Possession Chapter 1 – Setting Sun

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Reader Discretion: Possession will contain violence, profanity, gore, sexual themes and coarse language.

Seohyun turned off the treadmill after another long jog. She could feel the beads of sweat roll down her face as she breathed in deep to slow her pulsating heart. Again, she challenged herself to another tough run and had succeeded thanks to achieving a runner’s high.

Most people lacked the mental toughness to push themselves like Seohyun did. When she first started months ago, she could barely run for 10 minutes without panting for air. But after months of hitting the gym, her workout regimen had paid off. Now she could last a full hour on the treadmill moving at a decent pace. It gave her great confidence to achieve such improvement. When she put her mind to it, Seohyun knew she could achieve great things.

Heading past other sweaty joggers, she waved to her house-mate Yuri, who started her run on a treadmill nearby. She was surrounded by a bunch of male students who were trying their hardest to impress her. Unfortunately, they would find it difficult to outlast Yuri who was a cardio machine – both an avid swimmer and a yoga enthusiast.

“I’m going to shower and go home first Yuri. Is that okay?” asked the younger girl. Yuri always stayed at the gym much longer than Seohyun, who was used to leaving first.

Yuri, who was barely breaking a sweat, simply nodded and shooed her away. She was too focused on her workout to spare a free breath.

It was a tradition of theirs to go to the university gym together a few times a week. Their other house-mates who were less inclined to exercise, preferred to stay at home in their pyjamas watching the latest Korean dramas with a bag of chips and dip.

The two joggers lived close to campus, at a house that was part of a huge neighbourhood of massive homes that were mostly rented out to students. The savvy citizens of Turlock knew that real estate was money. They took advantage of growing class sizes and international student exchanges, and provided a genuine service to many young adults coming into the town for their studies. Seohyun didn’t mind one bit. Her rent was fair and they lived in a well-sized home.

After waving goodbye to Yuri, Seohyun headed to the women’s locker room located at the back of the facility. Taking out her phone, she also flipped through her messages and saw an invitation from Jessica. She was organizing another one of her Christian Fellowship meetings. She loved Jessica to death, but the girl had way too many of these events for her to make time for. Sending her a quick reply saying that she was busy, Seohyun made her way to her locker to store her possessions away for safekeeping.

Carefully taking off her golden cross necklace, which she always kept with her, she neatly placed all of her items into her black gym bag and zipped the pockets shut. Seohyun grabbed a clean set of towels from a nearby table, which the gym provided for it’s members, and headed to the back where there was a secluded changing room for women to be safe from prying eyes. It was located by the water heater and the complicated system of pipes for the women’s showers, which were also nearby. As a result, the room was always filled with a constant hum of rushing water. Entering the chamber, she stumbled upon a familiar pony-tailed figure that was situated away from the entrance with her back to her.

She was positive that it was her close friend. “Yoona?” asked Seohyun, excited. It had been a while since they last talked.

The only other girl in the room seemed shocked to hear someone call out her name. She turned her head and blushed upon seeing Seohyun in a somewhat compromising situation. She had just stripped naked while the newcomer was still fully covered. Yoona was bare for the world to see.

“Seohyun!” shouted Yoona. “Are you trying to sneak a peek at me?” She gave a nervous laugh while she tried to pick up a nearby stack of towels to cover herself up. She wanted to make sure that nobody got a full show, even if it was another girl. Seohyun smiled at her joke and turned away to a separate corner in the room. She knew when to give someone their privacy.

“I didn’t know you were coming to the gym today,” said Seohyun, innocently. “You should’ve told me.” She started to take off her outer layers until she was also in the nude and waited for Yoona’s response. However, she was met with silence. “Yoona?”

It was then that she felt a sharp poke on her bare butt. “Hey!” shouted Seohyun, her cheeks flooding with embarrassment Yoona was now wrapped in clean white towels, mischievously behind Seohyun. “Oh I like what I see,” she joked, raising her eyebrows suggestively.

Seohyun felt embarrassed and realized that Yoona was the one who was now getting the free peep-show. She elbowed her away, doing her best to keep her back to the girl. Heading to the wall on the other side to avoid further attacks, Yoona started to laugh at her reaction. “Seohyun, don’t be so upset. You got to see me naked!”

“No offense, but you’re pretty flat unnie,” said Seohyun, mockingly.

Yoona scrunched her face upon hearing the remark. “Hey! I’ll have you know that I catch guys and girls staring at my butt all the time.”

Seohyun chuckled. “Who said I was talking about your butt.”

Yoona started making faces at Seohyun’s back after hearing her words. She was always a little self-conscious, even if she never showed it. It didn’t matter because she was positive that the girl had not seen her naked anyways. She had done a good job to avoid any slip-ups.

Seohyun, who was unaware of Yoona brooding behind her, protectively wrapped her own set of clean white towels around her bare body. She turned to face Yoona who immediately changed her expression and acted like she had been innocently waiting for her the entire time. Seohyun folded each garment that she had stripped off and noticed that Yoona had simply stuffed her own gym clothes into a plastic grocery bag.

