Just Another Morning

May 3, 2013 in moonrise31, oneshots by moonrise31

English phrases that are spoken are bolded. The rest of the dialogue is in Korean, of course. Posted as seen on Soshified.

Taeyeon looked up when she heard Yoona’s chopsticks clatter against the table. “Done already?”

The younger made a face. “No, but I’m already late. Manager-oppa is calling.” She held up her blinking cell phone as proof.

Tiffany yawned as she shuffled into the kitchen. “No need to worry about her, Taetae. I’m sure she’s already had two servings anyway.”

Yoona stuck out her tongue as she got up. Noticing Tiffany’s half-asleep expression, she grinned mischievously and complained in a much higher tone, “But I want more!” Then, her regular voice: “Bye!” She quickly turned around and skipped out before either of the two girls could react.

Taeyeon shook her head with a smile, returning her attention to the frying pan on the stove. Tiffany sighed and massaged her temples. “It’s too early in the morning for aegyo. Especially that kind.”

The leader chuckled. “It’s almost eleven, Fany-ah. The morning’s almost over.” She expertly scooped the finished food onto a plate with a piece of toast. “Eat.”

“Thanks.” Tiffany accepted her breakfast and sat down in Yoona’s empty spot. Taeyeon looked in the refrigerator and made a disapproving sound. “That was our last egg. Is everyone up?”

“Sooyoung’s an idiot,” Yuri announced as she strode in, grabbing the toast in Tiffany’s hand. “Anyone seen her notebook? She just texted saying she left it here but she’s already at school.”

“Don’t you have filming today?” Taeyeon asked as she slipped Tiffany another slice of bread to replace the stolen one.

“Yeah…darn it, it’s already eleven.” Yuri grumbled around the toast in her mouth. “Well, sucks for her. I’ve gotta go.”

“It’s okay, unnie.” Seohyun walked in with the notebook. “I’ve got it right here.”

“Awesome.” Yuri gave her a thumb’s-up. “Okay, I’m gone.”

“You have university today too, don’t you?” Tiffany asked once the door closed for a second time.

“Yeah. It’s not for awhile, though.” Seohyun glanced worriedly at the clock. “But if I have to find Sooyoung-unnie before class…”

Tiffany waved her bread slice at the maknae. “Take this and go. I even put some jam on it.”

“Thanks, Tiffany-unnie!” Seohyun gave her a one-armed hug before leaving. “Bye, Taeyeon-unnie!” The door slammed once more.

Taeyeon threw the empty bread bag into the trash. “Yah, Fany, stop giving your food away. I have none left to feed you.”

“I’ll be fine,” Tiffany laughed and picked up a piece of egg with her chopsticks. “I don’t have rehearsal till three so I can grab something later.”

“Musicals need a lot of energy, you know,” Taeyeon raised an eyebrow as she turned back to the refrigerator. She grinned when she found an apple in one of the drawers. “Oh yeah!”

Tiffany looked up at the exclamation. When she saw the cause for it, she let out an amused snort before changing the subject. “Have you eaten yet?”

“Yup.” Taeyeon took out a knife and began slicing the fruit. “With Hyoyeon and Sunny before they left for Invincible Youth.” She paused and ran through the list of members in her head. She had seen all of them this morning, except…“Is Sica up?”

Tiffany stopped chewing long enough to spare Taeyeon a withering glance. “What do you think?”

The eldest sighed. “I’ll go wake her, then.”

She left Tiffany in the kitchen and knocked on Jessica’s door. “Sica! Wake up! You’ve got Wild Romance soon, right?”

No answer. She turned the knob and entered the room. “Yah.” She gave the lump under the blankets a few shakes. “Up, Sica.”

The sleeper grumbled and turned over so her back was to Taeyeon. The latter exhaled loudly. “Come on. You’ve got a schedule at one. It’s already past eleven.”

“One more hour…”

Taeyeon stared at the blanketed form in disbelief for a few seconds. “What? No, Sica. Up! Now!” She switched to English. “Right now!”

N-O-W,” Jessica sang in reply, laughing. She rolled onto her back, eyes still squeezed shut. “But seriously, Taeng. Just five more minutes?”

“If I say yes, then you’ll ask the question twelve more times and it’ll be an hour.” Taeyeon slapped where she thought Jessica’s thigh might be. “Up! Before Fany eats all the food.”

Jessica jerked her leg and squealed. “Yah! Byuntae!”

“Aish, this again?” Taeyeon shook her head in mock exasperation. “One picture with a faulty perspective and all of a sudden I’m the one who always looks at everyone’s butts.”

“Well, it wasn’t just one picture…” Jessica reminded her with a smirk.

Taeyeon crossed her arms. “Okay then. If I’m a byuntae, you’re the Ice Princess we use so we can save money on the refrigerator bill.”

“At least I’m royalty.” Jessica’s eyes closed once more. “And I command you to let me sleep. Or else…I’ll do something horrible. Make you suffer, throw you in a dungeon…something like that.”

Taeyeon shrugged. “I’ll take the risk.” She suddenly jumped on the other girl, throwing the quilt off. “Your Highness! The palace is on fire! Quick! We need your iciness to put out the flames!”

“Yah!” Jessica’s screams quickly turned into uncontrollable giggles as Taeyeon half-tickled-half-dragged her out of the covers. “Get off of me!” The two rolled off the bed and landed on the floor with a thump.

“Aigoo, Sica,” Taeyeon complained between panting breaths. “Whoever said you weigh nothing was obviously lying.”

“Shut up,” Jessica puffed, letting out another chuckle. “It takes one to know one. I can’t feel my arm because you’re on top of it.”

“Hey, what’s going on—” Tiffany walked into the room and raised an eyebrow when she saw the two sprawled on the ground. “Wow. Taengsic fans all over the world are rejoicing.”

“It’s your fault we broke up in the first place,” Taeyeon made a face at her.

“Yeah,” Jessica agreed with a grin. “You’re such a homewrecker, Steph.

“Both of you suck,” Tiffany retorted, aiming a kick at Taeyeon’s head.

The latter protested. “Yah! No attacking while I lie defenseless on the ground.” She shifted slightly. “Sica? Off.”


“Sica?” Taeyeon lifted her head up as far as she could to try and see the other girl.

Tiffany snickered. “She totally fell asleep again.”

“What?” Taeyeon shifted once more, trying to support herself with her elbows despite the weight on top of her. “She did not. Sica!”

No answer. Tiffany mouthed, “I told you so.”

“Hey.” Taeyeon lowered her voice. “Sica-yah?”

“Shh, quiet,” Jessica murmured, hiding a grin. “I’m sleeping.”

Tiffany fell to the floor, laughing.