Ruff! Ruff! (Ginger’s day with TaeNy Part 3)

May 30, 2013 in Ruff! Ruff! by itsakyo

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Ruff! I’m back from dinner! We went out to eat today. Yay! Mommy Pani-ah carried me and Mommy Daedae was beside us in this big moving thing. It’s the same big moving thing that I first saw after leaving my old home. And it’s always Mommy Pani-ah who carries me when we’re in it. Mommy Daedae is always so busy doing something with that round thing that she doesn’t have time to play with me. But when we stop moving for a while, she will smile at me and pat my head. Hee hee!

I like to look outside of the moving thing because there are many other moving things around us. They move very fast but not all the time. Sometimes they move very slowly. And we keep on stopping. I don’t know why we keep on stopping. We stopped again but this time, my mommies opened the door. Ruff! We were finally getting out.

My mommies walked together and kept talking. They spoke very fast so I can’t remember everything they said but they giggled after Mommy Daedae said ‘dateu’. What is a dateu? Can I eat it? Or play with it? Whatever it is, I hope I can have it too. It sounds like fun!

My mommies walked into this place that smelt really good. Ruff! I wanted my mommies to know that I was hungry and smelling all these smells was getting me excited and even hungrier. Mommy Pani-ah laughed a bit and rubbed behind my ears for a bit as a tall thing walked to us and started talking to my mommies. This tall thing was all black and white and my mommies followed this thing inside.

The tall thing said something to my mommies and patted my head. I think he said table. I’ve heard my mommies saying it before but I’m not very sure what it is. Could it be this thing with many things on it? If it is, then I like tables. Tables are so much fun. There are so many things on it to play with! But Mommy Pani-ah was carrying me so I couldn’t reach any of the play things. I whined.

The tall thing came back with two things in his hands. He said something then my mommies said something too. Teee. I know what teee is. My mommies say it a lot at home. It’s like water but my mommies have never let me drink it before. I whined when the tall thing brought the teee. I wanted to drink it but Mommy Pani-ah wouldn’t let me.

Mommy Daedae said something to Mommy Pani-ah and I was held up high over the table to the other side. New hands held me. It was Mommy Daedae. She brought me near to her face and I licked her. She laughed a bit and rubbed my fur. I licked her again because I liked it. And I was going to lick her again but I smelt something good. It was my food! Ruff!

Mommy Daedae fed me dinner and I ate it all up very quickly. Hee hee! I’m a hungry baby. Ruff! Then, Mommy Daedae rubbed my mouth with a soft, soft thing that smelt nice. After my mouth was rubbed, she held me close to her mouth. Mommy Pani-ah was holding this thing that she looks at a lot and sometimes talks to. That’s when Mommy Daedae rubbed her lips on my mouth.

I wondered what Mommy Pani-ah was doing with that thing. She was holding that thing closer to us now. “Ginger,” she was calling me but I was looking at my food thing so I didn’t look at her.

Anyway, I think I’m supposed to tell you what happened to me before sleeping time. I still remember it so well. Whine. I was on the soft, furry floor and about to fall asleep. Suddenly, Mommy Daedae picked me up. I was very sleepy so I didn’t know what was happening. Then I saw the long green thing that I played with. The round things with eyes weren’t in it. Where had they gone? Mommy Daedae wasn’t happy because I played with one of them. Whine.

Mommy Daedae put me into the long green thing and starting pulling something up. It made a weird sound and I got frightened. What was Mommy Daedae doing to me? I whined but she kept on pulling the thing that made that weird, scary sound. I wanted to run away but Mommy Daedae didn’t let me go anywhere. Oh no! The scary sound thing was up to my neck now and my whole body was inside the long green thing! I couldn’t move! I couldn’t run! Why was Mommy Daedae doing this to me? Was it because I played with the round thing?

I whined and whined but Mommy Daedae didn’t let me out. She was laughing a little! Why was she laughing? Then, she came very close to me and rubbed her lips on my head. Ruff! Let me out! Ruff! Let me go! Whine. I looked at my yellow-brown thing that was near me. I wished that it could help me to get out of this long green thing. But it couldn’t. Whine.

Mommy Daedae stopped rubbing her lips on me and started to pull the scary sound thing down. It still made the scary sound but it was okay this time because I could come out of it. Yay! Mommy Daedae picked me up and put me back on the soft, furry floor. I looked at her for a while because I wanted to run away as fast as I could if she tried to do it again but she didn’t. So, I could finally lie down to sleep. Phew!

And that’s my day with my two mommies! Many things happened right? But I like it. And I love my mommies. Ruff!


the last part of this shot is done up in a joint ‘project’ of sorts with soshikeychain who has done the fanart in media

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by itsakyo