April 7, 2013 in lau0601, what should be by lau0601

Yuri was tired of waiting.

She was tired of being patient, tired of being understanding. Who wouldn’t be? If someone were to agree on meeting somewhere at a certain time, one would expect them to be there, right?

Not so with Tiffany. Yuri had given up counting how many times Tiffany was late. It was every time, anyway. And, really, it wasn’t the lateness that was the problem, it was the fact that Tiffany would run up, smiling apologetically, say sorry, and then expect Yuri to forgive her, just like that.

And the stupid thing was, Yuri did. Every time.

She would take a deep breath, trying to still her annoyance, and then force a smile. She told herself it wasn’t fair to be angry; Tiffany was just naturally bad with time management. And Yuri would tell her it was okay and joke around, pretending that she had forgotten about it.

Of course, the next time, Yuri would once again be early, expecting somehow, that Tiffany would miraculously be on time. Or just a minute late. And every single time, Yuri would be disappointed. She would curse her own stupidity and vow to never let this happen again – but when Tiffany would finally arrive, her eyes wide, the ridiculous cycle would start, again. And again.

And again.

Oh, and it wasn’t just this. Assignments that Tiffany wanted some editing for and yet took forever to email to Yuri, making Yuri stay up late the night before to make the changes; texts with frantic emoticons and harebrained questions that Yuri scrambled to answer – and then no reply would come, for hours. It drove Yuri crazy, Yuri who prided herself on being quick, efficient, early-is-better-than-on-time.

Yuri was tired of waiting. Tired of picking up after Tiffany, tired of dropping hints – hints – everywhere and waiting for Tiffany’s reaction. Tired of trying to figure out her feelings, not to mention Tiffany’s. What were they? How many times had she tried to ask that, and how long had she waited to hear Tiffany’s answer? For how much longer her heart could wait, Yuri wasn’t sure. Not anymore.


Yuri turned around to see Tiffany rushing towards her, hair flying and eyes anxious.

“I’m so sorry, I woke up late,” said Tiffany, looking up at her, with that look. That look!

Yeah, Yuri was tired of waiting. She had had enough. But somehow, she couldn’t stop, couldn’t bring herself to stop.

She was tired, but she would always be waiting.