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Kim Taeyeon loved hot chocolate.

It was one of the things that Tiffany would never forget about the girl that, and that she’s one of the kindest, most genuine people she had ever met.


Years ago…

Tiffany hated herself.

She knew she had mean friends who loved doing stupid things, but she hated herself more for tolerating them and their idiocy. They were in highschool, and yes it was the perfect time to be an idiot in life, but Tiffany wasn’t like that. She was raised to live in kindness and honesty, and that was the reason why she was standing outside Kim Taeyeon’s front door, hand raised into a fist, preparing to knock.

Tiffany knocked softly, biting her lip in anxiety. It was a Sunday night, and she knew Taeyeon would be alone in the living room, watching her cartoons.

She knocked again after a few seconds and she finally heard the other girl’s voice from behind the door.

The sound of muffled footsteps got closer and her eyes started to sting, and she didn’t know how long she could hold in her tears anymore, but when the door finally opened and Taeyeon’s surprised face came into view, she finally lost it.

Tiffany threw herself at her and sobbed on the girl’s shoulder.

“I-I’m so s-sorry, Tae, I’m sorry,” she cried, tightening her arms around the girl’s neck.

When she felt Taeyeon’s arms wrap around her waist, she sobbed harder, hating herself even more.

She let the girl hug her while she cried and admitted everything—the bet, how she agreed on it, and how the worst part of the plan was to take place tomorrow. The whole time, Taeyeon just held her tight, rubbed her back soothingly while she choked on her words and tears.

When she finally calmed down, Taeyeon pulled back to wipe her tears, told her that it was okay and that she was already forgiven.

And as it turned out, Taeyeon actually had a secret of her own.




“Don’t look at me like that. I’m not going to fall off, okay?”

Taeyeon sat beside Tiffany with a grin, both hands occupied by two steaming mugs. They were on the roof of Taeyeon’s house, huddled under a blanket, sitting on the mat-covered roof tiles.

“Sorry, it’s just…” Tiffany trailed off, drawing the blanket closer to her body. She was eyeing the ledge that Taeyeon had just effortlessly climbed on.

The girl handed her the mug carefully, scooting closer until their thighs touched. The roof tiles were a bit cold but the body beside her made her warm.

“I grew up in this house, Tiffany. This is practically an extension of my room.”

“I-I know,” Tiffany whispered as she cradled the warm drink in her hands, leaning her head on Taeyeon’s shoulder after taking a sip. “Just be careful, okay?”

She felt Taeyeon nod. “I will,” the girl whispered back.

At that point in time, Tiffany had never felt so free. It was as if she could drift with the night breeze as it passed, fly with the dried autumn leaves to anywhere the wind took them. Her heart was light, and she was happy.

When Taeyeon admitted that she knew about the bet beforehand, Tiffany was gobsmacked. She wondered why the hell did the other girl still went along with it, but the way Taeyeon shrugged as she smiled that dimpled smile that she liked, she realized she didn’t have to know.

Kim Taeyeon was a simple girl. She did what she like, and sometimes Tiffany was like that too, even did things without apparent reason.

But somehow she was glad that the girl went along with it, because if she didn’t then Tiffany would have missed the chance of knowing her.

Just the thought of it made her anxious.

She felt a slight nudge on her thighs, and she hummed in question, pushing her thoughts at the back of her mind.

“Do you want more marshmallows? I think I have too much,” Taeyeon asked suddenly.

She giggled when she finally noticed the other mug overflowing with the white stuff, the hot drink practically covered. She lifted her head and rested her chin on the girl’s shoulder, shaking her head cutely.

“Are you sure?”

Tiffany nodded, smiling, playfully nudging her nose on Taeyeon’s cheek.

“Okay.” The girl answered back, chuckling.

And she couldn’t help it. The distance was too non-existent for her to ignore, and Taeyeon was being so adorable that it was getting too hard for her to resist.

So she pressed her warm, sticky lips on the girl’s cheek, turning the chuckles into a quiet, breathy laugh.

She leaned back a bit when the girl turned to look at her, the tip of their noses bumping gently.

And then Taeyeon just kissed her.

Warm, sticky lips on warm, sticky lips.

It happened so fast yet so slow at the same time, because Tiffany actually saw her lean in, felt the air that Taeyeon breathed in before pressing their lips together. But she didn’t move, because somewhere in that millisecond before their lips touched, Tiffany realized she wanted it too.


It was the start of something really beautiful, Tiffany recalled. It was short, but the length itself made it more memorable.

The stolen glances, the smiles, the many nights spent on Taeyeon’s roof drinking hot chocolate—it made the last year of her highschool unforgettable.





The smile on Tiffany’s lips widened, eyes curving. She looked at Taeyeon who looked back at her with shock, holding onto the huge cup of hot chocolate with two hands.

“I can’t believe you still remembered…” The girl said, looking down at the cup with a small smile.

It made Tiffany’s grin even wider.

“You really love hot chocolate,” she said, teasing, remembering all those times Taeyeon finished Tiffany’s cup even after downing her own.

The girl could only chuckle as she gestured for her to sit by the kitchen counter while she went to get some plates, sipping her hot chocolate while she juggled the utensils with one hand.

She looked different, Tiffany thought. Different, yet it didn’t seem like she changed at all. The girl was still a few inches shorter than her, still looking like the kid she remembered her to be. But the way she moved and carried herself right now exuded maturity and Tiffany just couldn’t help but stare while she moved around the kitchen.

Seeing her again at the bar last night had been all too surreal, and for a second she was scared that being at the girl’s apartment right now was a dream too.

Because really, who would’ve thought that they’d meet again after a decade? Through a bet, nonetheless?