June 1, 2013 in Leviathan Universe, Nelly by nelly

The Nowhere and Unknown collection is going to centre in a particular universe. I’m going to begin at various different places, perhaps in different times (perhaps not), and with different characters. And as we go along, maybe they’ll meet up and this will go from a bunch of unrelated stories (in the same world) into a single story stream. Or perhaps not. I want to grow this story as we go along, so make sure you always let me know what you think!


Yuri pulled the brim of her baseball cap down low so it shaded her eyes. Leaned back against the dirty red brick wall, watching the scene across the street. Through the steel mesh fence she could see the last of the employees leave the building, heading for their cars. She fingered the strap of the old gym bag that was slung diagonally across her back, waiting for the final car to pull away from the parking lot before she slunk out of the shadows and crossing the street casually.

As soon as her foot touched the sidewalk pavement she saw a blur of movement from the corner of her eye and heard a crack and shatter as the bulb in the light post beside her was smashed. She waited until she’d heard four more bulbs break, plunging her side of the street into darkness, before she reached up, hooked her hands into the mesh fence, and started climbing.

She landed silently on the other side and checked that the way was clear before she waved her hand behind her, giving the all clear. There was a quiet rustling of the fence before a second body landed lightly behind her. They exchanged glances before moving ahead.

They stuck to the shadows until they reached their destination. The polished double doors. The perfectly modern glass walls, revealing the spotless interior of the first floor reception area.

Yuri pulled her bag over her head and dropped it softly on the ground. Her companion did the same. They both unzipped their bags and pulled out cans of spray paint.

Yuri took the far left side. Her friend took the right. They’d gone over the sketch enough times to know that when they met in the middle, it would look exactly like it needed to.

It took all night to complete. By the time they were done, Yuri could see the first faint rays of sunlight creeping over the horizon. They slipped back quietly over the fence and back across the alley to stand in the shadows until the first people showed up to the building in the morning. When the first car pulled in, they took one step back into the shadows. Waited. They watched the sun hit the previously pristine glass walls of the building. But it wasn’t pristine anymore.

A monstrous leviathan took up the entire front face of the building. Its mouth opened in a silent roar, its teeth encircling the polished double doors.
Underneath it, in black letters. Repeated, over and over again, spanning one edge of the building to the other.
We will not kneel to the beast. You will not have us.

They waited until the police cars showed up before disappearing back to where they came from. Nowhere.


I know I didn’t provide background info on why Yuri was doing this. But if any of y’all out there are history/philosophy buffs, you might have an inkling of what kind of building Yuri vandalized. And possibly why. 😀

If you can’t figure it out and really want to know what I was thinking, here’s a hint: Hobbes’s Leviathan.

Like? Hate? Lemme know what you think! 🙂