Possession Chapter 3 – Dr. Tevarian

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Reader Discretion: Possession will contain violence, profanity, gore, sexual themes and coarse language.

Seohyun woke up from the darkness and shivered. She was lying on her side against an icy cold surface. She was completely naked, but that wasn’t what chilled her to the bone. No, it was the menacing chants that were filling her ears. The more she listened, the more it horrified her. It was ominous, and menacing. She couldn’t comprehend the words because they were foreign. Was it Latin? She couldn’t tell.

Seohyun’s mind started to become more conscious of her surroundings as her eyes started to creak open. The first thing she noticed was the yellow and orange orbs glowing all around her. These orbs slowly transformed before her focusing eyes into flame – small flames. She realized that they were lit candles, but her vision could only decipher the flame, not its surroundings. It didn’t help that her vision was already poor to begin with, so she naturally found it hard to focus.

Seohyun tried to move her arms and legs, to get herself up, but no matter how hard she tried, her body didn’t respond to her commands. It horrified her. She used all her willpower to make her body move, but it was to no avail. She was powerless. Unable to escape.

‘How did I end up here?’ she wondered.

She tried her hardest to answer that question, of how she woke up in the dark room, and what had happened before she was unconscious.

She remembered being invited to the Dean’s office for a party earlier in late afternoon for The Excelsior’s Club – a small group of the school’s most accomplished students. Despite the rain, she felt an obligation to attend, and went against her better judgement. The party ended later than she expected, with the Dean giving a rather long speech about the importance of academic pursuit. He liked to drone on about how students should always strive to separate themselves from the competition. “Become better than ordinary, extraordinary,” he always preached.

She left the party to head home, and bumped into Professor Ashby who was heading out to his car. They exchanged pleasantries, and he explained that he was staying late to do some research in his office. She asked him what it was about. Apparently Ashby had been intrigued by another student’s question.

They didn’t stay long on the subject as they were both eager to get home. They exited the Arts building together, and stared out at the storm that poured away in the early evening sky. Both of them had dressed for the weather, but Seohyun walked to campus while the professor drove. He offered her a ride home, trying to save her from a hellish trek back to her house.

Seohyun accepted the offer, because of the extreme circumstances. She trusted Ashby.

They sloshed through the flooded streets, and carefully made their way to the parking lot. Ashby explained that his car was atrociously far, because he was a new fish in a big pond. A pond which was ironically getting bigger by the minute as he explained. Seohyun found Ashby’s humour charming, but her laughs were drowned out by the sound of the pouring rain and the occasional howling wind.

Then she remembered it. The black van that pulled up beside them as they reached the far end of the car lot.

Four men with ski masks emerged hastily from the van dressed in dark clothes. It was a sight that she would never forget.

Ashby reacted immediately as one of them tried to club him with a baseball bat. He had miraculously dodged the blow amidst the hail of rain and started grappling with his attacker.

One of the others made their way past Ashby towards Seohyun as she yelled for help. He grabbed her forcefully by the shoulders. She screamed. He started dragging her towards the open doors of the back of the black van. She knew that they were after her, and not Ashby. She was horrified.

With a stroke of luck, the professor had somehow managed to take hold of the bat, and started swinging wildly at the men around him. He managed to catch one off guard with a sharp swing to the temple, knocking him out cold. The others were petrified, shocked at such resistance. His training in the army had paid off. He was an unexpected variable.

He saw Seohyun being taken away by one of the men, and he tried to shoot past the remaining two to help her. He side stepped one of their blows and hammered one of the assailant’s legs, causing a cry of pain to ring out into the air. Adrenaline was powering him. He felt strong, and determined. Until a sound pierced the air.

It was a gun shot from the rolled down window of the passenger seat of the van. Seohyun screamed as Ashby collapsed face first into the rain water, limp. Then they were on her, the rest of the men, pulling her into the dark van. She struggled and kicked as hard as she could, but she felt a sharp and cool sting in her neck. She knew it must have been a needle, which explained why she couldn’t move, and why it was so hard to focus. She had been drugged. Just what did they want with her?

Despite being unable to move, she tried her hardest to awaken her senses in the fiery light around her. She wanted to understand her situation, figure out who it was that was doing it, and where she was. As her eyes adjusted to the light, she could make out the darkly robed figures that were holding the candles. She could see past the flame. They held the candles in their hands as they chanted.

