Dream Quest

May 15, 2013 in Ajitofu, one-shots by Wasabi Warrior

For electric. This is what you get when you make me write sci-fi/fluff. LOL. Go ahead and see what monstrosity you’ve made me come up with. D:

When Taeyeon first heard about the mythical app that allowed people to meet their soul mates, she merely brushed it off as another one of those crazy urban legends that roamed the internet. As much as she felt lonely and hopeless, she never imagined she would one day give in and believe those crazy internet rumors.

It was just another Friday evening inside the Kim residence, when Taeyeon lamented the fact that she was home alone once more, surfing the internet, while her friends and her family spent the night out with the company of others to unwind after a tiring week. Getting tired of waiting for the replies of people who much preferred the company of strangers in a bar over hers, Taeyeon dropped her phone on the pillow and closed her eyes.

She was jealous of her friends, yeah, but she’d much prefer to stay at home than to burn in flames outside her comfort zone. Those people outside just didn’t get her. They always talked about themselves and worried more about money and looking good than about having fun in itself. Taeyeon sighed. She wished, wished desperately that change would sweep her life.

Thoughts of her dream man–of Ryan Gosling–were seeping into her mind when her phone buzzed. She groaned in frustration before feeling around for her phone and popping her eyelids open.

The words “dream” and “quest” flashed in yellow amidst a backdrop of revolving cubes. Taeyeon sat up and stared at the screen of her phone for a good while, rocking her head back and forth, as she tried to figure out what it meant. Giving up, she gave it a tap and watched the loading screen appear. After it finished loading, Taeyeon expected to see a game similar to her favorite, Anipang, but the screen merely turned black.

Taeyeon rubbed her eyes to make sure she wasn’t simply sleepy, but it stayed that way. Seconds later, the lights began flickering before completely dying out. Aware of what happened in the dark thanks mostly to her fondness of horror movies, Taeyeon jumped under the sheets, closed her eyes, and covered her ears. There was no fighting long-haired girls or pale-skinned kids. It was happening for real.

She was prepared to stay cooped up for as long as she needed to. But soon enough, it felt colder, smelled sweeter. Taeyeon opened her eyes and found herself in a posh room filled with mannequins donning all kinds of bras–polka dot, spiky, leopard, water-stuffed, fur-lined, latex-skinned, among others.

“Where–Where am I?” Taeyeon croaked.

She scrambled to her feet and noticed a pink wooden table at the center of the room. There she found a woman whose crimson hair was tied in buns and wore a pink Chinese gown with two long slits by the thighs.

Taeyeon gulped and made her way to the table, standing right across the girl. “What am I doing here? Who–Who are you?”

The girl’s eyes were closed and she was unmoving. Taeyeon thought the girl hadn’t heard her and was about to repeat herself when–

“I’ve been waiting for you.” The girl’s eyes blasted open and arched gracefully. “I am your soul mate, Stephanie.”

“Waiting for me? Soul mate? But I don’t even know–”

“It’s okay, it’s okay.” Stephanie signaled for Taeyeon to sit down, smiled once more, and filled her tea cup.

“What’re you saying? It’s not okay.” Taeyeon looked around her, then back at the girl who claimed to be her soul mate. “What is all this?”

“This is Dream Quest, silly,” Stephanie chuckled. “This is where your dreams become realities.”

“Dreams? But my soul mate is supposed to be a man. And I’ll always wanted to live in a mansion and–”

“We are not the dreams you want,” Stephanie said. She shook her head and continued, “We are the dreams you need.”

“Who are you to say that?” Taeyeon asked. She picked up the teacup and brought it up to her lips. “If you don’t mind, please, bring me back to–mmm. Is this–”

“Bubble tea.”

“So you were saying–dreams? Anything that I want?”


“Right. Okay.” Taeyeon nodded and kept her eyes on Stephanie. “And these bras, and your clothes and your features–they’re all what I need?”

“According to the system, yes, they are.” Stephanie flashed a smile and and glanced at the tea cup. “More tea?”

“O-Oh. Thanks.”

“You look cute when you’re flustered.”

“Excuse me?” Taeyeon’s cheeks flushed even more.

Stephanie rests her chin on her palm and smiles. “Yeah. Just like that.”

“Y-You’re creeping me out,” Taeyeon stuttered. “Stop that.”

“I’m sure,” Stephanie whispered. Using her other hand, she ran her fingers across Taeyeon’s skin and watched as the latter twitched and froze. “Your body agrees with you.”

Taeyeon pulled her hand back. “I-I don’t know what you’re talking about. Can we please just have bubble tea in peace?”

“I can brew better ones.” A smirk spreads across Stephanie’s face. “Ones you’ll want to drink again and again.”

Taeyeon glanced around the room once more, this time noticing the hundreds of doors scattered all over.

“S-Stephanie, you’re my soul mate, right?”

“I’m anything you need me to be.”

“I was wondering–”

When Taeyeon first heard about the mythical app that allowed people to meet their soul mates, she merely brushed it off as another one of those crazy urban legends that roamed the internet. She never imagined that she’d actually experience. But there were things she never heard about Dream Quest, things the other people never had the chance to say.