Kiss the Shotglass pt6

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The next two weeks flew by for Taeyeon in a haze of early morning composing sessions and late night rehearsals. Thoughts of Miyoung’s sudden reapparance and what it meant were gradually pushed further and further to the back of her mind until it returned to the very darkest recesses of her consciousness. And it stayed there until the night of their first gig with Seohyun.

They were halfway into their set when Taeyeon spotted her. Miyoung was in a booth at the very back of the bar, surrounded by several other girls who were chatting animatedly. Occasionally she’d half turn her head and give a vacant nod to the girls sitting with her, but her focus stayed on the stage. When Taeyeon’s eyes met hers, Miyoung gave a small smile. Taeyeon didn’t smile back. Instead she turned to the platter balanced on the bar stool beside her and knocked back 2 shots during the bridge. She didn’t look back for the rest of their set but she could feel the steady eyes on her.

As soon as they were offstage Taeyeon made her way over to Jessica who was standing just outside the backstage doors and pulled her into a deep kiss. That was the other part of their deal; while Taeyeon was out of the city everyone was free game. But while she was in town, Taeyeon didn’t as much as look at another girl without Jessica’s permission, and vice versa. It helped that Jessica always showed up to their gigs to help Taeyeon with her rituals. She smirked, her hands already on the waistband of Jessica’s ripped fishnet leggings, letting Jessica guide them into the cramped single bathroom backstage and lock the door with a click.

It should have been easy for Taeyeon to forget about the pair of eyes that had been tracking her across the stage all night, watching her every move with a stare that was at once bold and timid. It should have been easy for Taeyeon to focus on the sensation of Jessica’s fingers slipping into her pants and the not at all surprised giggle when Jessica discovered she was commando. It should have been so easy.

But the thoughts had been dragged out of the dark forgotten corners of Taeyeon’s mind into the bright light of her consciousness and it was useless to try to push them back. They were nailed to the wall now, in plain sight for Taeyeon to see. The curiosity. The suspicion. The hope. The anger. Just then Jessica angled her fingers just the right way and Taeyeon felt her head smack back against the stall wall. She wasn’t sure if it was the impact or the sudden déjà vu that Miyoung used to do the same thing to her that made her head throb.

It should have been easy to chalk it up to the former. She tried not to think too much about it, afraid that it would be the latter.


It happened week after week after week. They would have a gig at a dive bar or a local venue or at the warehouse, and Miyoung would show up. She didn’t try to talk to any of them. She just stood at the back, sometimes with friends and sometimes alone. But she always showed up. One hand on her drink and the other posed elegantly beside her. Even in leather pants and a distressed Metallica t-shirt, Miyoung looked like she could be about to step onto the red carpet. Taeyeon wondered which of her stylists had taught her that.

One night Taeyeon saw Miyoung standing by the curb in front of the bar they’d just finished performing at. Before she’d had time to process what was happening, her feet had carried her away from the rest of her band mates who were loading their van back up with their gear and over to where Miyoung was.

“You changed your name.” She didn’t bother greeting the other girl.
The girl nodded, “They thought that Tiffany was a better stage name. And it’s just kind of stuck ever since.”

A silence. Taeyeon could hear Hyoyeon yelling at Yuri to be careful with the equipment in the background. She wanted to ask Tiffany why she was here. She was just about to breach the question when she heard their van’s horn honk and Hyoyeon shout, “Come on! Get your ass in here!”

Taeyeon turned to Tiffany once more before heading back to the van, “I hope it was worth it.” She didn’t bother to wait for her answer before jogging back to the parking lot and hopping in.

The stony look on Taeyeon’s face was enough to confirm Jessica’s suspicions. “That’s her, isn’t it. That’s Miyoung?”

Taeyeon slid the van door closed before settling into her seat. She stared out into the dark night as Hyoyeon pulled the van out of the parking lot and onto the deserted streets.

“No. Not anymore.”


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  1. Awesome update! I can’t wait to read your next one, I need to know what happened between Taeyeon and Tiffany but I’m sure they still love each other because otherwise Taeyeon wouldn’t have talked with Tiffany. Right right? 😀

  2. Yaaayy they finally had a word with each other….more yet to come.. 😀
    The way taeyeon just pulled jessica into a deep kiss,,,,,,,gosh 🙂 wow 🙂

  3. As always,I’m left intrigued. What are Mi Young and Tiffany doing re-entering her life like that, what is left to salvage?

    I have this weird feeling that Taeyeon’s rituals were done exactly how they are done in town, exclusive, when her wings were still soaring high. I guess some of them has rubbed onto others and they took off despite Taeng’s condition. It left me wondering a bit about who Tiffany is at the moment, seeig Taeyeon’s lack of awareness on her progress.

    Lol nelly, what are you doing smashing the two ships together? We’re breaching the ‘No breathing’ status soon, we ain’t have time for World War Ship!

  4. Ooohhhh…
    Finally, they talked.
    But…errr just about the name change?
    Sure Tae has a lot of than that, uh?

    Thanks for the update

  5. A person can change the trappings- a face, a look, or, as in the case of Miyoung, a name. But, one can never quite change what is buried deep inside. Even when one thinks that one is a whole new person, things don’t quite work that way in real life. I believe this is the case with Miyoung aka Tiffany as evidenced by her continuing fascination with Taeyeon. I could go for Taengsic as some suggested, IF she were good for Taeyeon. But the fact is that Sica could not tame Taeyeon as shown by the flings. Taeyeon’s heart is restless until it is held by Miyoung once more. So, TaeNy it is, for me.

  6. i always love taeny, but i have a really soft spot for taengsic deep inside of my tiny heart…

    i can’t ask much, but either way, i hope the best thing for all of them :'(

  7. TT.TT my taesic~ don’t you dare to test the strength of my taesic’s love! *whispers* taesic ship is already somewhere in the middle of arctic sea~ non moving..buried in the middle of the ice..

    Heh. Miyoung! I bet the girl let taeyeon to pursue her singing carrier. The chance was so rare that its a ‘do it now or never’ case. Then she chose her carrier instead of bein w taeyeon. Taeyeon was left like a clingy puppy. Then came jessica into the view~ waltzing like a beautiful princess she is and saved Tae when she saw how Tae was desperate for attention and love while fucking different girl almost every night.

    🙁 no Tae! That’s not miyoung anymore!!! Stay with your waltzing princess!! How dare you thought of that that that.. Uhh.. Peasant while in the presence of the princess whom thoroughly fcking you. 🙁 ungrateful little.

    Ouh! Short updates are welcome! ^^ as long as an update! Hahaha. Thanks for the update! <3

  8. I’m still wondering what did miyoung do, that Tae had to ask her if its worth it. hmmm…

  9. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa I need to be optimistic! taeng said she’s not Miyoung anymore coz she changed her name to Fany! yeah that’s it! she still loves Fany… yes plsssssssssssssss T______T