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March 31, 2013 in One Shots, stephan by Stephan



“Excuse me, can I—“

Taeyeon felt her tongue go limp when she finally met eyes with the person who had been refilling her drinks, a little surprised that it was a girl.


But then again, she was too busy drawing and wasting paper for her to notice the things that were happening around her, including the people that were moving out and about in the modest pub.

“What can I do for you?”

Snapping back, Taeyeon let out a flustered smile and lifted the square paper in her hand.

“Can I have more paper? And some more wine, please.”

“Of course,” the girl said, smiling as she nodded.

Taeyeon was about to return to her mindless sketching when she felt the girl backtrack.

“Do you need some crayons, too?”

It was clearly an insult, but the mind-numbing smile that was directed at her somehow short-circuited her brain and halted all functions.

Stupefied, she let her jaw hang open as she shamelessly gawked, insult long forgotten and original intentions now obscured.

“I—uh, I’m—I’m not a kid.”

Taeyeon fumbled over her words as a sweet, husky chuckle reached her ears.

“I know,” the girl replied, now smirking, “I was just kidding. I’ll be back with your paper and wine, miss.”




“Table 9 needs clearing.”

“On it.”

The night was pretty much uneventful for Tiffany, except maybe, for that customer who almost depleted their stationary—the girl who looked barely legal to be drinking.

It brought a smile to her lips, thinking back as to how the baby-faced stranger stuttered and blushed when she teased her, making her dull work night a wee bit fun and spontaneous.

Too bad, though, because said customer had already left, leaving nothing but a table littered with papers and a wine glass that was half finished.

Holding the bin firmly in her hand, Tiffany started to collect the crumpled ones, shoving them on the trash bin one by one until a single, neat sheet trapped under the wine glass caught her attention.


I’m sorry I wasn’t able to draw the left one, I’m still practicing.

P.S. You have very beautiful eyes.


Tiffany looked at the eye sketch that was on the top of the short message, letting a small smile grace her lips as she folded the paper before pocketing it.

“It doesn’t even look like my eyes,” she said to herself, chuckling, as she cleared the rest of the table.


The End



Featured image credit: Taeyeon’s Instagram