Possession Chapter 7 – The Book

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Reader Discretion: Possession will contain violence, profanity, gore, sexual themes and coarse language.

Chapter 7 – The Book

Mason Lucas found himself with a knife in his hand and a fork in the other. It had been ages since anyone had given him anything remotely sharp.

“Enjoying your food?”

Mason stared up at an older gentleman by the doorway that interrupted his feast of steak, roast chicken and potatoes. He was greyed in the mane with a matching beard. He wore a robe like all the other people he had encountered in these underground halls. He approached Mason without a single hesitation in his step.

Mason examined his eyes and saw that they were full of life, but they lacked the type of monstrosity that he had in his own irises. He looked like a sheep and Mason was a wolf, but the killer reminded himself that he was still several dozen feet underground surrounded by men that had at least saved him from certain death. Now, they treated him to food and were more than hospitable. He was their guest, and at the very least, he should maintain his manners.

“Yes, it’s delicious.”

The man took a seat at the bench opposite of Mason, and grabbed a bowl of bread that had been left untouched by the newly freed man.

“Not a big fan of bread, are we?”

Mason grinned. “I’ve never liked bread.”

He let out a cackling laugh. “Mason, bread is the holiest of foods. I mean for god’s sake, we eat it at communion.”

“Just because god likes it doesn’t mean I have to like it.”

The older gentleman smiled, tossing the bread away. “I don’t like bread either.”

Mason put down his fork and knife, and wiped his mouth clean. “So what is it that you guys want from me?”

“My name’s Arthur. And we want you,” he paused, “to be you. We know you believe in one force in this world. One god. We are believers too.”

Mason remained emotionless. “And what god would that be?”


“Arthur, how many men have you killed?”


“And you claim death as your god?”

“Well, murders are a bit too tame for us. Our cult, we believe in death but on a much grander scale.”

Arthur finally caught Mason’s attention. “How grand are we talking?”

“The end of all things, Mason. The apocalypse.”

Mason uncharacteristically belted out a laugh, grinning with a devilish smile that raised the hairs on Arthur’s body. “The apocalypse? You mean the four horsemen running around, plagues, demons, and all that horse shit?”

Arthur shook his head. “God is real, Mason. Demons and Angels, they’re real.”

“I think you’ve had a bit too much wine, Arthur.”

The hooded man put his hand on Mason’s shoulder, and felt his turquoise eyes change shapes into hostility. “Come with me. We’ll show you.”

Arthur got up from the dining table, and Mason followed as they headed down another series of underground tunnels, until they reached a heavy iron door with a latch locked across. Helping Arthur lift the latch, Mason could hear the sound of chanting beyond the walls. Once opened, he followed Arthur into a large room where there were dozens of robed figures chanting maniacally, and the familiar bull-horns on the goat’s mask that he had seen when he had first arrived. The figure towered above the rest of them. Arthur guided him around the circle of robed figures, so that he could see into the center of the circle that they had created. Then he saw it, a naked girl with black hair and a slight tan.

“What is this, Arthur?”

“Just watch.”

The chanting continued, and Mason noticed the bull-horned man holding a middle-aged man in an orange jumpsuit by the collar. It was the same jumpsuit that Mason had been wearing on his way to St. Lucia’s. The man was a convict, just like him. Mason saw the large blade in the man’s hand, and he watched as he took it under the convict’s neck, slitting his throat from ear-to-ear. It was a scene that the killer was familiar with, and the blood-flow made his insides burst with excitement. It was stimulating, but what he saw next mesmerized him even more.

The naked girl in the center was being pulled up into the air by an invisible force that defied logic. Pretty soon he watched as the girl spread her arms open, like she was being crucified, and she let out a blood curdling cry of pain before a strong gust of wind gathered all around her. Mason could feel his nerves rush at the sight. Something supernatural was happening in front of him, and he knew it would change his life forever.

Immediately, the candles in the room went dark, and the room was hushed.

Mason’s eyes saw a single candle being lit by the man in the middle with the goat’s mask. The girl was standing, upright, and postured. Though she was covered in blood, Mason could sense a sheep when he saw one – and she was no longer a sheep.

“What did you do to her?”

Arthur grinned. “It’s not what we did, but who.”

Mason looked at Arthur, completely awe-struck by the entire thing. “What is it that you want me to do?”


