Kiss The Shotglass pt1

So I’ve said it various times before, but I’m a pretty new SNSD fan. Before SNSD, I never really listened to much kpop (as in almost entirely none). So when I discovered SNSD, it was an interesting change of music. And then I found this video of Taeyeon rocking out, and I thought. Wellp. This is pretty awesome. But then I sort of forgot about it. But what with all the hullabaloo over Taeyeon’s (and the rest of SNSD’s) recent styling in the Dream Concert thing, it kind of rekindled my appreciation of Taeyeon’s ability to be. Well. To be like sort of kick ass. So in light of the fact that I can’t seem to study right now, I thought I’d write up another one-shot.

Tbh, when I had just finished First Times, I was debating between two paths. Either to continue the FT universe or go a new route. The new route was essentially rocker!Taeng. As you might know, I ended up continuing the FT universe first. But this rocker!Taeng-ness keeps floating around in my head, so I think I’ll hammer down a one-shot for it and see how it goes from there. For now, I’m filing this solely under the bysone site. Because I anticipate a lot of cussing. And in general I want to see what’ll happen if I don’t censor myself at all. (There’ll probably just be a lot of cussing. I cuss a lot). Alrighty? Alrighty. Let’s get to it.

TL;DR? Rocker!Taeng is hot. I like rock. Here is rocker!Taeng. Only on bysone for now, because I like to swear.


She tilted her head back, pressing it into the top of the ratty old couch. 15 minutes until they were up. This was one of her rituals.

“Fuck, don’t stop babe.” She fisted her right hand into the hair of the girl who was on her knees, between Taeyeon’s legs. She grinned, watching the girl moan when she pulled at her roots a little bit, letting herself be pushed back into position.

Her other rituals, the pushups right after they arrived at each club, the shot of vodka after they’d done their sound check, the Grasshopper as they all talked the set list through one last time. Those were her rituals to get hyped. Get primed for the show.

But this ritual. This one was to relax her before the show. And it always worked like a charm.

There were always groupies at these gigs. Girls wearing their tour shirts, cut up or tied up so Taeyeon could see their midriffs. Girls so excited to come backstage and watch them tune up. Girls who fell over themselves to sit in Taeyeon’s lap and laugh at Taeyeon’s jokes and stroke Taeyeon’s hair.

And when Taeyeon whispered in their ears, asked each and every one of them to come with her into one of the backrooms and get a little more acquainted, each and every one of them always said yes. Always. Some would be shy at first. Some would be bold. But they always said yes.

She could feel the familiar tightening in the pit of her stomach and pushed her hips up, whispered some choice phrases to get the girl to speed up. When she came down from her high, she let the girl go, watched her wipe her mouth off. Smirked and let her climb back on top of her, let the girl pepper ironically soft kisses across her cheek and down her neck. She let her eyes wander to the right, checking the dusty clock on the wall. 5 minutes till showtime. Perfect timing.

She cleared her throat, “I gotta go play, babe.” She put on a playful pout. The one that said gosh you’re so much different than the others, I’d hate to leave, but I have to go on stage now.. The girl giggled, pecked her again on the lips. “Okay, I’ll be watching.” The girl got off her lap and picked up Taeyeon’s phone from her jeans on the floor. Punched in her digits and then slipped the phone back into the front pocket. Sauntered to the door and winked before closing it behind her.

Taeyeon laughed as she pulled her jeans back on, checking her reflection in the mirror. 3 minutes to show time.


“Thanks, you guys were amazing!” She shouted into the mic when they were done their set. She took the last shot from the small table on the stage. Slammed the drink back, then kissed the shotglass before tossing it underhand into the crowd. Laughed as she watched a group of girls scrabble over it.

She turned to get off the stage with the rest of her band so they could head backstage. But not before pulling a new girl from the group that was clamoring for their attention.

“Hey babe, you wanna come backstage with us? You,” she gave the girl a generous once over, “are gorgeous.” She watched the girl grin, nod and bite her lip, taking Taeyeon’s hand to be pulled backstage with them.

Taeyeon had post gig rituals too.


She stretched, letting out a lazy yawn. She felt the girl roll over to face her, brushing her hair off of her face.

“Good morning Taeyeon…” The girl’s smile was soft as she stroked the side of Taeyeon’s neck. She leaned in for a kiss. Taeyeon obliged.

“Good morning to you too.” She smirked, reached a hand down to cup the girl’s naked ass. Grinned harder when the girl bit her lip, rubbing herself slightly against her leg.

But she had breakfast with the band. She sighed, giving the cheek one last squeeze and a slap before sliding out of bed. The girl leaned up on her elbows, watching her get dressed. When she had all her stuff together, she leaned back over to get a kiss from the still naked girl.

“I put my number in your phone, Tae. While you were still sleeping.” The girl kicked the covers off of her, rolling over so Taeyeon could see all of her. Taeyeon grinned, enjoying the site as she pulled on her jacket.

The girl stretched a little, reaching a hand out to slip a finger in the loop of Taeyeon’s jeans, “will I see you again?”

Taeyeon laughed, allowing herself to be pulled back in for another kiss before pulling away. She made her way to the door, “sure you will, babe.”


Thoughts? Comments? Critiques? I wanna hear em! πŸ™‚ Thanks guys.

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  1. Badass Rocker!Taeng with a killer ballad voice. Dig that ~

    Chapter 1 got my interest, I’ll be staying up all night to catch up with all of them then πŸ˜€ I’d like to know more what “kiss the shotglass” stands for as well πŸ™‚

    Nazi me spotted a tiny typo at the last sentence in the third last paragraph. Should be “sight” instead of “site” that Taeyeon was enjoying whilst pulling up her jacket πŸ˜‰

    That is all ~~

  2. wow wow wow..

    taeyeon as rocker and player is too much to handle!!
    well. i hope i can think straight now if i see taeyeon wear any clothes that reveal her midriff!

    seee ya again!

  3. GREAT! bad ass rocker tae. hope you will expand this into a multi shot, or continue as ongoing. i was hoping tiffany would appear. ^^

  4. hmm.. badass rocker. this looks promising. would definitely need more, yes this should be an on-going! it will be interesting to see more development in the story (with Tiffany!)

  5. huooo badass taeyeon is badass, lol
    keep on writing πŸ˜€
    thanks for the story πŸ™‚

  6. Hoooooooo. Naughty Tae. Lol. 😐 Tae who didn’t care and a playahhh. Nice nice nice niceeeeeee. I like it! Keep it going yo! I like it. ^^