Ruff! Ruff! (Ginger’s date with Mommy Daedae)

June 28, 2013 in Ruff! Ruff! by itsakyo

Ruff! Ruff! How are you? Did you have a good day like me? I had a feeling that today was going to be a good day from the moment I woke up. And it was!

It all started from the morning. Mommy Pani-ah came out from the scary noises place. She always sleeps in there with Mommy Daedae. I know because I can smell them all over the big soft white thing in the place. Then, she went into the food place. I love going into the food place as much as the water place. Maybe even more. The food place has so many smells! And so much food! I know that all my food is in there. But it’s too high for me to reach.

Sometimes, I wish I were bigger like the bigger chiinguus that I see when I go out. If I were bigger like them, maybe I could jump up and get my food. But Mommy Daedae always feeds me well so I’m happy.

Anyway, after a while, I could smell something really nice. I remember the smell. Mommy Pani-ah makes it quite often. I even know the name! She calls it toestteu. She put them on the table and went back into the scary noises place. I followed her in and saw Mommy Daedae lying on the big soft white thing. Her hand was hanging from it so I went over and licked it. Gudmorning Mommy Daedae!

Mommy Pani-ah called Mommy Daedae a few times and Mommy Daedae made some funny noises. I think, she didn’t want to wake up. I wagged my tail when Mommy Daedae finally sat up! Yay! Now Mommy Daedae can play with me.

Mommy Daedae always looks different when she wakes up. Her hair covers her face and her eyes are only open a bit. Her face also looks a bit rounder. But I know it’s Mommy Daedae because she smells the same! I wagged my tail and looked up at her.

“Gudmorning Ginger,” she said to me.

“Ruff!” I said gudmorning too.

She smiled and petted my head before going into the water place. I’ve learnt that I shouldn’t go in unless they bring me in so I go back outside. After a while, she came out and called me again. “Ginger! Eeeluwaa!”

I’ve learnt that it means to go to her so I run to her. She picked me up and hugged me and rubbed her lips on me. She smelt very nice. Mommy Daedae’s smell is very nice. Then, she gave me my food! Yay!

Anyway, I knew that it was going to be a good day because Mommy Daedae was talking to Mommy Pani-ah and I heard two happy words—dateu and Ginger. I knew what it meant because Mommy Daedae and Mommy Pani-ah always go out when they say dateu. So I was sure that Mommy Daedae was going to bring me out today! Ruff!

I got really excited when Mommy Daedae changed the things on her body. That meant that she was going out! But she didn’t bring me out. Whine. She went out without me. I whined at the door for a while until Mommy Pani-ah hugged me and said something about Mommy Daedae.

I felt a little happier after that and went back to my soft, furry floor to lie down. I was so sure that Mommy Daedae was going to bring me out! I guess I was wrong. So I lay down on my tummy and put my head on the soft, furry floor. There was nothing to do.


It was a long time before Mommy Daedae came back. I had eaten two more times before she came back. But when she came back, she came straight to me and rubbed my fur. I got excited again and wagged my tail. Were we going out? She picked me up and went into the scary noises place. Then, she opened the thing that had the things that she puts on me when we go out! Yay! We were going out!

She took out a white thing with black spots. She has so many different ones. And after she put it on me, she said, “Ginger yaa…dateu! Kaajaa.” I wagged my tail and ran to the tall brown thing outside. I couldn’t wait to go out!

She opened it and stepped out. I followed her closely. She always uses her nice voice when I follow close to her so I know that she wants me to do that. I followed her into the small place that moves up and down. She pressed something on it and it lit up. Then I could feel the whole place going down. I didn’t like it so much the first few times but now, I’m used to it so it’s okay. Anyway, I like it because it brings me out! When the tall thing opens, we’re out!

It was dark outside. I wanted to run around but I followed Mommy Daedae. She stopped walking after some time. I guess this was where she was going to play with me! I sat on the floor and looked around. It was dark and quiet.

“Ginger!” she called me and made some noises. She always makes those noises when she wants me to look at her or do something. So I looked up at her and she was holding that thing again. Why is she always holding that thing when she plays with me?

I got up and walked to her. Then, she stepped away from me and said, “Anjorr.”

She had been teaching me that word for some time now. I know what it means and I knew that she would be happy if I did it. So I sat down immediately. And she called me, “Ooik!” so I looked up and she moved that thing really near to my face. I looked at it for a bit and was about to look away but Mommy Daedae said something in a funny voice. That voice means that she’s happy.

Then, Mommy Daedae started to walk again so I followed her. She walked to these things that went higher and higher a bit at a time. She walked up one of them and sat down. I tried to follow her but I couldn’t. It was too high for me. I put my paws up on one and looked at Mommy Daedae. She was calling me and asking me to go to her.

I stood on my hind legs and tried to jump up on it but my body hit the side and I slipped off it instead. I tried to stop myself from slipping down but it didn’t work. I was back on the floor on my hind legs. Mommy Daedae didn’t give up. She kept on calling me. “Ginger…eeeluwaa!” she said and made a lot more noises, asking me to go to her.

This was fun! It was a challenge! I like challenges. Yay! So I kept on trying. I had to push harder to get up there. So I bent myself a little bit more and pushed my hind legs harder than before. I jumped. “Juuump!” said Mommy Daedae. She sounded really happy! I was excited too! I had successfully jumped and scrambled onto it! Yay! I ran straight to Mommy Daedae and jumped at her. I put my front paws on her but she was too tall so I couldn’t lick her face. Mommy Daedae! I jumped it! Yay!

After that, we played and walked around for a bit more before going back home. And that was my dateu with Mommy Daedae! It was fun! Ruff!


by itsakyo