Possession Chapter 8 – Proverbs 2:18-19

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Reader Discretion: Possession will contain violence, profanity, gore, sexual themes and coarse language.

Chapter 8 – Proverbs 2:18-19

Jessica peered out the window of her bedroom and felt invigorated by the sight of the California sky and the glowing sun. She didn’t like the rain, so this was a nice change from the storm that had reigned over the city.

Still, she remembered the clouds from earlier in the morning when she had walked home from the Johnson’s house where Tiffany lived. The weather had changed completely from what was last in her memory, but maybe a miracle had happened; maybe this was God smiling down on the city.

She headed for the bathroom to prepare for the day, and after, dressed for a day out in the city. For most of the weekend she was cooped up indoors, and she wanted to do something that didn’t involve staying in.

She checked her phone for messages, but surprisingly her inbox was empty. She headed to the kitchen and poured herself a glass of apple juice from the fridge. As she sipped the sweet beverage, she thought back on what had transpired the night before with Tiffany.

Her behaviour yesterday was impulsive and dangerous, but she couldn’t help herself. Tiffany had always been able to break through her defenses from time to time, but yesterday the flood gates had opened. She wondered if one slip up was okay, and whether or not God would judge her as a sinner if she were to find herself before him. What she felt for Tiffany was love, albeit forbidden, but it was still her heart longing for someone that wasn’t of her own flesh and blood – and it was beautiful. She wondered if God felt the same.

Dialing Tiffany’s number, she wondered whether the alluring goth  would be interested in spending a day outdoors.

She heard a feminine voice on the other line, but it wasn’t Tiffany.

‘The number you have dialled is out of service. Please try again later.’

Looking at her phone, she saw four bars of reception, but maybe it was a sign that they needed a bit of space. So she dialled Seohyun, a girl that she had not seen for days.

Again: ‘The number you have dialled is out of service. Please try again later.’

Jessica tilted her head in confusion, and decided to call others: people from her Christian fellowship groups, friends, and even family. The response was always the same.

She checked again, and her phone showed 4 bars of service.

Jessica pondered the possibility that her phone could be broken, so she used her home phone line. She got the same message, again.

The more she dialled, the more a strange feeling crept up on her, and her instincts told her that something was very wrong. She headed to her roommate’s room, knocked on the door and called out to her: “Hyoyeon, are you there?”

No reply.

Normally, Jessica would think her roomie would be outside enjoying the weather, but she was no longer so sure. She headed back to her room to peer out at the city in the sunlight, searching for signs of life.

Nothing. Not even a car driving on the street or a bird flying in the sky.

Jessica got dressed, and headed out of her dorm to investigate. The halls were empty, devoid of noise or movement.

“Hello?!” Jessica yelled. “Is anyone around?!”

Jessica could feel goosebumps form on her skin as she heard her voice echo in the hall. She knocked on all the doors of the apartments down the hall, banging furiously, so much that her knuckles felt swollen by the end of it.

She waited. Waited far longer than she should need to, but nobody opened their doors.

Pinching herself, she felt a familiar surge of pain, and knew that this was not a dream. She gingerly made her way down the apartment to the lobby, seeking souls, but found none.  Calling out again, she knew now that there would be no answer.

She wondered if this was some elaborate joke. Was she being fooled by frat boys?

Jessica roamed outside of the dorm, and started walking towards the university. Surely, at any moment she would find someone, anyone that could make her feel less fear, but it only grew with each step.

Constantly looking all around her, her eyes itched for the slightest movement, the slightest breeze, but the world was still.

She entered one of the student buildings, but didn’t bother to call-out. She wondered whether it even mattered. She continued onward, toward the school cafeteria deeper into the building, and saw row upon row of empty tables and restaurants to greet her; oddly, there was food at the stations, but no people to serve it.

This wasn’t a prank. Jessica knew that this was something else entirely.

Her heart raced, out of fear and anxiety. She knew that the slightest sound would horrify her because it was so deathly quiet, but it would also be relieving to know that she was not alone. She hoped for a scare, for a scream, or an eerie whisper, anything to end the silence. The only sound that might console her was the sound of her steps, but they echoed as she got deeper and deeper into the building.

