Ruff! Ruff! (Ginger’s Mommy Pani-ah’s dinner)

January 8, 2014 in Ruff! Ruff! by itsakyo

Ruff ruff! Hee hee! Hello, it’s me! Ginger! Do you still remember me? I went away to stay with Mommy Daedae’s oppa for a long time. But I’m back and I have many stories to tell you! Ruff!

Living with oppa is fun but I miss Mommy Daedae and Mommy Pani-ah very much. I also miss my chiinguu. Living with oppa is fun because oppa taught me many things. I learnt how to raise my right and left paw but sometimes, I get bored when I have to raise them too many times.

One time, oppa came back home with Mommy Daedae and I was so happy! Then, oppa squeezed the yellow round thing that makes a funny noise and asked me to raise my paws. I did as he told twice then I didn’t want to anymore. Mommy Daedae sounded happy too! Yay! She hugged and played with me a lot that day. Ruff!

Just like how she hugged and played with me one time on the big soft place. Mommy Pani-ah was there too! And Mommy Daedae kept rubbing me and rubbing her lips on me. I was very happy! We played for a while until Mommy Daedae put me back on the floor. Mommy Pani-ah said something and they giggled.

I don’t know why they always giggle after Mommy Pani-ah says that thing. And after they giggle, they will throw soft things on the floor and make funny sounds. I wonder what game they’re playing. I want to play too! Mommy Pani-ah is always very loud when they start playing on the big soft place. She is so loud that I can hear her from my soft, furry floor.

But after that, I stayed with oppa for a long time until Mommy Daedae brought me back home! There was something new at home! A big, big and very tall green thing! And it had many colourful things on it and more things underneath! It looked very nice and I had fun running around it. Hee hee.

Then, one day, Mommy Daedae gave me a great surprise! Mommy Daedae brought me out and we met my nuuna! They put us together and kept calling our names. I asked nuuna if she wanted to play with me but she said no. Then, we went home. Whine.

But it was okay! Because my chiinguu was at home waiting for me. My kaechiinguu. Mommy Daedae keeps calling us kaechiinguu so that must mean we are friends. Yay! I like my chiinguu. He is white and smaller than me. But he talks a lot and keeps calling our mommies. He is very loud too. Just like Mommy Pani-ah. I don’t know who is louder. Maybe Mommy Pani-ah. Because sometimes, chiinguu will be too loud and Mommy Pani-ah will scold him. Then, he will be quiet for a while.

Anyway, today has been a sort of bad day. Mommy Pani-ah was in the food place when Mommy Daedae came home. I was waiting for Mommy Daedae to come home so that I could have my dinner so I was extra happy when she came back. But Mommy Daedae didn’t give me my dinner. It was Mommy Pani-ah. She brought my dinner out from the food place and gave it to me. Yay!

I went to my food and sniffed. Whine. It smelt bad. It smelt really bad and I didn’t want to eat it so I went to the food place to look for my mommy. I found both of them there, lying on the table. My mommies are so funny. Why aren’t they lying on the big soft place? It’s a lot more comfortable there! Ruff! Ruff!

Mommy Daedae heard me and turned to look at me. “Ya! Ginger, go outside and play,” she said to me. I looked at her, still wondering why she was on the table with Mommy Pani-ah. A few soft colourful things were on the floor again. My mommies really like to throw their things around. Ruff.

“Ruff! Ruff!” I said to Mommy Daedae. I wanted dinner that I could eat! Not dinner that smelt bad! Ruff!

But she didn’t seem to be listening after that and Mommy Pani-ah was starting to make weird noises that were growing louder louder and louder so I went back to my food and sniffed it one more time. No. It still smelt bad. Whine. Mommy Pani-ah was calling Mommy Daedae really loudly now. I knew then that they were too busy playing with each other to give me food so I lay down and put my head on the floor. Whine.

It took a long time before my mommies came out from the kitchen. Mommy Daedae came to me and rubbed my body.

“Ginger-yah…aren’t you hungry?”


Mommy Daedae picked up my food and i heard her sniffing it. Maybe now she’d know my problem. It looked like she did because she made a really bad noise and brought my dinner straight into the food place. I lifted my head and pricked my ears. There was hope for my dinner!

A while later, Mommy Daedae came back out and with food! Yay! And Mommy Pani-ah carried me to the table they put all their food on. Ruff! I want food too! I put my paws on the table and stood up on my hind legs to look at the food. Where’s my food? Ruff!

Mommy Daedae picked me up and put me back on the floor. Yay! My food! I ran to it and sniffed. Ruff! Ruff! It smelt nice! And I was happy again. Hee. And that’s the end of my story for today. I hope your dinner smells good too!


by itsakyo