Possession Chapter 6 – Thoughts

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Reader Discretion: Possession will contain violence, profanity, gore, sexual themes and coarse language.

Concerned, Seohyun sat quietly on the leather couch in the living room with Yoona at the other end. She took a deep breath, reminded herself of the world she knew, and pondered what had changed. Humans weren’t resistant to fire and their eyesight didn’t magically improve overnight. Yet, alarmingly, her mind was constantly getting distracted by Yoona.

The girl’s scent was constantly invading her nostrils, and it triggered emotions of passion. It had gotten worse the longer Yoona stayed.

Even now, seeing Yoona’s long legs sprawled on the sofa, the curve of her hips, and her slender neck moving as she breathed – Seohyun knew she wasn’t looking at her the same way she used to.

It didn’t help that her brain kept showing her the image that she had seen of Yoona in the locker room: wet hair, droplets of water rolling down the curves of her skin, and her body, naked.

Seohyun told her brain to stop. She knew herself well enough to know that she could normally ignore these things. But not this time. This time, she felt like she had no control. It bothered her immensely.

So Seohyun used common sense – she stopped breathing through her nose, and also tried her best not to look in Yoona’s direction. It was a relief for Seohyun, who felt like she might be able to survive the day as the hours passed.

Maybe she could take a cold shower or read a good book when Yoona was gone to get her mind off of her. However, luck wasn’t on her side tonight.

“Is it okay if I stay the night?” It was a harmless question that Yoona posed.

Seohyun’s brain immediately screamed a resounding: ‘No!’

But she felt this thought inside her head persuading her otherwise.

‘She’s your friend. It’s okay if she stays the night.’

Before she knew it, she found herself agreeing with that thought, and answered with a “yes.”

Yoona smiled and scooted over to Seohyun to give her a hug. At times, she liked to be affectionate.

Seohyun wasn’t sure how to react. Logic told her to back away, but they were friends. She had to hug her. So as Yoona’s arms wrapped themselves around her body, she looked away and tried her hardest not to inhale through her nose. Unfortunately, Yoona’s touch was far more stimulating than her smell. Her body was warm and delicate, and she pressed against Seohyun affectionately.

Seohyun’s heart started to race, her brain whirred, and she felt a warm feeling all over her body that needed to be satisfied. Seohyun found her hands reaching for Yoona’s waist, holding them firm, she pulled her closer. Her hands started to snake lower and lower.

Then there was another thought in her head. ‘Kiss her.’


Her conscious fought off the idea. She opened her eyes to see Yoona with red cheeks and a surprised expression.

“You can let go of me now,” Yoona added.

“Sorry.” Seohyun released her and slouched away, embarrassed.

Yoona got up and grabbed the remote from the coffee table, and started flipping through the channels as she made her way back down to the other end of the couch. It was obvious that she was perturbed. She remained quiet, her eyes fixed on the television.

Seohyun tried her best to act natural in response to her little outburst.

Both of them were processing what had just happened. They both weren’t quite sure what to do.

After minutes of silence, Yoona turned off the television. “You know, maybe today’s a bad day to sleepover. My housemates might get worried, and maybe you should be alone after everything that’s happened.”

Seohyun felt this urge to make her stay. This time her heart also pleaded with her, as she felt this sudden emptiness at the thought of Yoona leaving her side. However, she knew that it was for the best.

“Am I being a bad friend?” asked Yoona. “I should be here supporting you. I’m always here if you need me.”

Seohyun shook her head. Yoona was being a great friend, but right now, she was right. She needed her space to sort out her thoughts. “You’re an amazing friend. We’ll have our sleepover another night. I promise.”

Seohyun guided her to the front door and they exchanged their goodbyes. Yoona didn’t hug her this time. It hurt, but she remained silent.

Yoona got into her car and drove off, leaving Seohyun alone.