Tiffany already found herself longing for Jessica after their one passionate night. She didn’t think she was the clingy type, but she couldn’t get the girl out of her head. Picking up her phone, she let out a grunt of frustration upon seeing that there was no reception. She tossed the phone onto her bed, and burrowed herself into the warm sheets that still had Jessica’s wonderful smell. Then, a shocking realization hit her like a subway train.

“Fuck me!” she screamed into the sheets. “I’ve become a clingy girlfriend!”

Lifting her head out of the sheets, she went over to her laptop and decided to kill some time by surfing the web. Going through her school’s website, she grinned seeing the class cancellations, but noticed a very interesting photo on one of the banners that read:

‘The Excelsior Club Spotlight! Seo Joo Hyun’

It was the girl from her dream: the girl in the library that had been stalked by Mason Lucas. She clicked the link without a second thought, and scrolled through the interview that they had with her. A top honors student in her second year, she was incredibly interesting for someone so young. She was beautiful, with an innocent look to match an angelic academic record.

‘What would Mason Lucas want with her?’ she wondered.

She googled the name Mason Lucas, and found local news reports that re-iterated the fact that Mason Lucas had arrived in St. Lucia’s penitentiary as scheduled. All the big news networks simply sourced the article and copied the photograph of the convict, but something seemed off to her.

She quickly went onto Facebook and searched up Seo Joo Hyun. She found a girl who had a cute photograph of herself with whom she assumed to be her housemates, huddled around a birthday cake, all smiles.

Clicking on the ‘Mutual friends’ link, she saw a familiar face: Jessica. There was another girl that they both knew. Yuri Kwon – a girl that Tiffany got to know through freshman year.

She quickly checked the messenger service and found the girl online, as she always was. ‘Do you live with Seo Joo Hyun,’ Tiffany asked.

Yuri didn’t take long to reply: ‘Seohyun?’

‘Yes, sure, whatever her name is.’

‘I do.’

‘Do you know where she is? I need to talk to her.’

‘You could at least ask me how I’m doing.’

‘Yuri, please! This is really important, you’d be my hero if you were to tell me where she is.’

‘You owe me lunch.’

‘Thank you.’

After a few minutes of waiting, Yuri gave a reply that horrified Tiffany.

‘She’s heading to the library.’


Seohyun didn’t think it was a bad idea to go to the library for answers. She damn well knew that her situation was beyond bizarre, but who in this crazy world could possibly give her advice? She would be labelled insane, a freak; they would want to study her, and she couldn’t blame them. She was fire-proof. What more did people need to see?

Entering the library, she found it completely empty save for two librarians who stood at the front desk, eyeing Seohyun with a questioning look.

“Someone actually showed up today,” joked the older lady.

The younger one, with a short haircut smiled at Seohyun. “It’s all yours. We’re closing at 5.”

Seohyun nodded, taking out her ID card and swiping it through the turnstiles to enter. Going to the nearest computer, she searched the database to find anything on the supernatural, and that led her to the occult section of the library. Knowing the place by heart, she wasn’t surprised that such an odd subject would be located in the annexes of the basement, where books were left to collect dust. Structurally, the basement did not have an elevator that connected it to the rest of the building like the upper floors – only two spiral staircases at either side that ran down.

She went to the nearest spiral staircase, descended, and opened the wooden door at the bottom to peer into a musky hallway that was lit by a few hanging lamps and some wall mounted lights. Her gold cross always made her feel safe, but there was something about a seemingly empty library that sent a chill down her spine. People were usually here, studying, browsing, whispering, but today it was all but empty. She stared straight down the hallway, and could see the rows and rows of books stacked on either side. Walking down the aisles, she used her finger to guide her down the rows until she stopped in front of the aisle that corresponded to the code the computer had given her.


She entered the aisle, and traced her fingers along the book titles as she walked, occasionally peering behind her to see if there was anyone else with her. She finally stopped at the very end where the occult books were located.

Reading through the titles, she wondered which of the books would be of use to her. Nothing seemed to stand out. So she glided over all the covers with her finger, until she stopped over a book title that was too hard to pass up.


There wasn’t a single doubt in her mind: this book was it. She pulled the book from the case and started flipping through the pages, enthralled by the artwork and the ancient scripture, but found herself stopping at a page that read: ‘The End of All Things.’

Seohyun heard a set of footsteps behind her, and she jumped at the noise.


It was another sudden thought, but she couldn’t tell if it was her gut or something else.


