Not every amazing piece of work can be listed as part of this site but nonetheless, it deserves to be shared. Here you’ll find a links to other fics as well as individual author’s personal favourites and recommendations. – The home of TaeNy fanfiction

Run by a smaller number of authors, 3981 is a place where you can read guaranteed high quality TaeNy fanfiction. It’s run primarily by “Donkatsu” a featured author on BySone as well. Stephan, who also posts various one-shots on BySone is another author who has work posted there. It’s just recently hit 1 million views and has a download page with a multitude of pdfs and ePubs for you to read on the go.

SeeKo’s recommendations

“The Song of the Butterflies” by silkworm – This is, and will probably always will be, my favourite SNSD fanfic. YulSic fantasy/adventure/romance. Links to come.

“Hue” by boxxsaltz – A heartbreakingly beautiful YulTi psychological fanfic. Left me speechless upon completion.

Part 1:

Part 2:


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