Instead of heading for her room, Seohyun went back to the kitchen and stared at the stove. She flicked the knob to quick boil and watched as the bluish red flames danced in rebellion. Then, she slowly extended her hand into the flames, but she only felt mild warmth.

She flicked off the gas stove and let out a deep sigh. She wondered whether she should call Yuri, or Sunny, and show them this bizarre phenomenon, wondered what the hell she was supposed to make of all this. Taeyeon would flip-out – all her house mates would. This wasn’t normal.

Then she noticed the knife rack by the stove.

‘No, Seohyun. No. Fire is one thing, knives are another,’ she reasoned.

Yet, her curiosity was itching away at her. Was she indestructible? She found herself grabbing the handle, pulling out a rather intimidating carving blade. This was crazy, but she didn’t sense the danger.

‘Do it.’

That was when she stopped completely. Seohyun was used to talking to herself in her head, but her brain very rarely ever encouraged her to do impulsive things. She was cautious by nature.

She stared at the blade.

‘You know what you want to do. Just do it. Aren’t you curious?’

Her mind was speaking to her, but she wasn’t sure what to make of it. She stared at the blade, grabbed the handle, and placed it on the palm of her hand. She could tell it was sharp as it dug into her skin. All it would take was one pull. It would either be a painful cut or a total mind fuck.

She felt her muscles tense.

‘It won’t hurt.’

Her grip on the handle tightened.


She threw the knife away in anger. That wasn’t who she was. Now, she only had one thought running through her mind: ‘Who the hell are you and what are you doing in my head?’

She waited for a response.



Jessica felt her body fill with intense excitement as Tiffany forcefully stripped off her clothes, garment by garment. Anticipation filled her body. She felt comfortable with Tiffany, and it all felt right.

It felt even more right when Tiffany started to kiss the curve of her neck, her hands wandering to places that felt like they were being touched for the first time. Jessica tried to tell herself to stop, to resist the girl’s advances, but her body was screaming at her to let it continue.

Tiffany’s hands were now beyond friendly, touching whatever they pleased. Her breaths were sporadic, matching Jessica’s own breathing. The girl was aggressive, not that it was a bad thing. Jessica was inexperienced, so this was all new to her.

Yet, Jessica wondered why the hell she was letting her do this.

‘It’s okay. It feels good, doesn’t it?’

The thought crossed her mind, again and again, and she didn’t question it. Jessica had always been tempted by the sins of the flesh. Religion was important to her, but over the last few days, she really felt like she was going to go crazy if she didn’t act on her desires. She didn’t just want Tiffany, she needed her. She had been fighting off all the voices in her head telling her to do these sinful things – but she could fight it no more.

Tiffany moved away from her neck, playfully teased her chin, and went in for a kiss. Her lips were warm, soft, and surprisingly stimulating. Tiffany pulled away, and Jessica found herself wanting to pull her back in.

The girl was now making her way lower, and lower. Jessica felt like she was going to go crazy.

She wanted it so badly.

She knew it was wrong. Wasn’t she throwing away her faith, and losing her values amidst all the pleasure? This was sin, the very thing she should avoid. Yet it was with a person she cared for, a person who made her heart race with excitement.

‘It’s okay. You love her.’

Jessica knew she had feelings for Tiffany, but never did she think they would manifest themselves so quickly. She thought it was friendship, but the confession made her feel something.

Her resolve had always been strong, and she found herself trying one last time to say: “No, stop.”

Unfortunately her defences were weakening by the second, by the kiss, by the caress, and by the touch. Then, Tiffany touched area that was already begging to be satiated. Jessica moaned.

‘She’s so good, isn’t she?’

Jessica closed her eyes, and knew there was no going back now.

The thought of Tiffany making love to her made Jessica tremble with excitement.

Then the rush stopped.

Tiffany hesitated.

‘Tell her to keep going.’

Jessica didn’t say it. Instead she felt it – the warm and wet touch of Tiffany’s tongue.

