Maybe We’ll Turn It All Around

February 16, 2016 in Kiss the Shotglass, Miscellaneous Oneshots/Multishots, Nelly by nelly

A/N: It’s been a minute, kids. Have a tiny story.

Tiffany recoiled against the sound of books hitting the wall. She watched as they fell onto the ground, pages bent out of place.

In all the many lifetimes that I looked for you, I knew there would be some that I could never find you. That hurt. But it was okay, it was alright. I could hope that you’d found love with someone else. That someone else made you happy. I could hope that you didn’t miss me like a hole in your chest, like I missed you.

She could feel the tears streaming down her face. She made no effort to wipe them away. She knew new ones would just take their place.

In all the many lifetimes, I knew there would be some where I didn’t look for you. I wouldn’t remember, or I wouldn’t remember enough. I would only feel sudden, inexplicable sadnesses. In these lifetimes, I hoped that I could find happiness elsewhere. Sometimes you found me in those, and then it was all alright. Sometimes you didn’t. Maybe you didn’t remember either. But that was alright too, because I didn’t remember enough to miss you wholly.

“Please. We can work this out, Taeyeon. Please, just listen to me.” Tiffany’s sight was blurry, the entire world refracted into indistinguishable shapes by the tears pooled in her eyes.

But in all the many lifetimes where we found each other, I didn’t think any would end up like this.

Tiffany finally rubbed the tears away, so she could see the woman across the room more clearly. She saw Taeyeon doing the same, rubbing at her eyes as if they had betrayed her. Their eyes met. Taeyeon looked exhausted. Defeated. “There’s nothing to work out, Tiffany. There’s no ‘we’ anymore.”

In all the many lifetimes where we found each other, I never knew that there would be one where all we brought each other was pain. Where what we had gone through before wasn’t enough to protect us from what came.

Tiffany crossed the room and fell to her knees. “Please,” she tried to take Taeyeon’s hand, but the woman pulled away. “Please. Please, we can get through this. I love you, Taeyeon. I love you more than anything I have ever known.”

Taeyeon stepped backwards, away from Tiffany. She hugged her arms around herself defensively, trying to protect herself. From what, both girls were afraid to acknowledge. Neither could stomach the possibility that Taeyeon was protecting herself from Tiffany. Taeyeon shook her head, an angry sob mixed with a distraught laugh forcing its way perversely out of her throat. “It’s not enough. Can’t you see? It’s not enough.”

Tiffany could feel her world crashing down around her. She barely registered her fingernails digging into her palms, hard enough to draw blood. “You don’t mean that. You can’t mean that. I love you. I love you. Please.”

Taeyeon collapsed into a chair and put her head in her heads. “There’s not enough left. We don’t have anything left. This is it. This was all we had. Can’t you see? This is all we had.” She gripped her hair by the roots and let the sobs rack her body. “God, I love you, Tiffany. I thought I would always love you. But maybe this is the end. Maybe this is all the time that we had.”

In all the many lifetimes that we find each other, what if this is the last one where you love me.

A/N: What the shit, right?

Now here’s a sort-of-secret. I am gonna let you all in on something that some of you may have suspected, but something that I’ve always written with in mind. I’ve tagged this as both HH and KtS. The reason is that I’ve always understood HH and KtS as being two parts of the same, larger story. It’s part of the reason I was so adamant in finishing HH before I started anything else (and lucky, I guess, because I ended up crashing into a huge hiatus). With that being said…I think that this could also be part of that larger story. Question is…is this really the last part of the story?

I wanna hear your thoughts!