“Let me fold those for you.”

Hearing her kind words, Yoona handed Seohyun the bag. She watched as her friend handled her clothes with care, stacking them in a neat pile. “There, all better now”

“Thanks,” replied Yoona, grateful for the assistance. She felt less upset from Seohyun’s snide remark earlier.

They both headed off together to store their garments back in their own lockers. After grabbing their shower products, they headed back to the far side of the room and entered the women’s shower area. Other girls were already there, washing away.

There were high barriers between the individual stalls, which provided plenty of cover for most of the body. Unfortunately, taller girls like Yoona and Seohyun would find their heads exposed as they washed. Still, at least they could chat while they cleaned. Seohyun lead Yoona to a set of stalls that were empty on the side. They entered beside one another, closed the curtains which were provided, and started to wash.

Seohyun started a hot shower and felt relieved the second the water hit her skin. It was one of her favourite feelings. She let the water wash away the dirt and oil that her body had collected over the course of the day, lathering soap wherever she needed to. She took out her shampoo and started to lather her hair when her friend posed a question.

“So how have your classes been so far?”

“They’re alright.”

“Still maintaining that four-point-o?”


Yoona chuckled awkwardly as they washed in silence. She tried her best to keep her eyes forward, but it felt bizarre to be so afraid to look in her friend’s direction. They should be comfortable with one another’s bodies. They were grown women. This had been bugging her since they were in the changing room together. Slowly, she started to turn and look in her friend’s direction.

However, Seohyun turned to meet her gaze. “Don’t even think about it,” she barked, well aware of Yoona’s curious eyes.

The perpetrator gave a cute frown. “Seohyun-yah, we should just get this over with. We’re good friends; we should be okay with seeing each other naked.”

Seohyun tilted her head in confusion. She had never heard such crazy words out of Yoona’s mouth. “What?”

“It’s killing me. How embarrassed I was when I was with you in the changing room. Now I feel like I have to stare straight at the wall while I shower. I can’t even look at my left arm without seeing you in the corner of my eye and it makes me feel like I’m a pervert or something. We’re both girls, we should be okay with seeing each other nude, right?”

“Yoona, you’re really weird today,” said Seohyun, who had finished rinsing her hair.

“It’s bugging me, let me take a peek!” shouted Yoona, determined. Other girls in the room giggled hearing her outburst.

Yoona started to edge over towards Seohyun’s stall to get a better look, but the other girl was resourceful and shoved her away while keeping covered.

“I’m almost done, just wait until I’m finished okay?”

Yoona laughed maniacally. “This is so childish, we’re not little girls!”

Seohyun ignored her, but kept an eye on her anyways. She hastily finished up with her shower and exited the stall, covered with towels.

Yoona, who felt relieved to be able to look around without guilt, started to shower more comfortably. But instead of wrapping some towels around her body, she stepped out completely naked much to the shock of her friend, who could only stand there wide-eyed.

Seohyun’s cheeks burned a bright red, as she absorbed every inch of Yoona’s dripping wet body. Maybe it was the exercise, but she looked stunning after a shower. She used the towel that she held in her hand to dry her wet hair. She looked completely comfortable showing herself off. In reality, she was wondering why she was even doing this. Seohyun couldn’t help but notice the lovely contours of her body, the abs that she had managed to hide under her clothes and her pearly white skin. Seohyun really got a full show, but she felt utterly embarrassed about it.

“What the heck Yoona?!” she asked, confused.

The temporary nudist started to cover her body. “Whatever,” she said with a smirk. She wanted to play it cool. “We should just get this over with, right? Why are we so shy? Now show me yours.”

Seohyun thought Yoona had gone mad. “No.”

“But I just showed you my goodies and you’re going to hold yours back?” Yoona asked, disappointed.


Seohyun’s friend wanted to strangle her. This was not a fair trade at all. “At least try to hide the fact that you enjoyed it.”

Seohyun denied the accusation, even though there was some truth to it. She had been slightly enamoured by her friends figure, but not in a sexual way. She was pretty, and Seohyun could never look at Yoona like that – at least that’s what she believed.

“Come on, let’s get out of here.”

The two made their way back to their lockers and repeated the process that they had gone through earlier. They both changed into a new set of clothes. All the while, Yoona continued to insist that Seohyun should be more comfortable with her body with a friend, but she refused to show anything more. Even if she got to see Yoona’s dripping wet body, it still wasn’t something that she asked for.

They exited the gym together and headed for Yoona’s car. They had decided to grab supper together, so Seohyun decided to make a quick call to tell her room-mates not to wait up.

“Hello?” asked a gentle voice on the other line.

“Sunny, it’s Seohyun,” she said as she entered the passenger seat of the car.

“Hey, how was the gym? Is Yuri going to be coming home late again?”

Seohyun could hear the television on the other line. As she expected, they were watching something in Korean. “Actually, we’re both going to be home late today. I’m eating out with Yoona.”

“Hmm, okay I see. Have fun. Tell Yoona I said hi.”

“I will. Have a good night, I should be home before midnight.”