Unfortunately, the rest of the room was blanketed in shadows. The light didn’t travel behind the hooded figures that encircled her. There only seemed to be light around her and her alone. No hints to help her know who was responsible, no signs to tell her where she was.

The chanting continued, gradually getting louder and louder. As it intensified, the robed figures would step closer and closer towards her. As they got closer, she noticed that they were all wearing Gothic looking masks, hiding their faces from her sight. Each mask represented a facial expression. Some were sad faces, others deviously happy, angry, frustrated, and they all had a marking on their forehead that was hard to decipher.

She tried to speak to them, but her mouth didn’t listen to her commands. The only thing she could do was see, hear, and smell. Unfortunately, her view was limited to what was in front of her, the menacing chants blocked out all other noises, and she could only smell one thing. Incense, lots of it.

Suddenly the sea of masked figures broke apart in front of her, and she watched as two figures emerged from the darkness behind them. She would have screamed if she could.

The first was a man dressed in an orange jump suit. His hands were cuffed, as were his ankles. He had on a pair of silver-rimmed glasses, and looked old and frail. The other was another robed figure, only much more intimidating. He towered over everyone, and donned a mask that was of a completely unique design. It was monstrous. The design was based off of a goat’s head, but instead of tiny horns, this goat had wild and long horns like a bull. They pointed upward menacingly. She could see a pair of human eyes stare at her from behind the mask as he got dangerously close. They were a dark brown, but they had an emptiness to them that worried her.

The figure brought the man in orange forward, throwing him down beside her. The drugged girl could now see his face more clearly. It was someone she knew. In fact, most of the world knew who he was.

Dr. Tevarian.

She had remembered reading about him in high school. The media called him the Death Doctor.

Dr. Tevarian was a euthanasia supporter. He believed in assisted suicide. He helped, and even encouraged his critical care patients to kill themselves. The audio footage was chilling. A doctor, telling his patient that he had little hope of survival, that their deaths would be agonizingly slow and painful. He didn’t prescribe a cure. No, Tevarian prescribed death. He had given that speech to hundreds of people under his care. Dr. Tevarian believed that those on the brink of death were too costly to care for. He claimed that families were ruined by expensive medical bills for patients that were too far gone. It was unrealistic to pursue such high risk for very little reward. He believed he was doing them a favour.

However, this was a direct violation of the sacred Hippocratic Oath, and a clever patient had managed to record the conversation. Evidence was difficult to find for medical investigators, because he persuaded them into suicide, but a few arrogant mistakes had cost him. He had been sent to St. Lucia Penitentiary – a prison outside of Turlock – to be killed by lethal injection. They had carried out his sentence several days ago. She remembered seeing a photo of him on the local newspaper, and even on CNN.

“The Death Doctor takes the needle.”

But there he was, very much alive. His signature silver glasses, long wrinkly face and cruel grey eyes were all there. Something was wrong.

“Help me,” he begged. Seohyun found it ironic that he wanted someone to save him. Didn’t his patients ask for the same thing?

The figure with the goat mask now approached the two, this time revealing something under his robes. Tevarian let out a scream. Seohyun’s heart raced. The goat masked man brandished a frighteningly large ceremonial knife.

Seohyun stared at the handle of the blade and saw a menacing design: a goat with a man’s body, a snake, a toad, a star, a bag, a woman, and a set of grim looking wings. Even now, she tried to make sense of everything around her. What did it all mean? She needed to get out of here, but her curious mind wanted answers.

The figure grabbed Dr. Tevarian, and propped him onto his knees as the choir of voices around him continued to chant with increasing vigor. Louder, and louder they grew, until it blared at a steady rhythm, almost like it was being drummed. The goat masked man shouted a few strange words, and then put the knife to the doctor’s throat. Tevarian screamed but more furious chanting drowned him out.

Seohyun closed her eyes, knowing what was next. She could hear him let out a blood curdling scream that was quickly silenced. Seohyun felt something warm on her leg, but she kept her eyes closed shut.

More chanting.

The goat masked figure started to dance around Seohyun, shouting more furiously, almost as if he was calling for someone.

