I decided to look for my yellow-brown thing after that. I wanted to play!

I didn’t get to see the white chiinguu anymore that day but I got to see more the next day! Ruff! I’ll tell you all about it next time!


by itsakyo