“Come home whenever you want,” replied Sunny, feeling confident that the girl would keep herself safe. “Me and Taeyeon will probably be up watching dramas until you come home.”

“Okay, bye bye,” said Seohyun, cutely as she ended the call. Yoona who had already started driving, couldn’t help but smirk at her little outburst of natural aegyo.

After a rather quiet drive, they arrived on Bay street which was situated by the shoreline. They could see the beautiful sunset that was sprawled over the ocean as it started to set. The sky was filled with a majestic orange and yellow haze, but there was an odd and dark cloud that seemed out of place amongst the beauty. It was a total eye sore.

“Is there a storm coming?” asked Seohyun, disappointed at the possibility of bad weather. They were used to sunshine in California.

“Yup, that’s what they say. Apparently it’ll be a hurricane.”

“Hurricane?” asked Seohyun in surprise.

Yoona gave her some comfort. “But California doesn’t get hurricanes. It’s probably just a small storm – you know how the media gets with these things.”

Seohyun nodded but stared at the cloud with a slight fear. It was massive, hanging under the sun, yet it seemed to almost envelop the beautiful light around it. It was like it was eating the rays of the sun.

They finally arrived at the Seafood Shack, which was a popular restaurant for students with a beautiful ocean view. They got a table for two on the patio outside and sat amongst other diners, who wanted to enjoy the beautiful weather while they still could.

Kicking back, Yoona ordered a virgin Strawberry Daiquiri when the waitress arrived. For food, they both selected the famous crab salad sandwich which the Seafood Shack was known for. They started to chat about their activities, and went into deeper topics as they usually did when they were alone.

The waitress came back with Yoona’s cocktail. She offered Seohyun the first sip. Usually she refused, but the fact that it was alcohol-free made it appealing. She took a modest slurp and immediately recoiled at the taste. Her face had never been so disgusted.

“Ew, what is this?” To Seohyun, it looked fruity and colourful but the drink had a strong after-taste which sat warm in her throat.

Yoona smelled the cocktail and knew that it was far from a virgin. She called the waitress over and told her about the mix up. The waitress apologized for the inconvenience and promised to fix it up right away. Legally, they both weren’t allowed to drink.

Seohyun made some more cute yet disgusted faces, and shivered at her first taste of alcohol. She hated it.

“You’re so innocent,” said Yoona with a pretty smile.

“One of us has to be,” retorted Seohyun.

“Hey I take offense to that!”

Yoona was a girl who liked to socialize, so she was familiar with the taste of alcohol. Seohyun disliked the concept of alcohol and being uninhibited. She didn’t mind people who drank responsibly, but in college it seemed like everyone was obsessed with getting drunk. It baffled her. She ranted on the subject to Yoona before, so she intelligently changed the topic.

“So how’s world religion? I heard you guys have a handsome prof.”

Seohyun remembered her talk earlier in the afternoon with Professor Ashby. He seemed nice enough, but she never really found any men particularly attractive. “World religion is interesting. It’s nice to learn about how systems of beliefs are formed in cultures and the commonalities that they share.”

Yoona appeared to notice an anomaly with all this religion talk. She pointed to the spot above Seohyun’s chest.

“Where’s your necklace?”

Seohyun rested her hand upon where her religious charm normally resided and realized that it must have slipped her mind when she was changing. “We’ll look for it after,” she said, uneasy.

Thankfully their massive meals arrived, which helped Seohyun’s spirits tremendously. The Seafood Shack made the best crab sandwiches in town. The two were happy to dig in. Yoona’s Virgin Strawberry Daiquiri arrived shortly after they took their first bites. Now completely free of alcohol, she offered Seohyun a sip. This time she enjoyed it.

As they ate, they watched the sun disappear behind the cloud as night turned to day. A slight chill enveloped the city, but they talked through most of it.

After paying the bill, they made their way back to Yoona’s car. She opened the back-seat where they had placed their gym bags, and turned on the overhead light so that they could see. She gave way to Seohyun, who started to search for her necklace. After sifting through her gym bag, she realized that she couldn’t find it.

“It’s gone.”

Yoona was surprised. “What?”

“I can’t find it anywhere,” she said, reaching into another one of the smaller pockets in desperation.

Yoona could see the sadness in Seohyun’s eyes as she frantically searched. It was a very precious piece of jewelry, one that her grandmother had bestowed upon her before she passed away.

“I’m sure it’s somewhere in your bag,” said Yoona, confident. Seohyun never lost things.

But the girl tossed her bag down in frustration.

“Could it be at the gym?”

Seohyun let out a sigh. “No, there’s no way.”

“Don’t worry Seohyun, you’ll be able to see things better at home. It’s probably in there somewhere. Don’t stress over it, okay?” Yoona got into the driver’s seat to start the car. Seohyun followed and made her way to the passenger’s seat, distraught.

Yoona placed a gentle hand on Seohyun’s shoulder and gave her a comforting squeeze. “Don’t worry, you’ll find it when you get home.”

“I hope so.”

“I know so.”

With that, Yoona released the handbrake and drove off into the night, her headlights were the only thing that seemed to penetrate the growing darkness.