As the chanting continued to its climax, she tried her best to drown it out. She could feel an overwhelming sense of impending doom. She didn’t know what they were going to do with her, but it couldn’t be anything good. She cried in fear.

The chanting stopped.

Seohyun kept her eyes shut in the silence. She was too scared to open them. Then she felt it. Her body started to move, but not of it’s own accord. She felt herself being lifted upright, as if someone was helping her stand. Against her better judgement she decided to open her eyes and glanced down at Tevarian’s lifeless body. She was indeed upright, and his blood was all over the floor around her. She noticed that there was a design etched onto the floor, lines that were intersecting more lines within a circle. It must have been a symbol, but the blood has covered much of it. She tried to turn around and get a full picture of the design, but her body stayed still. Much to her horror, she could feel her body being lifted by an invisible force. She now realized that she wasn’t standing at all. She was floating in the air, as if strings were holding her limbs in place like a puppet.

The chanting continued again, in whispers, but growing increasingly more violent.

Seohyun reasoned that a person couldn’t float in the air. She knew that this must be a bad dream – it had to be. She thought that at any minute she would wake up and everything would be normal again, but she couldn’t be more wrong.

It was then that the pain came, a pain that she had never felt before in her entire life. There was an overwhelming surge of energy that started in the base of her spine and invaded the rest of her body, as if it lived in her very veins. Her muscles contracted reflexively, her throat and lungs seized up, and even her heartbeat became sporadic, almost as if it laboured to continue on. The flames from the candles seemed to burn more furiously as the chanting reached its climax. As if it was a witness to the crime. She realized now that the pain was almost reacting to their words. The louder and faster they chanted, the more the pain surged into her body. Seohyun wondered how much longer she could take all the pain, whether she would die right then and there. The girl let out a prayer in her mind, closing her eyes tight. She prayed to God that everything would be okay, that this pain would stop.

Her prayers were answered. The chanting stopped, as did the pain. Seohyun’s vision went black again.

She had lost consciousness. Darkness.

A voice called for her.


She felt someone tug her arm gently. “Seohyun?”

The girl managed to open her eyes, though she feared what she might see. She stared at a ceiling fan, her ceiling fan. She shot up and realized that she was in her room. She turned to stare at the voice that was speaking to her.

“Taeyeon,” she said, immediately hugging the older girl beside her, tears of joy streaming from her face.

“Seohyun,” Taeyeon said, shocked by the sudden show of affection. “Why were you shaking and crying in your sleep? Did you have a nightmare?”

“What time is it?” Seohyun stared out the window and noticed that it was still dark out. The rain continued to pour.

“It’s the middle of the night. Your cries woke me up.”

“How long was I crying for?”

“Not too long, which is why I came to wake you.”

“When did I get home yesterday?”

“What?” Taeyeon asked perplexed. “You walked right through the door and greeted us. You said you were tired and wanted to sleep.”

Seohyun didn’t remember any of it.

“Was I acting weird? Like I wasn’t myself?”

Taeyeon was starting to worry. “Seohyun you’re scaring me.”

But the younger girl needed to know what had happened. “What time did I come home?”

Taeyeon put a hand on her forehead. “You don’t have a fever,” she said.

Seohyun was frustrated. “Unnie!”

“Okay, okay,” Taeyeon barked back. “You came home around eleven?”

Seohyun got up from her bed and went to her dresser. She checked her neck to look for a tiny puncture mark of a needle, but there wasn’t anything there.

Taeyeon looked at her in awe. The smart and intelligent young woman was acting irrational out of nowhere. “Don’t worry. Everything’s fine. I’m sure you just had a bad dream.”

Seohyun didn’t believe it. It seemed to real to be a bad dream, but maybe Taeyeon was right.

The doorbell rang.

“Who is it at this hour?” Taeyeon questioned, heading out the room to check.

The younger girl was about to follow Taeyeon downstairs, until she realized something startling. Her glasses were sitting on the dresser. She checked her prescription contacts case and realized that she wasn’t wearing those either. She was normally near-sighted, which meant that her vision was fuzzy without her lenses, but now she could see everything with perfect clarity. She looked in the mirror and stared at her eyes. They had an eerily reflective shine, almost as if she was still wearing her contacts. But she wasn’t.

What happened?

“Seohyun!” shouted Taeyeon loudly from downstairs. “Some police officers want to talk to you!”