Kiss the Shotglass pt3

I have to come up with a better name for this multishot dealio thingie thing. I’m terrible at titles. -_-

This one is short, because this will probably be the final setup update before what I’m thinking will be the conflict is introduced. And then I wrote it and realized it was kind of REALLY short, so I tacked on some smexy to the end of it just to fill up space haha.

You should probably just assume that I didn’t edit this. Because that is a correct assumption. That is all.


Jessica lay on her side, tracing a finger along one of the wings inked on Taeyeon’s back. Her finger stalled at the bottom, where the name was still etched into the girl’s skin in eloquent cursive letters under one of the feathers. Taeyeon bowed her head, sighing as she flipped over onto her back. On instinct Jessica curled up into her side, one leg wrapping around Taeyeon’s waist as she cuddled in close.

The name, and the girl that went with it. She’d asked once, several months into their relationship, why Taeyeon didn’t just have the name removed. Taeyeon had wheeled on her, “I would never erase her. She wasn’t a mistake. Don’t ever fucking ask that again.” She’d never seen Taeyeon as mad as she had that night. Taeyeon had apologized the next day for losing her temper and they’d ended up spending the entire day in Jessica’s apartment so Taeyeon could properly apologize to Jessica. She apologized on the kitchen table, on the rug by the couch, against the window facing into the bustling street. By the end of it, Jessica had almost entirely forgotten why Taeyeon had been apologizing in the first place. But every time she saw that name inked onto her girlfriend’s body, marking the territory, she was reminded. She never brought it up again though, and Taeyeon never mentioned it again either.

They let the silence of the room envelope them. She lay her head against Taeyeon’s shoulder, dragging her hand soothingly up and down the girl’s stomach, lulling Taeyeon to sleep.


She woke up to the sensation of soft lips suckling her. Jessica cracked an eye open, groaning as she pushed her chest up into Taeyeon’s mouth, weaving her hands through the dark blonde hair to pull her closer. A soft tongue flicked up and down. Jessica could feel her body simultaneously waking up and melting down.

Taeyeon spoke against her skin, “I found the other half of my welcome home present, Sica.” One of the hands stroking her side retracted and suddenly a soft buzzing filled the room. “I thought we already had this one until I found the little switch at the bottom,” she chuckled as she bit down on the peak lightly. The buzzing muted as it was pressed up against her. Jessica felt her mouth crook into a lopsided grin, letting Taeyeon test the new addition to their collection out on her. She had planned to use it on Taeyeon last night, but Taeyeon had worn her out too much and she’d forgotten to give her the rest of her present. It seemed like Taeyeon was having fun with it now though.

“Welcome ho-ohhhhhh-ho-home, Taeng.” She felt Taeyeon’s mouth trail kisses down her stomach until she reached her destination. Wrapped her legs unabashedly around Taeyeon’s head to lock her in close. Her body rocked in sync against Taeyeon’s ministrations. She felt Taeyeon giggle against her, “so thoughtful of you to let me have breakfast in bed.”

Jessica was too caught up in the sensation of Taeyeon lapping her up to think of a snarky remark. She felt Taeyeon push the switch up a notch, felt her entire back arch up off the bed in an attempt to get closer to Taeyeon. Her heels were digging into Taeyeon’s shoulder blades now where the wings bloomed from her back, in a desperate attempt to get Taeyeon to go harder, faster, something. Just more. More. Taeyeon got the hint, pushed the switch up to the final setting and bit down on the inside of Jessica’s leg hard again.

Jessica’s heels beat mercilessly at Taeyeon’s back as she tightened around it. A long drawn out “fuuucckkkk,” as she let go. Shaky whimpers and sporadic jerks as Taeyeon finished her breakfast.

She watched Taeyeon lick her off her lips through half lidded eyes. “Is it my turn now? I wanted to try this out on you, but you beat me to it…” She pouted playfully, tracing a hand up Taeyeon’s arm, watched the girl’s eyes darken and her mouth widen into a smirk.

“But it’s dirty right now, Sica.” Her eyebrow arched up at Jessica.

Jessica arched an eyebrow back. Reached down and brought it up to her face and watched the pupils of Taeyeon’s eyes engulf what brown was left in them as she opened her mouth and dragged her tongue slowly up the length of it, “then I guess I’ll just have to clean it up, won’t I?” She groaned as she tasted herself, licking her lips playfully when she was done, “you’re right, Tae, I do make great breakfast in bed.”


This is sort of how I think Taeyeon’s wings would look. And of course, I’ll leave the name up to your imagination for now. šŸ˜›

I anticipate that next update shit will be going down.

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  1. O_O woah naughty sica seriously sica is like the girl on fire ok maybe taeng might see her that way

    hmm taeng? and the wings + name? who is that girl? tiffany? why wha thappneed

    i bet that is what made her changed

  2. Since you’re leaving the name up to me for now, I’ll just think that it is” Tiffany”.. I find it almost impossible to read either of TaeNy with anyone else except on a temporaty basis so if I want to keep reading, I’ll have to keep thinking that its Fany. Haha!

  3. I am 200% sure that the tattoo on Taeng’s lower back is Tiffany’s name oh yeah fu TaeNySic my OT3! \o/
    I love u Jessica but I wish this story will end up TaeNy lol
    continue the hotness Thank u!

  4. Ahhhh… Is it okay if I admit, that while I love your writing and the premise of this story, I have pretty much skim read portions of it? Sorry! I know that’s awful! I do read it, I just don’t absorb every detail like I normally do. I just can’t… I can’t read TaengSic, I don’t know what it is. My OTP is so my OTP that reading them with anyone but each other is extremely difficult for me. And for some reason TaengSic is like the epitome of that.
    That being said, I do like the storyline. Rocker Taeng is amazing! She’s quite the promiscuous one here, not to mention insatiable. Though it would seem that wasn’t always the case. Who is this mysterious girl… I know who I want it to be ^^
    Jessica is a special kind of girl to put up with Taeyeon, and she doesn’t deserve heartbreak, because it seems like she really cares for Tae, but I, obviously, hope they don’t end up together. Again, I known that sounds awful.
    Needless to say I’m waiting for the appearance of a certain beautiful woman that goes by the name Tiffany Hwang šŸ˜‰
    Here’s to hoping my TaeNy ship will sail!

  5. hmmm… wow. it’s pretty hot, taeyeon apologizing everywhere that’s.. wow. and u were right; it’s pretty short! haha.

    I’m guessing tae wasn’t so wild in the past, was she? when she was with the girl. now I’m really wondering what happened. was tae always this insatiable?

    I like what u have written so far. and… i’m still hoping its a taeny story. hehehe. good jobbbbb!