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really short and random drabble
It is on days like this that Yuri wonders why she stays. 
When Tiffany smiles, Yuri knows why she stays. When Tiffany laughes and jokes around, Yuri knows why she stays. When Tiffany looks at her like that – Yuri knows why she stays. 
She enjoys Tiffany’s company, likes it when they pretend to argue over movies, loves it when they spend hours talking about things Yuri wouldn’t have dared broach with anyone else. Sometimes Tiffany seems like the only person in the world who can understand her.
Which, perhaps, is true. Who else can Yuri go to and rant at without feeling guilty? There’s no one else she can be as honest with, no one else with whom she can shut down her filter and just let the words and thoughts come. 
Tiffany is the only one, and that’s why Yuri stays. She stays because there’s always fun, contentment and, most importantly, there is always understanding.
Except on days like this. Except on days when Tiffany seems to morph – violently – into someone else. 
Hey you ok?
Wtf what kind of question is that
Idk you sound very down
What? Am I not allowed to sound like this?
I didn’t say that D:
Then what are you saying
Nothing, just trying to cheer you up
You’re always like this ide SHUT THE EFF UP I BEG YOU
Yuri sighs. On days like this, what else can she do but stay silent and hope the storm passes by? Throwing the words back won’t help, so she swallows the hurt, ignores the confusion – because what did she do wrong? – and sits it out.
On days like this, Yuri wonders why she ever thought they understood each other. Why did she ever want to stay here, with this crazy girl? It doesn’t make sense. Not at all. 
But Yuri stays. Though it’s illogical and stupid, she figures that if Tiffany can be insane, then so can she.