For Love – A 30 Minute Challenge Submission

April 28, 2013 in From 30 Minute Challenges, rahmyun by rahmyun

A/N: The 30 Minute Challenge is to write a shot in 30 minutes or less, with or without stimuli to spark inspiration. The stimuli for this shot can be found here.


When the weight of your own mortality comes crashing down around you, your life flashes before your eyes.

That’s what they say, anyhow. They also say that true love is worth dying for, that true love is forever.

…And maybe I shouldn’t believe what “they” say anymore.


A snap. A scream.

I shot to the railing, saw her small body plummet towards the lake’s surface. “What’s the fastest way to get down?” I snapped, interrupting the employee’s horrified stare.

“I…um…the elevator.”

Glancing behind me, I saw him still frozen in shock. “Coming, pretty boy?” I bit out, discarding my façade. There was no reason for it now.

His wide eyes finally focused on me, and he nodded, gulping.


As soon as the elevator reached the ground, I sprinted for the shore. The water is cold, I remembered someone telling me once, which meant she only had a few more minutes to get out alive.

That someone had also said the water was deep.

Tossing my jacket aside, I braced myself with a gulp of air and a clench of my hands. And I kept running, leaping off the dock in an arcing dive.

The chill stole my breath, and I kicked for the surface, feeling my energy drain away with every second. With one eye on the shoreline, I struck out for where she should be, a single thought driving me forward.

I need to find her.

Diving down into the depths, I found her, still faintly struggling. I slid my arms beneath hers, holding her in a back hug, and pulled her to the surface.

Strong hands took her from me, and I let them, hoping they would keep her safe as I pushed her still-breathing body away from me with the last of my strength.

She’s safe. She’s safe.

Adrenaline gone, I let myself sink into the waters and embrace the chill.

I love you. I would give my life for you.

So I did.