Happy Birthday, Taeyeon!

March 8, 2014 in One-shot! by itsakyo

With just a few more hours to Taeyeon’s special day, I’d like to post this little piece to celebrate it.

Taeyeon, the enigma, or not.

Sometimes you feel like you know her. Sometimes she feels totally foreign. Sometimes she seems to be so mature and leader-like. Sometimes she acts like a kid who has never grown up.

But there is one constant in the Taeyeon that we all know.

She will always put in her all on stage.

We know that singing is her true love. And she wants to focus on that when she’s on stage. That’s probably why she openly declared her lack of a desire to do musicals. You can see Taeyeon in her element when she does her solo performances. Her closed eyes, sensual jawline, her neck as she tilts her head to one side, her voice that sails through the mic on her end into the ears on yours. She has been blessed with a voice that moves souls and touches hearts but this didn’t come easy.

We’ve heard, witnessed, the improvements of her vocal prowess over the years. Her notes, which she belts with ease, have been honed over the years through practice and experience. She trained, as a young child, just 14 back then, for one entire year at SM’s academy before finally winning SM’s singing competition and becoming a trainee.

So, she may play like a kid, joke like a kid, act like a kid even, but she showed the maturest of acts when she was a kid, by working hard at what she loves, to achieve her ambitions. Here’s a woman/girl who knows what she wants and goes for it. Certainly, Taeyeon is no push over when it comes to such things.

Such a diverse and multi-faceted personality and character she is, that she has been the source of many an inspiration for me. I’m sure she is for you too. She and the other eight girls are living proof of what it means to have your dreams come true.

So, this is the best time and day to thank Taeyeon for being Taeyeon. The kid leader who does her best for her girls, the young woman whose sweet and kind nature puts a smile on our faces. Life is full of ups and downs so thank you for only showing us your best side. Thank you for reaching out to us through Instagram and putting even more smiles on our faces. And most of all, thank you for sharing your voice with us, giving us a beautiful form of pleasure as the Taeyeon that you are.

May you live well, through the good and the bad and be the Kim Taeyeon that we know and don’t.

Happy 26th Birthday, Kim Taeyeon!

p/s: thanks for sharing Ginger pictures and videos on Instagram! but we want more! 😀

by itsakyo