She moaned in relief, arching her back under the intense pleasure. She looked down at Tiffany, and relished the moment. Tiffany was enjoying this, just as much as she was. It made her feel more at ease.

However, she noticed a bracelet around Tiffany’s wrist that caught her attention. There was the Star of David, a snake, and a toad – three dangling ornaments that brought back a bizarre memory that she had tried so hard to remember. She saw it in flashes: the man in the goat’s mask and dark robes, the blade that he held, and how he had used it to kill that pudgier sloth of a man in prisoner’s garbs.

Then she remembered the sensation, as if her body was pulled by an invisible string. She remembered floating in the air, and the searing pain that was followed by darkness.

But those thoughts vanished as soon as she felt Tiffany’s fingers. Her lover was too good for her to even give that memory another thought. It vanished into thin air.

They would continue, well into the night.


Mason Lucas did not question the officers or their actions. They had slaughtered those men in the truck, and dumped all their bodies into the back. He watched as they drove the van off a cliff and heard the loud splash it made when it landed in the depths of the Pacific Ocean. They were all too happy to do it. Mason never smiled when he killed, but they did.

Mason accompanied them into the back of the California State police car, his hands free and his spirit renewed. He believed his god had given him a second chance. He couldn’t help but smile as they drove past St. Lucia’s on their way to Turlock. He had escaped. He was free, free to continue his mission of reuniting humanity with his god.

The blonde officer kept staring at him from the rear-view mirror with the same turquoise eyes that he had. She reminded Mason of his mother, a god fearing woman who used to beat him when she had too much to drink, when she was mad, or when she wanted to have a good time.

Not all mothers were created equal, but he had showed her the gift he had. He had delivered her to god.

The police car turned into an empty parking lot in front of a church that looked like an exact replica of St. Petersburg church in Russia – only much smaller in size.

“Come on,” the blonde officer said. “We’ve got some people you need to meet.”

They exited the car, and Mason followed the two officers as they made their way past the front door. He watched as they turned at a set of shrubs, and continued down a side alley that led them to a cellar door at the back. On top of the door was an engraving that he was familiar with: a goat’s head.

The bigger officer pulled out a key from his pocket, and unlocked a brass chain lock that enveloped the handles to the cellar. He pulled the chains out and opened the door. The blonde invited Mason down.

Mason did as he was told, but once he reached the bottom, he realized that it was not a cellar at all. Instead, he saw a long corridor with hanging lights that seemed to stretch down for miles.

“Into the rabbit hole, right Mason?” The blonde had entered behind him, but her partner did not follow.

“He’s not coming?”

“Someone has to keep watch. Wouldn’t want someone to see us coming in-and-out, right?”

Mason nodded. He followed her without another word. The tunnels were flooded with a couple of inches of water from the storm and as they walked, he could hear the splashing of his steps echo all around him. She took a left at the first fork in the road, then another left at the next, fully aware of where they needed to go. Mason could also hear the sloshing steps of others traversing the tunnels in the distance. He wondered if they were going to where she was taking him.

Finally, they arrived in front of a steel door that the blonde opened with a set of keys. He heard a click, and watched as the officer used all her strength to pull the door open. He stared at another series of steps, again descending.

“Go on. They’re waiting.”

Mason obeyed, his curiosity itching. He started walking down the steps and heard the door close behind him shortly after. He was alone. The trip down took much longer than he expected, and Mason knew that he was deep underground. He wondered how they managed to get any air circulation down here, and how much work needed to be done for all of this to happen. It seemed ancient, but it looked as though people were regularly traversing the tunnels even now.

Mason finally arrived at the bottom of the steps, and was greeted by an opened arched doorway that showed a room with several robbed figures standing in the middle. They were wearing masks: some reptilian, others bird-like, but the one he noticed the most was the tall figure that had the mask with the goat’s head, wielding a rather menacing dagger.

Mason walked forward, without a single thought in his head. He was intrigued.