Good Morning (TaeNy)

March 23, 2014 in One-shot! by itsakyo

Good Morning

It was a precious sight. The first hint of day falling upon the object of her passion, making her skin glow like simmering embers in a gentle fire. The silky waterfall of carbon black hair spilling over her shoulders, fanning across the pillow as though pain-stakingly arranged by hand. In her grasp, a tiny bit of the duvet remained, having slipped off her body in the night, revealing her adorable sleeping pose. Legs tucked in, she was curled like a baby seeking protection and warmth.

This side of Taeyeon the world did not know, did not see. A side that she cherished, would claim to be hers and hers only. And nobody else could do what she was about to do.

Pushing herself off the frame of the doorway, she stepped towards the sleeping woman, the corners of her lips tugging and raising with each step. Careful to avoid the snacks left on the far corner of the bed, she snuck up onto the opposite corner where Taeyeon occupied. Anybody else would have giggled at the way Taeyeon took up only a quarter of the entire bed. Yes, she was quite the comic at times but the tranquility of the moment was a lot more dominant just then.

A pang struck her heart and made her wince. She wished Taeyeon could go on sleeping, and get the rest she wanted, needed, but the time to prepare for work had arrived. So if she didn’t have the power to give Taeyeon more time to sleep, she could at least make the waking up process a lot more pleasant.

She eased herself further up the bed and turned to face the woman who had the power to evoke emotions she’d never known of, within her. Big things certainly did come in small packages as proven by this petite love of her life. The power of her voice belying her physical size, the intensity of her stare piercing right through the soul of even the toughest man, Taeyeon was not who she seemed, was not what she appeared to be.

Appreciating that fact, she let her fingers trail over Taeyeon’s pink pyjamas pants, skimming across the bit of bare skin where her t-shirt had risen, inching it up a little more, just because. As expected, Taeyeon slept on, although she did twitch when her fingers found her bared abdomen. It brought a smile to her face; she knew exactly how to wake Taeyeon up the delicious, heart-stopping way.

Bending over her sleeping lover, she brought her lips to the little nook where Taeyeon’s earlobe met her jaw. She loved doing this. She loved paying homage to one of the most sensual parts of Taeyeon. Her lips puckered and pressed gentle kisses along the most desirable line of Taeyeon’s—her jawline. Inch by inch, her lips planted feather-light kisses all the way down to her chin before finally claiming those slightly parted lips.

Sure enough, Taeyeon’s eyes fluttered open the moment she did and she murmured the usual good morning greeting with a lopsided smile. “Good morning, Fany.”

She smiled in return. This was all she needed to begin her day with. “Good morning, Taeyeon.”

inspired by Stephan’s little tweet

by itsakyo