Kiss the Shotglass pt2

If you also read my ongoing Life&Times and are getting kind of nervous that I haven’t updated in a while, don’t get scared, I haven’t forgotten about it and I’m not abandoning it. The truth is just that I’m not actually naturally a super fluffy person, so being THAT cheesy and fluffy for long periods of time starts to get kind of brain draining. And in case you haven’t figured it out yet, I don’t actually have much plot planned out, so I can really only start writing again when I think of something to write. πŸ™‚ So bear with me guys, I appreciate it.

Fantastic. Here we go.


“Took you long enough.” Hyoyeon snorted, watching Taeyeon slide into the seat beside her. They’d all already gotten their breakfast orders by the time Taeyeon showed up. She looked their lead singer up and down, recognized the disheveled hair and the clothes she’d seen her in last night. “How many does this make?”

Taeyeon laughed, “I think 9. Could be 10. Does doing twins at the same time count as 1? Or 2?” She made sure to catch the eye of the cutest waitress before signalling that she was ready to order. After she’d made her order (and gotten a phone number from the waitress) she turned back to the table. “Where the hell are Yuri and Yoona?”

Hyoyeon jerked a thumb over her shoulder, not bothering to lift her eyes from her plate. Just then the bathroom door opened. A very pleased Yoona bounced out, tugging a very smug looking Yuri behind her.

The singer smirked when they piled in across from her and Hyoyeon, “Really guys? In a public bathroom at,” she checked her phone, “11am in the morning?”

Neither seemed the least bit embarrassed. “Is the pot really calling the kettle black? Besides, you probably don’t even remember the name of the girl who’s bed you just rolled out of.”

Taeyeon shrugged, “I don’t need to. She’s not my girlfriend. She was just a good fuck.” It was true. She could already barely remember the girl’s face, let alone her name.

“Yeah well, you must be one great lay, Taeng. I have no idea how you convinced Jessica to agree to this.”

The singer snorted, smacking the waitress on the ass as she walked by. “You got that right.”


They got home late afternoon two days later after playing the last stop on their tour. As soon as they’d dumped their equipment inside the entrance of their shared loft, they all collapsed together on the living room floor. Yuri leaned against the foot of the couch, feet propped up on her bass guitar case. She tilted her head back and yelled to no one in particular, “FUCK. I am SO. FUCKING. TIRED.”

Taeyeon was too exhausted to answer. She heard footsteps by the open apartment door and grinned lazily at the sight. The singer didn’t bother getting up off the floor, just lifted a hand and motioned the figure towards her. Watched the form saunter across the room before bending down to straddle her waist.

“Hi stranger,” Jessica smiled teasingly as she traced her finger in senseless patterns over the sliver of exposed stomach where Taeyeon’s shirt had ridden up. Taeyeon’s hands slid up Jessica’s bare thighs to her ass, giving both cheeks a hard squeeze. Jessica’s right palm flatted on Taeyeon’s abs as she ground against the singer’s flat stomach.

Yoona cleared her throat from where she was sprawled across the room, “If you guys are gonna start fucking in front of us, can you at least let me go get my video camera?”

Jessica rolled her eyes, flipping the guitarist off. Taeyeon laughed and gave her butt a slap before allowing Jessica to climb off.

“Well you guys have fun filming your porno, I expect a copy when you’re done,” Hyoyeon twiddled a drum stick between her fingers idly as she checked her phone with her other hand, “I’ve got myself a hot date.” She slid the stick back into her bag and hoisted herself up.

Jessica got up too, waiting for Taeyeon to follow, “come on, Taeng, let’s go back to my place. I got you a present to welcome you home.”

Taeyeon smirked knowingly. She was always a fan of Jessica’s presents.


“You owe me $100, Taeng.” Jessica panted as she collapsed against the feathery mattress.

Taeyeon laughed, turning over onto her back next to her “You shouldn’t have worn it if you didn’t want me to rip it, Sica.” She reached down off the bed and picked up the torn piece of fabric, “What’s so special about this that it’s worth that much anyways? It’s just a piece of lace.” She balled it up and chucked it across the room.

Jessica rolled over so she was half on top of Taeyeon, “Well it got you to rip it off my body didn’t it?”

Taeyeon pulled the other girl on top of her, “That had nothing to do with it. I just prefer you naked all the time.”


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  1. is this a taengsic then suddenly a taeny fic what? You’re jumping ship already O_O WHAT!?!?!!

  2. Omg TaengSic? I thought its TaeNy lol
    Wherever this story goes przz continue them Taeyeon hotness omg I think i need to take a shower lol


    Okay, sorry. >.>

  4. OMIGOSH! Hahahah badass Tae w an equally badass jessica!! That’s just spell hot hot hot! Lol.

    At first I thought that they are playing the kinky role play for Tae’s ritual..with jessica playing the different roles as a fan girl. Lol. But I guess it’s not possible for jessica to duplicate herself…since Tae said she did a twins once. Hah.

    Jessica knew about it huh? Pfftt. I guess, she can’t keep up w Tae’s activity in bed or just plain busy w her daily life to follow Tae around and keep her accompany hence she allowed Tae to do what ever she wanted to do. As long as Tae don’t fall over the stranger she slept w.

    Is that where the problem arise? When Tae started to get attached to a stranger and wanting more from her. Heeeee~ drama!!

    ^^ thanks nelly for the story. Love it. ^^

    Yep. Noted on your author’s note. Totally understand it. Write whatever you want to write,we’ll gonna love it still. <3 your own twist to a story is interesting, so, no worries. ^^

  5. Oooow.. is this a Taeny or a Taengsic? Anyway, Love rocker Taeeeeng ><

    If this is a Taeny, then i hope that Fany's gonna be the one who's gonna tame taetae :))) If not well, I'll still look forward for this πŸ™‚

  6. jessica and taeyeon huh? hmmm… is she the girlfriend? I’m assuming she knows about taeyeon’s… rituals? and she’s not exactly stopping her is she, basically she’s letting taeyeon do whatever she wants. hoping for a little more background story. I’m afraid of asking this… is this not a taeny story? oh noooo~ I’m afraid to know the answer as well. LOL!

    you write pretty well, and seems like you also enjoy writing? ^^ looking forward to read more from you in future. yay!