In the After-hours

May 12, 2013 in Ajitofu, crackshots by Wasabi Warrior

For much of her stay in school, Fany had managed to stay a good girl. Yes, the kind of girl who didn’t step on people’s food and unhook their bras when they weren’t looking. Her momma said she’d get into lotsa trouble if she got caught, so when she couldn’t resist no longer, she went to the dark corners of the school and did what she had to. But of course people weren’t stupid. They eventually realized that this girl Fany Hwang was a dangerous, dangerous woman. Ain’t nobody wanted to mess with her. They told stories—lots and lotsa stories about her anger issues and her big eyes and tomato face whenever she got mad.

She was on her way to becomin’ patient and disciplined and makin’ her momma proud. That’s why Fany found it hard to believe that was sittin’ in the guards’ office at three in the morning, waiting for teh almighty dean to arrive. She was gonna have to face the consequences of her actions, they said. Tiffany spat on the ground. They didn’t understand, those fools. She was bein’ played.



It happened three hours ago, when Fany decided to take a break from tryin’ to steal the answer key for next week’s test. She was good at that, memorizin’ patterns and making sure them right holes were shaded. As it happened, nature called and—well—Fany was frustrated to discover that the rest rooms on most of the floors of the building had been locked. She started to get mad. Then she saw some light coming from the one on the second floor, but when she got close enough, she heard a voice from within. It sounded like a girl talking to someone else, saying something about sucking the girl dry if she were a juice box.

Them fools, she said to herself. Why they gotta be goofin’ around when she needed to release. She backed away slowly before slamming her hand on the door. Haha! Them girls musta been terrified.

Fany sighed and cursed under her breath. The urge was relentless. It kicked and pushed and wanted out of her shorts as soon as possible. It was crazy! She swore it felt like there was a monster inside waiting to break free.

She looked around, hopin’ to find the solution, but she had already reached the first floor and still had nothing. Her bladder jerked, tugging her body along with it. With nowhere else to go, she took to nature outside.

The midnight wind grazed her skin, sending her nerves tingling and the hair on her arms standing. She heard rustling from the bushes to the side of the building. Fany bit her lip. She was a Hwang—if there was no solution, then they made one.

Making sure there wasn’t anyone in sight, Fany scanned around the area. She couldn’t get caught—good girls didn’t do that. Besides, it would be embarrassin’. When she was sure that she was alone and that the rustling was just a friggin’ squirrel, she dashed for the thicket and ducked low. Taking the spot across the large Elk, behind a row of bushes, she looked up, closed her eyes, and spread her legs apart.

The trees around her were still, except for the occasional swaying caused by the chilly breeze. Apart from the whistling of the wind and the chirping of crickets, Fany found the reigning silence too eerie. She began to hum Bubble Pop while she watered the grass, wanting to keep things cool. If there were daisies, she might’ve sprayed them good.

“Ah, that hits the spot,” Fany said, relieved.

“I wonder if the grasslings like the yellow rain?” a voice asked from above.

“W-What the hell?”

A tiny girl the size of around 15 cheese burgers jumped down from the trees and giggled. Her scarlet hair reached her feet and her eyes were green. “Oh dear, you stopped. The grass won’t be too happy about that.”

“What do you think you’re doin’, fool?” Fany zipped her shorts and turned around. “Yo’ crazy.”

“Calm down, spirited one.” The girl twirled her fingers around the air. They were bony and had nails 4 inches long. “I was merely observing.”

Fany growled at the girl a final time before walking away. “Ey, freakshow, get those pair of eyes away from me.”

But the little girl followed her, chuckling in amusement. “Interesting night, isn’t it?”

“Bugger off, I said!”

“Your garment looks all messed up now.” The little girl pointed at Fany’s shorts, a smirk plastered on her face.

Fany stopped in her tracks and cracked her fists. “Hey, missy, if you don’t stop—”

“Ah, you must be unhappy because I haven’t explained myself properly.” The girl did a somersault in place and pointed to herself with her thumb. “My name is Taeyeon and I’m a watcher.”

“I don’ care if yo’ momma was named Taeyeon, get away from me.”

“If that it what you want.” The little girl clasped her hands together and crouched. “But I’m always, always watching.”



Fany figured she had finally gotten rid of the girl and made her way back up to the fifth floor, where the teachers’ workroom was. She brought out a safety pin and began working on the lock. Minutes passed and Fany wiped the sweat from her forehead. She looked around once more to make sure no one saw her—but she noticed a shadow at the corner of her eye. Shocked, Fany turned and saw the girl perched on a branch outside the window. She cursed and made her way down.

“Y-You midget, get down here,” Fany screamed, walking towards the trees to the right of the building. “You tryin’ to get on my nerves?”

“I’m afraid I don’t understand. I’m merely observing life.”

“If you don’t quit this business-”

The girl hopped down and picked up a twig. She began to hit herself as she danced around in a circle. “You’ll rain on me too, cloudling?”

“Come ‘ere, you devil.” Fany lunged forward and reached for the girl’s leg. She clawed up a handful of dirt and pelted the girl in the face. “Creeps like you should just stay home ‘nd read yo’ Blues Clues, aryt?”

But the girl’s eyes simply bulged and a smile crept across her face. “This violence is a product of stimuli, yes? Do you mind if—”

“I told you to shut up—”

“Officer, over there!” a voice shouted from behind them. It sounded like the one from earlier, Fany noticed. “I heard the shouting from that direction.”

“Hell no. This can’t be happening.”

“Oh dear. Kindred spirits have gathered. It is time for me to leave.” The girl shook free from Fany’s grasp. She leapt forward and jumped towards the trees, disappearing into the darkness.



It took Fany a couple of minutes to calm down and accept it really was happening. She kept tellin’ the guards it wasn’t her fault, but they wouldn’t believe her. She still felt uneasy—and it wasn’t because the dean-man was coming and she’d probably get told off on how she was a bad girl and how her future would suck.

There was a nagging sensation at the back of Fany’s head, causing her to fiddle with her fingers and to tap on the floor with the heel of her foot. The window rattled, which Fany told herself, was due to the wind.

“Don’t mind it. It’s just your imagination, girl.”

Fany couldn’t help but look either way.

There, she found a pair of green eyes staring at her from among the trees. She was nodding, rocking back and forth on the branch. And then there was a grin.

“Aw, hell,” Fany whispered to herself.