Everything Has Changed… Well, Maybe Not Everything 2.5 – TaeNy Ongoing

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Taeyeon wasn’t kidding

As soon as the old lady recognized Tiffany, she burst into tears, pulled her in for a tight hug while Taeyeon laughed at the side as she took her bags inside the house.

Tiffany giggled while the old woman continued to shower her with motherly affection, pulling her towards the foyer before alerting everyone of her presence. Soon enough, she found herself in the Kim family living room, seated in between Taeyeon’s mother and a very curious younger sister.

“Hayeon,” she heard Taeyeon call as she stepped out of the kitchen, sitting beside the quiet kid with a grin, “Remember Tiffany-unnie?”

Taeyeon pointed at her and Tiffany anxiously waited for an answer.

The girl looked at her again, eyebrows furrowed and lips pulled into a pout. She watched as she turned towards her sister with an unsure hum, shaking her head a little.

Hayeon was so young back then, Tiffany recalled. She couldn’t blame the kid for not remembering her.

She smiled sadly at Taeyeon who was whispering something in her sister’s ear.

Just then, a gasp came out of Hayeon’s mouth, startling Tiffany a bit. Before she could say anything, the younger girl was already on her feet, scampering away towards the stairs. Taeyeon’s chuckles reverberated in her ears while they listened to Hayeon’s hurried footsteps that could be heard from the ceiling.

Taeyeon’s mother could only shake her head when Hayeon got back while clutching a worn out teddy bear in her hands, her lips pulled into a wide grin that resembled Taeyeon’s.


Tiffany’s excitement was instantly wiped out at the sight of a very apologetic Taeyeon, holding a crying kid in her arms. Her shirt was wet around the shoulder area, and the damped spot was getting bigger by the second.

Wordlessly, she was let in, following the two towards the living room where they sat quietly, with only the sound of Taeyeon’s cooing could be heard.

It was the weekend and they were supposed to hangout, just the two of them, but now Tiffany wasn’t sure anymore. She kept her eyes on Taeyeon’s younger sister who was clinging to her for dear life, half worried and half jealous.

“What happened?” She asked softly, afraid of startling the crying kid. Her hand was on its way to stroke the girl’s back but she hesitated.

She knew Taeyeon had seen the gesture, judging by the gentle smile she had on her lips.

“Her favorite toy broke,” Taeyeon said, almost whispered, but her words had made the sniffing little girl cry again.

Tiffany’s heart soften at the sobbing, and before she could even realize what she was doing, her hands had already stretched out towards Taeyeon, taking the girl into her own arms.

“Hayeonie,” she cooed, “don’t cry anymore, okay? Unnie is going to buy you a new toy.”

She looked up at Taeyeon with a smile when the girl’s sobs reduced to sniffs, feeling the tiny arms tightening against her neck as she nodded.


“Unnie gave this to me!” The now grown up Hayeon exclaimed, shoving the old plushie towards her with a proud grin.

Tiffany’s smile couldn’t get any wider.




“Are you sure you don’t want to stay here? You can bunk with me in my room, just like old times.”

Tiffany had to laugh, grinning so widely her cheeks started to hurt. Taeyeon was looking at her with a smile as wide as hers, gaze soft and playful.

“We couldn’t even fit in your bed even when we were sixteen, Taeyeon.” She said, making the latter laugh.

“True,” Taeyeon agreed, hopping off from the kitchen counter before heading over to the sink to deposit her empty mug. “Let me drive you to the hotel then. You need to rest.”

Tiffany nodded as she drank what’s left of the hot chocolate that Taeyeon’s mother made them, smiling as the taste she missed so much never changed even a bit.

The Kim family had always shown great hospitality towards her ever since, and she was so grateful that it didn’t change even after ten years. It was a little baffling for her to still be remembered, but then again she wouldn’t have it any other way.