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a/n: Aaaaaaaaaaannnndddddd we’re done! Thank you to everyone who took the time to read this random continuation. Hopefully I could come back again (soon) with something new. Till then, bye!





Taeyeon grunted, and Tiffany could only giggle behind the thick scarf wrapped around her neck.

“I don’t remember that being that hard before,” the short girl said, hoisting herself up from the ledge and onto the roof. She crawled towards the blanket where Tiffany sat comfortably, joining her under the stars.

“You’re just getting old, Taeyeon. Admit it,” Tiffany teased, shoving the girl gently by the shoulder.

“Oh please,” Taeyeon retorted almost immediately, “I wasn’t the only one grunting when I climbed up.”

Tiffany shoved her again, but this time she didn’t pull back. She leaned her whole weight on Taeyeon and she smiled when she felt the latter’s arm pulling her closer.

Just like old times, she thought, burrowing her face on Taeyeon’s neck. They were so young back then, and Tiffany had been so sure that she’ll never see Taeyeon again. Yet here she was, warm in her arms, bathing in the scent she missed so much.

She breathed in and sighed, and Taeyeon held her closer.

“Everyone’s eyes were on you tonight,” Tiffany said, suddenly remembering the events that happened. She looked up at the girl and found her smirking.

“Only because I had Tiffany Hwang draped all over me,” Taeyeon teased.

A laugh escaped Tiffany’s lips. She shoved Taeyeon before pinching her cheeks. “We were only together for like three minutes before we literally flew out of there,” she retorted, “No draping happened, Taetae.”

Taeyeon wrinkled her nose and Tiffany laughed harder.

“It was so hard to move though,” the girl continued, sighing. “I mean, I could barely walk three steps before someone approaches me, congratulating me about something I don’t even know what. And then as soon as that person leaves, another one comes!” Taeyeon threw her hands up, exasperated. “Is that how being popular is?”

“Yeah, kinda. But you get used to it, I guess.”

“Thank God I wasn’t popular.”

“Well, you are now.”

“Pfft yeah, right.” Taeyeon scoffed. She shifted a bit and Tiffany moved with her, feeling herself being embraced tighter when a cold breeze blew by.

“It was nice seeing everyone though,” the girl suddenly said. “I didn’t know how much I missed my friends until I saw them earlier.”

Tiffany hummed, agreeing. “Can you believe how long it’s been?”

She chuckled when Taeyeon looked at her in a funny way, eyes round and lips jutting out. “It’s been a decade!” She exclaimed. “But I feel like I just graduated high school yesterday. It’s like I didn’t grow at all.”



Tiffany laughed at the deadpanned stare. “You’re no fun.”

She saw Taeyeon roll her eyes.

“It’s just that… I still feel the same, you know?” The girl continued, voice suddenly turning soft. “Ten years… I feel like I didn’t even change at all.”

For a second, Tiffany saw a glimpse of Taeyeon from ten years agothe shy, unsure, and self doubting teenager. Surely, she had lost a lot of weight and all her features were well defined now, but she was still Kim Taeyeonthe kindest, most amazing girl she had ever met.

It made Tiffany a bit happy, knowing that under all that new found confidence and that oozing charm, the simple girl she had come to know and fall in love with was still there.

“Everyone changes, Taetae.” Tiffany said when Taeyeon stayed mum. “And you,” she paused to reach out and hold the girl’s cheek, “you definitely changed for the better.”

She brushed her skin softly with her thumb, giggling when Taeyeon finally smiled that crooked smile that she loved.

They went quiet after that, leaning on each other while enjoying the late night breeze. Tiffany felt Taeyeon shift, saw her looking at the sky before looking down at her.

“Do you remember the last time we’re here?” Taeyeon asked, nudging the side of her head with her nose.

“We’ve been here so many times, I think it’s impossible for me to remember.” Tiffany answered, nudging the girl back. She almost laughed when Taeyeon looked a bit disappointed. “But I’ll never forget the first time,” she followed immediately, earning herself a wide smile.

“Me neither,” Taeyeon agreed. “You kissed me for the first time back then.” The girl grinned cheekily, and Tiffany gasped.

“Kissed you?!” She suddenly yelled, ignoring the fact that it was already late into the night and everyone was already asleep.

“You did!” Taeyeon yelled back.

“On the cheek!”

“It was still a kiss!”

“It wasn’t a real kiss! You’re the one who kissed me right after you asked if I wanted marshmallows!”

And Taeyeon laughed at that, throwing her head back without abandon. “I did, didn’t I?” She said in between her chuckles.

Tiffany shook her head as she laughed along, pinching Taeyeon’s thigh under the blanket.

When their laughter died down it was quiet again, save for the sound of their breathing. Tiffany’s head was back on Taeyeon’s shoulder, while the latter went back to watching the stars.

It was crazy, she thought. Who would’ve thought they’d be on that roof again, under the same sky, sharing the same blanket while breathing the same air. Up until that moment, Tiffany still felt like everything had been a dream, and if it weren’t for the feeling of Taeyeon’s arms keeping her warm, she wouldn’t have believed anything.


Tiffany snapped out from her thoughts and looked up when she thought she heard Taeyeon’s voice, seeing the latter with a playful glint in her eyes.

“Hmm?” She hummed in question.

“Do you want marshmallows?”


And Taeyeon just swooped in, capturing her lips and stealing the words from her mouth.

Tiffany slapped the silly girl’s cheeks playfully before holding onto them, eyes fluttering close as she kissed her back. Taeyeon’s lips were sweet, warm and soft against her own.

They stayed like that for a while, breathing each other in every time their lips parted, reacquainting curves and textures, remembering tastes and feelings. There was confidence in the way Taeyeon moved now, but just like how it was ten years ago, she made it feel like it was Tiffany’s first kiss.

Their lips parted and Tiffany couldn’t help but giggle, squeezing Taeyeon’s cheeks in between her hands while their foreheads met.

“I admit,” she said, hands caressing Taeyeon’s flustered cheeks, “that was cute.”

The other girl could only chuckle, giving her a lingering peck on the cheek before pulling back to hold her hands.

“Okay, I know we’ve already been hanging out quite often these past few months,” Taeyeon said, grinning shyly, “but I just want to ask—properly and officially, this time. Would you like to go on a date with m

“Yes,” Tiffany answered simply, breathing in before grabbing and pulling on Taeyeon’s head so she could kiss her again.

Properly and officially this time.




They say time changes everything, but just like Taeyeon’s love for hot chocolate, or Tiffany’s excellent memory, some things just. Don’t. Change.”

The End