Kiss the Shotglass pt8

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They didn’t see Tiffany the entire 4 hours they spent practicing in her basement. Once out of the corner of her eye Taeyeon thought she saw her standing on the staircase, but when she looked back there was no one. It was only when they were packing up and loading everything back into their van that Tiffany appeared, watching them stack their instruments in the back of their beat up old van.

Maybe she was remembering how it felt to try to cram her keyboard in between Yuri’s bass and Yoona’s amp. Maybe she missed the way that Hyoyeon bitched at Yuri about the old food wrappers she always left in the backseat. Maybe she was thanking the heavens that she didn’t have to ride in that van anymore.

Tiffany called out to her. “Taeyeon, can I talk to you alone for a minute?”

Hyoyeon stopped in the middle of cussing Yuri out and started to object, but Taeyeon cut her off. “Sure. I’ll be right there.”

Taeyeon followed her into the kitchen. Tiffany sat down on a stool near the kitchen island. Taeyeon stayed standing. She sighed when it became clear to her that Taeyeon wasn’t going to sit down across from her. Taeyeon pretended not to notice.

“Listen, I want to thank you for lending us your space. We won’t make any trouble and we’ll be out of here as soon as our old rehearsal place frees up again.”

The courteous tone made Tiffany squirm in her seat. “You can stay as long as you want, you know. I’m just really glad you’re letting me help you out. All of you.”

Taeyeon stuck her hands in her pockets. “Hyoyeon really doesn’t want to be here. But she’s grateful. So are the rest of us.” The unspoken connotation was clear. Taeyeon, Yuri, Yoona, Hyoyeon. Even Seohyun. They were ‘us’. But not Tiffany. Tiffany was an outsider.

“I know.” Tiffany’s gaze dropped to the floor. She stared at it hard, seemingly scouring the tiles for the right thing to say. Eventually her eyes returned to Taeyeon and she got up from her seat, sticking her hand in her pocket to pull out a house key. “Here, take this. The basement is a walkout, so the next time you come you don’t have to worry about waiting for Sooyoung, you can just get into the house through the back. The space is free for you to use any time.” (You don’t even have to talk to me or see me or deal with me. But please come back. Let me make it up to you.)

Taeyeon eyed the key. “Are you sure you’re okay with giving us a house key?” (Aren’t you afraid we’ll sack your house? How can you trust us? I haven’t seen you in years.)

“Yeah, don’t worry about it.” (This is the least I could do. I owe all of this to you anyways.)

Taeyeon took the key and pocketed it. “Okay, well thanks. We’ll make sure to take good care of the space.” (You’re right. You do.)

After a beat Taeyeon cleared her throat and said, “Well. I guess I’ll go and-”

“I’m sorry.” Tiffany’s exclamation came in a burst of rushed air, as if it was something that’d she’d been trying to hold back, but could no longer restrain.

It took Taeyeon by surprise too. Tiffany had never been one to apologize for anything. The confession confused Taeyeon as much as it angered her. It had taken her a long time to get over the sense of betrayal. But Tiffany’s apology brought it bubbling back to the surface in a wave of cold malice. The calm calculating courtesy that she’d tried to face Tiffany with crumbled under the torrent of her repressed anger. “If you really felt sorry you’d tell your record company that you stole the songs I wrote for the band. For us.”

She took the key back out of her pocket and placed it, hand trembling slightly, onto the marble top of the kitchen island. “If you really felt sorry you wouldn’t have stabbed us in the back and stolen our record deal. I thought I understood you, Tiffany. Why couldn’t you have waited to sign a deal with the band? Why did you have to go behind our backs and sign independently?”

Her voice was getting louder now as the rage inside of her came bursting out. “We could all have made it together! But you couldn’t wait! You didn’t fucking want to split the money five ways did you?! You wanted it all fucking to yourself!” She was practically screaming now. She felt light-headed with her anger, and her head rang with her own voice. “I FUCKING LOVED YOU. I FUCKING LOVED YOU AND YOU TOOK EVERYTHING THAT WE HAD AND YOU FUCKING LEFT. FOR THIS?!”

