From This Moment On

December 29, 2013 in lau0601, oneshots by lau0601

repost from SSF; based on a song written by a good friend of mine

Taeyeon was never one for love.

It wasn’t that she disliked it, no. Not even that she found it too mushy or irritating. She just never bothered finding out what it was like to be in love.

In fact, it was in this very coffee shop (and the same table, too) that she had spent many amusing hours thinking to herself about the boyfriends that her friends seemed to get through week after week.

She had, of course, wondered briefly if she would ever find someone, but the thought was quickly dismissed. If her friends’ experiences were not proof enough, a simple look around her was all it took to convince Taeyeon that there was no such thing as a Mr. Right. Well, it would certainly be nice to find that one person, but if they didn’t exist, then Taeyeon didn’t want to lower her standards just to fit society’s expectations.

Taeyeon took a sip at her coffee. Hmm, still a bit hot. She set it down and leaned back, smiling out at the window. It was odd; nothing even vaguely interesting was happening outside, but she couldn’t stop smiling.

Ironic, given the naïve conclusion she had made at this exact spot, that her views were also radically altered here.

Taeyeon accidentally caught the eye of a passer-by. In that split second of embarrassing confusion, she smiled, and the man awkwardly smiled back. Even though he did walk a bit faster after that, Taeyeon felt nice. It was good to smile. Why hadn’t she ever figured that out before?

A year ago, she would have been absorbed in a book; the window would have been a useless distraction. And smiling at strangers? The Taeyeon of that time would have frowned upon anyone smiling randomly in a public place – let alone at someone they didn’t know. The shame, tsk tsk.

She poked the side of her cup. Hmm, maybe it was a bit cooler now. Trying another sip, Taeyeon nodded in approval. She drank a bit more, savoring the intriguing tang of the coffee before putting the cup back on the table.

Love, what was it? Taeyeon never bothered to find out.

“Taetae! I’m so sorry!”

But somehow, it had kicked down her inner doors, stormed in like it owned the place, and proceeded to splash paint of different colors on the white walls. It made her creep strangers out with random smiles. It made her wait thirty minutes with nothing but a cup of coffee for company. Ha, a Mr. Right? Apparently they existed – except much prettier than Taeyeon had ever imagined.

Taeyeon looked up and smiled at the messy hair and the harried look. “Hey,” she said.

“I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to be late. Did you wait a long time?”

She shook her head. “I didn’t mind.”

Love – it lit up her subtle, quiet life with blazing floodlights. But it was true. She didn’t mind, not one bit.