“Hello?” Seohyun asked, hearing a heavy set of steps echo from down the hall. “Is someone there?” It was the library, she reasoned. What could possibly happen?

Still, she started looking between the cracks of the shelves, hoping to see one of the librarians walking along the rows, but instead saw a dark figure in a leather jacket some ways away. She tried to look at his face, but in the small cracks, all she could see were a pair of turquoise eyes.

‘Run, now!’

She turned to exit the aisle as quietly as she could, but as she did, she felt the ground shake and heard thunderous booms as bookcase after bookcase collapsed before her, blocking one of her exits out of the aisle. She turned to the other side, hoping to get away from there, but saw the figure before her.

He was menacing, six-foot two, lean, with a unshaven face.

“Who are you?” she asked.

Mason Lucas looked at her, quizzically. He was shocked that someone didn’t know him. “The book. Give it to me.”

Seohyun held the book closer to her chest, protectively. “What if I refuse?”

Seohyun watched as he pulled out a police baton from inside his jacket. He played around with it, demonstrating his proficiency. “I don’t want to hurt you, but I will if I need to.”

Logic told Seohyun to give up the book, but she knew that she was onto something – something big.

Impatient, Mason Lucas smirked. “We’ll do it the hard way.” He leapt forward into action.

Seohyun heard a resounding thought in her head, something that counteracted all her fear.


Seohyun had never had to defend herself before, but out of survival instinct, she dodged his violent swing, and tried to push him aside. He grabbed her with his free arm, pulling at her blouse, trying to drag her down. However, Seohyun felt a surge of strength throughout her body as she pulled against his grip, ripping the blouse, making him fall into the nearest book case. It caused another thunderous series of claps. She jolted past him, screaming for help, the book in hand. She took a sharp right towards the back stairwell of the basement, heart racing. She could hear him following behind her. That only made the adrenaline flow ever faster – or at least, what she thought was adrenaline.

At the top, she screamed her lungs out, letting the library know that she was being chased. Nobody answered her calls as she continued to run with all her might. She ran past the turnstiles at the front, but felt her ripped shirt get caught by one of the metal bars. The force of her run forward, paired with the sudden jolt of an opposing force, caused her to slip backwards, hitting her head hard on the ground. Slightly dazed, she was quick to recover, but the man had caught up to her.

‘’You can’t run.’ 

Seohyun glanced at the front desk, hoping the two librarians could help her, but they were missing. She felt her heart drop. She let out a prayer, hoping they were alright.

‘Trust yourself. You can win.’

Mason Lucas charged at her, swinging his baton with lethal intent.

Seohyun barely stepped back in time to avoid the blow, and tripped backwards, throwing the book into the air behind her. She heard it land with a thud, but the man dove on her before she could react. He mounted her, and she screamed in panic. She was helpless, back to the floor, with her assailant atop her.

‘Be brave! Believe!’

Mason Lucas drove the baton down towards the girl’s head, but was stunned when the girl grabbed his wrists with surreal speed and strength, stopping a powerful blow from smashing into her skull.


She pushed his wrists forcefully to the side, twisting it with a newfound strength that caused the man to let out a cry of pain. He released the baton and broke free of the girl’s hold, standing back up to fight. Seohyun tried to crawl back up, but he dove forward, launching a kick towards her gut. She rolled out of the way, got back to her feet, and whirred forward with ferocity.


She jerked her head to the side, avoiding a sharp fist, and stepped forward to deliver a blow with all her might.

She smashed her knuckles into his side, feeling his flesh crumble under her newfound strength. The man was thrown back like a rag doll, hitting the brick-and-mortar wall with a loud thud. He was unconscious, the wind completely knocked out of him.

Seohyun stared at the baton on the ground.

‘Pick it up.’

She wielded the blunt instrument in her left hand and felt its firm weight. Her assailant was vulnerable; there was no way he could escape. She could turn around and run away, but that’s not what she was thinking about.


She moved forward towards the man, feeling anger and frustration building up inside of her.

“Seohyun!” shouted a voice from behind her.

The girl snapped out of her trance, and stared at the pale girl with raven-black hair who looked at her wide-eyed. “What are you doing?”

Looking at the baton, and back at the man that attacked her, she knew that he was no longer a threat. She tossed the weapon to the ground, and felt sick to her stomach. “I don’t know what I’m doing.”

Tiffany picked up the book that she had dropped, and looked at the cover. Apocalypsi. Her gut felt that this was the answer, too.

“Come on, let’s get out of here.”