She motioned wildly behind her to the huge mansion. “DON’T TELL ME YOU’RE FUCKING SORRY. YOU FUCKED US ALL OVER. YOU DON’T GET TO BE FUCKING SORRY. YOU DON’T GET TO FUCKING FEEL BAD.” Taeyeon lowered her shaking hands and stared at Tiffany with cold eyes. When she spoke again, it was barely louder than a whisper. “Don’t tell me you’re sorry. You’re not sorry. You got exactly what you wanted.”

She turned on her heel and left without another word.

She could hear Tiffany crying behind her. Had seen the tears rush to her eyes while she had screamed at her. She didn’t turn around, just walked straight out the front door, climbed into the passenger seat, and pulled her seat belt on. It was eerily quiet in the van. Taeyeon vaguely realized that even from outside, everyone in the van must have heard her screaming. Hyoyeon and Yuri exchanged silent looks before Hyoyeon shifted into gear and pulled out of the driveway.

No one said a single word the entire drive back.

When they got home, Taeyeon went straight upstairs and into her room. She screamed into her pillow. Punched it. Threw it against the wall. Picked it up only to throw it again. Eventually she ran out of anger and just sunk into bed, her body racked with uncontrollable sobs. A while later, the rest of the girls crept into the dark room. No one else was allowed to see Taeyeon like this, not even Jessica. But they were close like family. So they each took turns hugging her, stroking her hair, whispering support to her. “We love you.” “You’ll always have us.” “We’ll always be here for you.”

It just made Taeyeon cry harder.


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  1. I read your tweet about writing too many fucking words, and you did wrote many. Not that I mind, no I don’t 🙂

    About the story… Is Fany really a downright asshole? Hmm . . .

  2. I dont believe tiffany is that evil to want everything for herself but there must be another reason right? 🙂 I think tiffany is genuinely sorry and maybe all the guilt and regret is eating her up and just wants to let it go. And makes things okay between them again.
    But awesome chapter 😀 bravooooo 😀

  3. Oh my god this is so good T_____T
    I was hurt by taeyeon’s sudden outburst :/ i now kinda understood why the band was resenting tiffany 🙁
    update moooooooarrrrrr please. THIS IS SERIOUSLY FUCKING GOOD.
    Yeah, even how you used the word ‘fuck’ was seriously so gooood. hahahaha

  4. this is too short its like you alllmost climax then your partner stop.wth i am saying.
    anyway i believe tiffany had her reason ..or or is tiffany really greedy ?? nope nope tiffany not that bad i guess ?arrghhh.
    thank you for the update and hopefully got to see next chap soon ^^

  5. may.. maybe something to do with.. fany’s family? or, maybe, her mom?
    or.. uhm.. maybe the producer threaten her to make her ex-band fail if she didn’t sign with them as soon as possible.. or maybe her ex-band got a rival and… uhm. never mind my wild imagination..

    thanks for updating~ i really like your story. i can perfectly pictured their arguments. mostly Taeyeon’s scream. i can feel it.. 🙁 so heartbreaking

  6. To be betrayed by someone you love is the unkindest cut of all. The pain runs deep burrowing into the deepest recesses of one’s being seemingly lost to oblivion until something makes it come to the surface again with full force, tearing everything in its path. This is how it is with Taeyeon. Perhaps, Tiffany was greedy, maybe she wanted everything for herself. But I think not. It may be my delusional TaeNy mind speaking but I can only think of one circumstance under which Tiffany would do this and that is, to protect Taeyeon from having her dream shattered in such a way that she loses belief in herself.

  7. Hmm the banter between Tae and Tiff is so heartbreaking..
    How could Tiff did that to her band, especially to her loved one. It must be sucks and hurts for Tae and the others.
    But I believe there’s still hope for Tiff to prove herself that she alr changed and sincerely aplogise to Tae.
    Thanks for update!^^
    Looking forward to the next chapter!

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    I don’t know what your character, jessica might do with all this heartache that Tae is having. She’ll be hurting too,since her babe is. 🙁

    Tiff was desperate maybe? She needed the fame and money to do something w it? Someone pushed her to do it? Maybe?

    Thanks for the update! <3

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