Kiss the Shotglass pt4

I’m giving this a sort of open ending for now so I don’t forget where I wanted to go with the plot, but for the immediate future I’m going to be concentrating on doing and finishing Life&Times. Like I said, this was my other idea for writing after finish FT, and I do plan on coming back to it, but I don’t want to have two long-ish length things going at the same time. So this’ll be the last update for a while, but I should be coming back to continue after I finish Life&Times. 🙂


Jessica slipped out of bed, picking her robe up off the floor and pulling it on over her bare body. Taeyeon had drifted back off to sleep after their heated session, the blanket pushed halfway down the bed so it only covered up to the top of her thighs. She read the name off of Taeyeon’s back again.


What did she do to you, Taeyeon. She sighed again before turning to pad barefoot down the hallway, planning on fixing them both some brunch.

The rest of the day passed uneventfully, until Taeyeon got the call.

“What the fuck do you mean she quit?” They had just finished auditioning a new keyboard player. But she had gotten married in Vegas over the weekend and decided to quit the band to follow her husband back to Kuwait, Yuri’s voice replied. Taeyeon huffed and swore under her breath. She’d wanted a keyboard on their new songs, and now they would have to hold auditions all over again.


Taeyeon leaned back into her chair, kicking her feet up onto a dingy old bar stool in front of her. They had been watching auditions for the past 2 hours.

Some were good. Had good vibes.
But most were downright terrible. Off tempo. Could barely read the sheet music Taeyeon handed to them.

Taeyeon sighed in frustration as another fat, bald guy lumbered off stage after bombing his audition. She turned her head to look at Yuri and Yoona as they waited for the next person. Yoona was sitting sideways on Yuri’s lap, twirling her fingers in her hair and whispering into her ear. Yuri’s hands were running up and down Yoona’s thighs. Both of them were checking out the girl who was now climbing onto the stage. Taeyon shook her head. She wondered how they did it.

Yuri and Yoona weren’t dating. Nope. The three of them had been sharing an apartment since they started the band. Been sharing all their secrets for even longer. And a couple months into their new living arrangements, Yoona and Yuri had started hooking up. They’d fuck when they were bored or stressed or high or horny. But for some reason they never dated. Ever. Neither seemed to feel the need to. They’d fuck, then they’d go to the bar and help each other pick up dates. It was absurd to Taeyeon. But apparently it worked for them.

Taeyeon rubbed her temples tiredly, closed her eyes. Why couldn’t it have worked for me? She was suddenly exhausted. She just wanted to get their new member and get out of here. She looked up at the girl standing by the keyboard. She was wearing a long t-shirt that had a graphic of polar bear bleeding from its eyes on it. Taeyeon could see the bottom of a tattoo on her left thigh. When the girl bent over to check the adjust the dials on the side of the board, Taeyeon accidentally caught a flash of bright red lace. She chuckled, even if she’s bad, at least she’ll be better to look at than the rest of the auditions.

She saw the girl smirk down at them. Taeyeon turned her head and saw Yoona’s hand frozen in Yuri’s hair, eyes glued to the back of the girl’s thighs. Taeyeon laughed a little harder. This girl knew what she was doing. She hadn’t even started playing yet, but she definitely already had Yoona’s vote.

She called up to the stage, breaking the moment. “Name?”
“Okay, Seohyun. Music’s on the stand. Show us what you got.”

Impressive was an understatement. This girl was a perfect fit. When she was done, Taeyeon called up, her eyes not leaving the clipboard she was holding, “You’ve had training. What kind?”

“I’m trained classically. But once I got older, I realized it wasn’t really my thing.”

Yoona reached over her and pulled the clipboard and pen from her hands. Scribbled in big letters across the entire page, SEOHYUN IS IN. Yuri took the pen and underlined it three times. They grinned at each other and handed the clipboard back to Taeyeon. She rolled her eyes, “We’ll call you in the next couple of days with our answer, Seohyun. We’ve still got a couple of auditions to go through, but thank you for coming out.”

The girl smiled and hopped off the stage, but not without throwing a wink to the pair of girls to Taeyeon’s right. Once she was out of sight, Taeyeon turned to her bandmates, “Really guys? So what, you guys are just gonna vote her in so you can have crazy kinky threesomes?”

Yoona laughed, “You can join in too if you want. Jessica probably wouldn’t stop you.”

Taeyeon snorted, leaning her head against the chair back. She was sure that no one’s audition could be better than Seohyun’s, but they still had to sit through the rest of the auditions. Taeyeon closed her eyes. She didn’t see the point of actually paying attention to dozens more crappy pianists. She called out when she heard footsteps walking across the small stage, “Name?”


Her eyes snapped open. It was a different name, but she’d recognize that voice anywhere. She felt the rest of her body tense as her head whipped to the stage.

And there she was. Standing there. Staring straight at her like that very first time. The girl that had been her entire life for years. The girl who made her feel like she could fly so high she could touch the sky. The girl that pulled the ground from underneath her. The girl who took the sky away and left her. The girl who had been her entire life, and then took her entire life and walked away with all of it.

She could feel Yuri and Yoona tense next to her. But she couldn’t pull her eyes from the girl in front of her. The girl stared straight back.

“Taeyeon.” Just the sound of Tiffany’s voice after so long made Taeyeon feel like the feathers that she’d worked so hard to grow back over the years were being plucked out one by one until they lay at her feet uselessly. Trapping her on the ground to walk the earth.

The words slipped from Taeyeon’s tongue before she could stop them.

“I loved you.”


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I based Seohyun here off her IGAB photoshoot.

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  1. The words just like that slipped out taeyeon’s mouth :O omg and that staring battle between them
    The inked tattoo.. miyoung :'(