She walked around the eerie campus, searching, going into classrooms, libraries, and computer labs, and she knew that she was very much alone.

She wondered what had happened, and whether this was a punishment for the sin that she had committed. Was God punishing her? Was this hell? Or some form of judgment?

With all hope lost, she sat on the steps of the Arts building and tried to calm herself down. There had to be a logical explanation for this:  it needed to make sense, but it didn’t.

She closed her eyes and prayed for a savior, for guidance from God. Opening her eyes, it was like her prayer had been answered. She saw a figure in the distance: a person; someone moving amongst the sea of stillness that Turlock had become.

Jessica was never a good runner, but she sprinted towards the figure with all her might, crying out to them as she got closer.

The figure seemed to take note of her existence and started running away from Jessica as she neared.

Jessica followed her down streets littered with cars but with no people. The figure then made a sharp turn into an alleyway with amazing dexterity. Jessica followed, avoiding the trash cans and dumpsters that littered the enclosed space. She came out  the other side, out of breath. She stopped.

So did the figure.

However, she was no longer so hard to see. Jessica squinted her eyes, and saw the long black hair and pale skin, the leather rocker jacket with the converse sneakers. She knew who it was.

“Tiffany, get your butt over here!” she shouted.

Tiffany didn’t acknowledge her.

Jessica started walking towards her, but Tiffany continued in the opposite direction. It was becoming clear to Jessica that Tiffany was taking her somewhere, and after another city block she could see what it was.

Turlock’s largest church – a replica of Notre Dame.

Tiffany stood at the open gates, and waved Jessica forward. Needless to say, Jessica was hesitant because she knew Tiffany wasn’t the type to do this to her, to lead her on a wild goose chase to a Church of all places.

Nonetheless, what other alternative did she have? The city was just as dead as the school, and she was beginning to realize that the world she was in now wasn’t the world that she had been in when she had fallen asleep hours ago.

She approached Tiffany, who no longer avoided her. The girl looked almost identical to how she remembered her, beautiful and mystifying, yet something was off.

“What’s going on? Tiffany, what’s happening?”

Tiffany didn’t answer, but guided her silently into the church. They walked down the front of the nave, until they were before the altar of worship. Before Christ, and his cross.

“What are we doing here?” she asked.

Tiffany finally showed some emotion. She grinned, but in a seductive manner that made Jessica feel slightly uncomfortable.

“What we did last night,” she replied.

Tiffany started to take off her clothes, starting with her jacket. Jessica could only watch, as the girl bared herself in the holiest of places. Jessica didn’t know what all of this was, whether this was some sick fantasy of hers, but Tiffany Hwang would never do that.

“Who are you?”

“Tiffany.” She stepped forward, assertively.

Jessica backed off, feeling vulnerable. “You’re not Tiffany.” She looked like her, but Jessica felt fear not love.

Tiffany came at her, backing Jessica’s back into a pillar. She didn’t know what to do. She was caught off guard. Tiffany pinned Jessica against the pillar. “I’ll prove it to you.”

Tiffany leaned in for a kiss, but Jessica tried to fight her off. Unfortunately, Tiffany was oddly strong, and she was easily overpowered.

The kiss was passionate, and Jessica could feel a familiar warmth inside of her. She lusted for Tiffany, as she had done last night, but she knew this wasn’t her.

She pushed her away with all her might and slapped Tiffany across the face, a loud echo of the hit sounding in the church.

Tiffany put a hand to her cheek and grinned. Right before her eyes, Jessica watched as the person in front of her began to change forms. Now there was a naked and pale woman with red hair standing in front of her, grinning devilishly yet seductively.

Jessica realized that this was no longer an act of God.

“Who are you?”

Jessica waited for an answer, but what she heard instead was the loud roar of thunder. She eyed the window above the woman, and could see the rays of the sun being blotted out by ominous grey clouds that she had remembered from the storm. Rain started to pour furiously against the roof and it could be heard inside. The wind howled as it crashed against the windows and the walls of the church that she had always felt so safe in.

The woman smiled.


Proverbs 2:18-19

For her house sinks down to death
and her ways to the land of the departed spirits.
None return who go to her;
none reach the paths of life.