August 14, 2013 in Ajitofu, one-shots by Wasabi Warrior

Why, hello there. 🙂 just a little something I found tucked deep within my iPad.

It’s complicated, this world.

No single act affects a single person and a single person alone. With invisible threads that link a lone grandmother’s nightly scolding to a young boy’s caring for a stray dog–a ripple in time is a wave in space, is an ebb in romance, is a tug in relationships.

Life is a puzzle drawn out on a canvas of one’s self, waiting to be solved and framed, not by choice alone but by the conspiracies of fate that work–ultimately–for the good of it all.

At least, that’s what Tiffany believes. And it is for the same reason that she asks her mom to make sandwiches to- go and wakes up extra early to walk all the way to school. Long walks through the park, detours through alleys, regular visits to the school’s rooftop. Because her one in a million is waiting, searching, hoping for her own one in a million.

It is exactly that, in her eyes. Each step that doesn’t lead to her discovery is only another among the hundred thousand she needs to take. Each, of course, varying in shape and size.

It is for this reason that she found it in her to accept Taeyeon once more. Beyond the obvious lies of family gatherings and blatant ignorance of her feelings for the sake of certain others, Tiffany still believes that she–and Taeyeon–can do something to change things. Or fate will. Because time can’t always be against her, can’t always refuse her happiness.

To think it all started when Tiffany thought Taeyeon was some sleazy play girl who wanted to see her room when her parents were out. Then again, was is probably more of a wish than a certainty. But that is part of it, Tiffany insists.

And her heart and tear ducts disagree.

That is part of it as well.

She’ll never know how exactly or why exactly or when exactly. Or even if it’s Taeyeon, indeed. It is complicated.

Of course.

She’s not meant to understand it. That would be ignorant of her. All she can do is feel–and when it finally feels right–


Complication turns to beauty. Not meant for the eyes or the ears or the mouth.

Just beauty.

By then she won’t have to wish, won’t have to hope. By then, it’ll be right–feel right. By then, by then, she’ll be complete.