Ruff! Ruff! (Ginger’s Mommy Daedae is back!)

June 24, 2013 in Ruff! Ruff! by itsakyo

Hello! Annyeong! I’m here again. I’m very happy today because my mommy came back! Which mommy you ask? Mommy Daedae of course! Ruff! She’s my mommy and I love her a lot. She went away for a long time. So I missed her very much. Before she left, she played with me a lot more. She even let me play with her green round thing!

I wasn’t sure if I could at first because she scolded me the last time I played with it. But this time, she put it in front of me. Right between my legs! So I looked at it. Then I looked at her. She looked happy. She had a smile and her voice was soft, not like her voice when she scolds me. I looked at it for a little longer before I decided that it was safe to play. So I touched it with my paw. Mommy Daedae was still smiling! Ruff!

Yay! I could play with the green round thing! I pushed it with my paw and it rolled! Yay! So I chased after it. Mommy Daedae was sitting on the soft, furry floor and I could hear her laughing. Her laugh sounds very low sometimes. That’s how I know that she is really happy.

I chased the green round thing round and round until I was tired of it rolling away from me. So I jumped and grabbed it with my paws. Ruff ruff! I caught it! I rolled onto my back and held on to the green round thing with my paws. It’s mine!

Then, I saw Mommy Daedae with her thing again. She held it in front of me and it made a funny noise when she touched it. She always does it when she plays with me. Then she’ll look at it and laugh again. I wonder why? And when she does that, she will call my name too. So I will look at her but sometimes, I will look at that thing in her hands because I’m curious. I want to know what it is!

But Mommy Daedae went away for a very, very long time this time. I missed her very much. Each time I went to sleep, I would hope to smell her again after waking up but I didn’t. Until day! I smelt her when I woke up today!

Today, I was sleeping and dreaming of the green round thing when I thought I heard a noise. I thought I was still dreaming but then, I smelt her! Mommy Daedae! When I opened my eyes, she was in front of me! She was lying on the soft, furry floor beside me! Yay! And she was holding that thing again. But this time, there was no funny noise when she touched it. And she kept on holding it in one hand.

Usually, she would touch it then put it down but this time, she held it for a longer time. I looked at it for a bit and decided to get up to smell Mommy Daedae’s hand. She said something to me but I couldn’t understand it. But it’s okay. I was happy because I could lick her hand. Ruff! She let me lick her hand and rubbed my head too. Ruff!

Then, I smelt something else. It was Mommy Pani-ah and something else. Preence! My chiinguu! Ruff! Ruff ruff!

“Waff!” my chiinguu replied me. My chiinguu was very happy to come back too! Mommy Pani-ah was holding him on her shoulder. Then, Mommy Daedae picked me up and followed Mommy Pani-ah into the room with the great, big, soft, white thing. The one that they like to make scary noises on.

Mommy Pani-ah sat down on the bed and put my chiinguu on it. I wanted to be put on it too! But Mommy Daedae carried me. The brown thing with eyes was on it too. It always just lies there without moving. But it’s not alive, so it’s okay.

Then I saw it again! My yellow-brown thing! I couldn’t find it for a long time. I had been looking for it. Mommy Pani-ah just took it out and put it next to Preence! Ruff! My yellow-brown thing! I want to play with it! But Mommy Daedae put me down on the floor and I ran around her legs, trying to get her to put me up there with Preence and my yellow-brown thing.

Then, something fell on my head. I don’t know why but things always fall on my head when I’m in here. Luckily, it’s very soft and I’ve learnt not to be afraid of it. I shook my head and found my way out. Ruff! When I got out from under that thing, there were more of them on the floor. I thought they were going to make scary noises again but this time, they didn’t. All they did was talk. And rub lips a little. Then, they went into the water place but they didn’t let me follow them in. Whine.

I sniffed at the tall brown thing and tried to push it with my paw. I knew that it wouldn’t move but I tried anyway. Whine. I wanted to go into the water place. But I knew that Mommy Daedae didn’t want me to go in so I decided to go back to my green round thing. I knew that Mommy Daedae would come out and play me later. Yay!

So I said, “Ruff ruff ruff!” to my chiinguu. I told him that I was going outside to play.

“Waff!” he replied. He was going to take a nap beside the brown thing with eyes.

We were both very happy that our mommies were back! Ruff!


by itsakyo