Kiss the Shotglass pt10

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“…Sooyoung?” Taeyeon looked past her down the hallway, prepared to slam the door.

Sooyoung understood what she was looking for. “She’s downstairs. She said she didn’t want to ambush you, so she sent me. She really wants to talk to you, Taeyeon. To apologize.”

“Fuck her.”

Taeyeon’s exclamation made the taller girl grimace and shuffle uncomfortably on the spot. Taeyeon sighed. She knew she was putting Sooyoung in an awkward position, to not be able to do what her boss asked of her. But there was no way Taeyeon was going downstairs to grant Tiffany any kind of absolution for what she’d done. She just couldn’t do it.

“You know, she cried the entire night, Taeyeon. After you left.” Sooyoung was looking over Taeyeon’s shoulder with an odd expression while she spoke and she was suddenly reminded that Jessica was still standing behind her. She’d been completely quiet the entire time, and Taeyeon wouldn’t have known it but for the hand applying the gentlest amount of pressure on the small of her back. After a beat of silence Sooyoung gave up and turned to head back down the hallway to the elevators.

Once the door was closed, Taeyeon slumped against it tiredly. She’d been sleeping most of the day and only just woken up, but she suddenly felt exhausted again. Jessica laced her fingers behind Taeyeon’s head and leaned close, planting a kiss on her forehead. “Are you okay?”

Taeyeon pulled away so she could stare at Jessica’s face. She was trying to puzzle together why Sooyoung had been looking at Jessica with such a peculiar air. She thought she saw it for a split second but then she blinked and it was gone again; in another second she wasn’t sure that she’d seen anything at all. She shook it off, dismissing the odd feeling as grogginess.

“Come on, let’s go grab a bite to eat.”

They weren’t going to practice at Tiffany’s house again. Even if she had brought it up, her bandmates would never have allowed it. Once they were sure that Taeyeon was no longer a crying wreck, they spent the rest of the dinner vehemently expressing their rage on behalf of Taeyeon. It made her feel a little better, even if she still felt exhausted by the entire ordeal.

To the left of her Hyoyeon was stabbing angrily at her shepherd’s pie as she spoke, punctuating each syllable with a jab of her fork. “That. Fucking. Bitch. That. Bitching. Bitch. Bitch! BITCH!”

Yuri, sitting on her right, swiped the pie from Hyoyeon’s reach and shovelled some into her mouth. She waved her fork at Hyoyeon as the drummer grabbed the pie back. “You know, it’s not like we didn’t think her capable of, Hyo. I mean, if she’s such a total bitch anyways it’s not like you should be surprised that she pulled such a bitch move.”

Taeyeon sighed into her pint and let them talk around her. In the past she would have defended Tiffany, said that Hyoyeon was being too harsh, said that they couldn’t judge if they weren’t in her situation. And she still thought those things. Felt them on the tip of her tongue, waiting to be spoken. But she washed them back down with a gulp of her drink. Let Tiffany defend herself, it wasn’t Taeyeon’s job anymore.

She shook the train of thought and decided to let her gaze wander across the table to where Yoona was sitting beside Seohyun. Her hair was up in a messy ponytail and she was wearing an off shoulder t-shirt emblazoned with Mozart’s face in technicolor. From the movement of her arm, Taeyeon could tell that she was running her hand up and down Yoona’s thigh. They were lost in hushed conversation, Yoona’s hand idly spinning her empty glass as her other traced flirtatious lines along Seohyun’s shoulder. Beside her, Yuri was casting them occasional approving glances, still engaged in a tug-of-war for Hyoyeon’s pie. Jessica must have caught the looks too, because she groaned and whispered under her breath to Taeyeon, “Oh don’t tell me that they’re…”

Taeyeon nodded. “I saw Yoona with her last week, and then I walked in on her and Yuri in the bathroom a few days ago. She’s pretty much moved into the loft too.” She didn’t bother elaborating on how exactly she’d first found out Seohyun had unofficially moved in; they all knew that Yuri and Yoona liked to share. She always wondered how they could do it, unwind their complicated web of hook ups. But maybe they just didn’t have a web. Maybe it was just a long random serious of good fucks and fun times. Taeyeon wondered if it could really be that easy. She had never had issue with girls on the road, groupies at bars or clubs or gigs. But she never knew their names and never saw one twice, at least that she could remember. She couldn’t imagine being with a girl, then seeing her with someone else, much less sharing that someone else. It boggled her mind. She took another drink. Jessica was calling for a round of shots and Taeyeon let her eyes cast casually over the rest of the bar area. Her eyes stuttered on a tall girl at the bar and shorter woman beside her. Jessica noticed Taeyeon tense up and followed her gaze to the two people.

“Isn’t that the girl that was just at the door today?”
“Yeah. And that’s-”
“Yeah. Or Tiffany. Whatever.” Taeyeon moved to get up. If Tiffany was going to keep turning up, Taeyeon was going to tell her where she could shove it. But Jessica put her hand on Taeyeon’s thigh and set down her untouched shot with her other hand. “Don’t move, Taeng.”

Jessica was out of her seat and walking toward them before Taeyeon could call her back. She reached the bar and spoke a few sentences to Tiffany before they both headed outside together. Sooyoung made eye contact with Taeyeon and nodded reassuringly before turning back to the bar.

“Don’t worry, Sica will be okay.” It was Hyoyeon, one arm protectively around her pie. “Maybe she’ll finally get Tiffany or Miyoung or…whatever…to fuck off and leave us alone.” Yuri nodded, “Yeah, Taeng. I’m sure she can take care of herself.” Taeyeon nodded. They were right, Jessica could definitely look after herself. But it didn’t make Taeyeon any less uneasy. Having her current girlfriend and her ex having private conversations wasn’t an ideal situation for her, no matter the context.

But Jessica was back almost as quickly as she’d left, sliding into her seat like nothing out of the ordinary had happened. Tiffany wasn’t following behind her when she returned, and after a couple minutes Taeyeon saw Sooyoung check her phone then leave too.

“What did you say to her?” Taeyeon handed her a new shot.
Jessica accepted it and knocked it back smoothly. “I just clarified some things with her, that’s all.”

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