Love Is More Dangerous Than A Gun Pointed To Your Head

a/n: Inspired by this and this. (Artwork/Storyboard/Video/Featured Image by Omegafu)




The pain she felt when the bullet pierced through her chest couldn’t compare to the hurt she felt inside her heart when Taeyeon looked back at her with a broken gaze, judging her with those eyes that used to adore her.

Tiffany adored her too, so much, and this softness, this fondness that had managed to sprout in the midst of her intent to murder, almost cost them their lives.

But wasn’t that the plan?

Yes, she was hired to kill her. A bullet through her pretty head and it’s done.

Yet she failed.

She failed because Tiffany fell so hard for Taeyeon and she just couldn’t do it. One pull and she could’ve made it, could’ve gotten out of the trap she built for the other, but love—oh dangerous, dangerous love—drew her in instead, drew her in until she had realized she was too far gone, stuck in the web she had spun for the prey that was now, ironically, her predator.


The bandages on her chest wrinkled when she reached out. She felt her wound opened a little, but Tiffany held onto Taeyeon’s wrist tighter, afraid that she might slip away. She almost lost her, and it hurt even more because it was by her hands that she almost died.

“You should rest.” Taeyeon said as she kept her gaze at her and instantly she felt unworthy of her concern.


Tiffany swallowed her words back down her throat when she saw the bruises on Taeyeon’s neck, red and angry, reminding her of what she did—what she had almost done.

A killer with a conscience—what a joke.

Seconds tick and they remained rooted, holding each other’s gazes until Tiffany couldn’t hold it in anymore.

She let herself crumble in Taeyeon’s hold as she thumbed the bruises on the other girl’s neck, bathing in the soft sighs that were hitting her sweat-covered forehead while she let her lips soothe the discoloured skin. Her fingers crawled while she busied her mouth—upwards, downwards—frantic and nimble against trembling thighs.

And when every movement ceased and only the breathing remained, Tiffany hoped, wished, that the marks she left on Taeyeon’s skin would erase the ones she left on her neck.



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  1. Love can do wonders. It can melt the coldest of hearts or stop dishonorable intentions. I wonder whether Tiffany can ever wash away from Taeyeon, the shocking memory of what she has done.